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  1. Joe has been hanging out with Tucker
  2. Ok, I guess Flacco got some new weapons A 6'6" WR
  3. Injured?
  4. Swapped 2's and sent a 5th their way.
  5. I was so certain that we jumped up to take Gregory, until they started talking about Williams. And I was like... oh yeah! Because he was still available! I'm grinning from ear to ear!
  6. Definitely thought he was going to buy or duel Aiken for that 11
  7. Keyword in that quote, is need. Just like I don't need to go to sleep right now. But since it's almost 6 a.m. for me, it's the best option available.
  8. Wow Rey... what the heck... He hasn't gotten a new contract yet,, has he? Last thing I heard was that he wanted Undertaker money.
  9. According to a WWE source, the reason why some of the top faces (and Mason Ryan) was left out of the walkout, was because the writers knew that the superstars would be booed, and they didn't want the negative heat on those people. I guess they got a point on that one, but I kinda feel that it weakens the storyline a little. But JR walking out was more than enough to really sell it. The thing that I got really angry with though, was Booker T going crazy mad about Mark Henry giving JoMo another World Strongest Slam after the match. And then Cole asks him how Booker is gonna defend Orton doing the exact same thing in the match before. Booker answers short and simple: That was different... Yeah... Difference being that Orton is one of the golden boys, and you can't make him look bad... sigh... But all in all, great PPV, and great RAW, except for Orton burying McIntyre...
  10. With Edge retiring, I'm really annoyed that my predictions leading to WM didn't pan out. When I watched Royal Rumble, I was hoping that Christian would be one of the last entries, and then go on to win it, leading to Edge vs Christian for the WHC at WM. Looking back now, that would have been the perfect final PPV for Edge.
  11. Heh... If it wasn't for the injury thing, that video would be the "smoking gun" as to why Edge suddenly quit.
  12. I hope you're right, that AJ is being called up to the main roster. Losing the title to Aksana so close to massive roster cuts could be a bad thing as well. But I hope AJ stays, she's too cute and nerdy to let go
  13. I just watched the chair shot to Undertakers head again, it doesn't connect Taker get's a hand up infront. Even though WWE still doesn't want chair shots to the head, this whole "fine" thing could be fake just to please the PG people.
  14. I'm with you on the big boots, there's some nasty ones there. But dropkicks, just like Orton's punt are pulled so they don't hit with full power. And especially with the newer punts, you can see that he pulls it. He doesn't even stretch his leg out. The thing with boots, punches, dropkicks and punts is that when you get hit, you can turn your head so that the hit connects at an angle and "brushes" off. There are of course some that really connect, this is a contact "sport" after all. Just watch Cena get hit, then you can see a man that overacts the pull But using the 619 as an example is just weird. That move is probably the weakest hitting finisher in the WWE, maybe even the weakest move all together. There is a reason the "do not try this at home" disclaimer is running, they have more focus on injuries now, just like the NFL. These are trained professionals and know how to make it look real. (The whole PG thing obviously restricts it a hell of a lot more than it should)
  15. Randy barely hits people when he punts them. A direct chairshot to the skull was banned for the same reason NFL banned helmet to helmet contact. Too many hits to the head will eventually lead to serious permanent damage, and that's something everybody should respect. Undertaker will most likely go 20-0 and then retire from in-ring competition. Although I think he was working the injury at WM to make it look like he was totally beat up, he does have a lot of injuries and do need some surgery. I also read something about his rotator cuff(iirc) that couldn't be fully repaired, even with surgery.