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  1. Just tragic, all the way around. Hernandez, Lloyd, and the other two victims all had families whose hearts were broken in the wake of such selfish and thoughtless acts. Prayers go out for all the innocents his life touched.
  2. Thanks, Garrett. Beautiful story. Love and prayers to both families.
  3. Love and and prayers....
  4. We all wondered - what's the origin of this?
  5. Love this! One of my favorite Ravens, through and through.
  6. +1000
  7. Just to put it into perspective, the 20 gms of cannabis is less than an ounce, and legal in a lot of states. The 3 gms of oxycodone, however, are usually prescribed in 5-30 mg tablets, so that's between 100-600 pills. No way he got those legally, that's some serious weight.
  8. Lovely post, thank you so much.
  9. Works for me.
  10. I thought at the time, Birk was the one we'd miss the most. Turns out we're still missing him. As much as I love Urschel, I just don't know if he has the physicality to get it done, and I hope we address the position this off-season.
  11. No kidding. It's been kinda fun, though, watching Br*dy slammed to the turf a few times, and NOT get the flag. Welcome to the NFL, crybaby.
  12. Bouye redeems himself.
  13. Agreed. Partly, at least, that comes down to coaching. It was obvious this year, Flacco needed help with his fundamentals.