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  1. Don't the Seahawks still own his rights? What if the Seahawks want Lynch to play for them and don't intend to release or trade him?
  2. I am totally going to this. Love me some A7X!!!
  3. The 100 Season 4 starts next Wednesday. Love me some Clarke. She's totally badass!!!
  4. I say bring back Jim Zorn as QB Coach. Flacco had his best passer rating in 2010, under Zorn- 93.6 25 TD- 10 INT. 3,610YDS. Very great stats
  5. Apparently he ripped off his helmet and threw it 15 yards towards the end zone and booted a ball that was laying on the ground, after 2 straight overthrows by Flacco. Smith, then walked to the corner of the indoor facility and sat by himself. Trouble for the Ravens? Is our team falling apart?
  6. I still say the 2nd interception is more on the receiver. Flacco saw the open receiver. The receiver put his hand up calling for the ball. Then the receiver just stands there and lets the defender get in front of him. Receiver needs to come meet the ball.
  7. Flacco saw the open player. The receiver put up his hand, calling for the ball. Then he just stands there and lets the defender get in front of him. The receiver needs to move and come to meet the ball.
  8. Josh Norman to the Redskins. Maybe Cam being injured is really that detrimental?
  9. Marc Trestman fired. Marty Mornhinweg new Offensive Coordinator
  10. So, in my opinion, when the Browns got the ball back with 1:15 left in the 1st half, after the Ravens scored 9 straight, the panicked. They forced the ball down field which led to the Peddle interception and a Ravens Field Goal. They really should have kneeled down and gone to the locker room to regroup.
  11. The good: The Flacco to Wallace and Pitta Connections. Peddle and Mosley interceptions. The Bad: The offense coming out flat and going scoreless for 4 straight drives and waiting until the 2nd quarter to score. The defense giving up 2 straight TDs to the Browns. We can't wait until the 2nd quarter to produce against to caliber teams. The awful: The Browns blowing a 20 point lead. We honestly had no business winning this game. I'd argue we didn't beat the Browns, the Browns beat themselves. They panicked when the Ravens started scoring. Forced things and committed some horrible penalties. They really shot themselves in the foot.
  12. My dad is one of the co-owners. Steve Bisciotti, owner of the Ravens has eaten there a few times.
  13. Wentworth and The 100
  14. So, just wanted to give everyone a great restaurant recommendation. Arturo's Trattoria. It's an Italian restaurant in Glen Burnie. 1660 Crain Hwy South, Glen Burnie, MD 21061. 410-761-1500
  15. The Baltimore Ravens' 20-17 win placed the Ravens third in the AFC North division and helped finalize their 2016 home and away opponents. The dates of each game will be determined in April when the full regular-season schedule is released. Home opponents (*playoff team): Buffalo, Miami, Philadelphia, Washington*, Oakland, Cleveland, Cincinnati* and Pittsburgh Away opponents: New England*, New York Jets, Dallas, New York Giants, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Cincinnati* and Pittsburgh My take: If nothing else, the travel is going to be a lot smoother in 2016. After flying four times out west in the first two months of this season, the Ravens have only one away game outside of their time zone (Dallas) next year. The schedule doesn't look as tough as this year. Right now, Baltimore has only four games against playoff teams. It will be decidedly easier if the NFC East has another down season.