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  1. Yep. Agree. And when he gets very little playing time in Indy, who's he going to blame then?
  2. Doesn't even have to be "Top 3" quality. When teams start cutting players in training camp there will be quite a few who are semi-talented that are better than Aiken. Why are people thinking that he is even a reliable #3 on any team? He's just not as good as he might think which is why there was not a lot of teams even interested. They have seen the tape on him even from his 1 good year and still----crickets
  3. Totally disagree. Our offensive success has to be credited at least in part to the coaches. The inmates do not run the asylum in Bmore. Players just cant say screw them, I'm doing it this way. Credit is rarely given where it is due. So I guess the coaches had nothing to do with winning the Superbowl in New Orleans, it was all Ray Lewis and the players.
  4. Not buying the whole OT in first round Kiper guess. Way to many playmakers to choose from in the first and 2nd. I truly think that if Mike Williams is there at 16, we pull the trigger despite our track record with WR's in the 1st round. From all accounts, this years talent with OT's is weak. We will draft one but MY guess is 4th round or later.
  5. Agree. Aiken really isn't THAT good to be honest. He had his chances to prove himself but couldn't out perform a retiring vet or 2nd year rookie. His route running is also suspect. Lets see just how much he actually plays in Indy. He might just live on special teams. Notice just how much interest teams had in him....Ummmm hardly any. When he signed with them it wasn't a long deal so that should tell him something. I hate whiners! Blame everything and everyone but himself. Geez.
  6. Completely understandable. Last years numbers are misleading. No YAC, small % of catches moved the chains, mostly dump offs that that created the large number of "catches". Then there is his health. If he actually does run for yards after catch, how long can his hip hold out? I like him but pay cut is understandable.
  7. If Mike Williams is there at #16, I would bet we pull the trigger. As we should.
  8. The difference with him and without him was quite evident if people were actually watching. I don't think some were or they wouldn't be talking just to talk.
  9. No. Marcus Lattimore- Ohio State. Coming out this year. Hamstring problems all throughout college
  10. It is written that the Ravens are not one of the teams in negotiations with Mangold as of the present time.
  11. Maybe not. Don't be surprised if Ozzie decides to go with Urshel to start the season. Not saying it's a great idea but releasing Zuttah and not being in the Mangold dealings as of yet, says that they may use in house or wait to see who shakes out when cuts start .
  12. They don't have to have played anywhere else to be a FA. Contract up= FA. Either resign or they leave. Their choice=Free.
  13. Be careful when alluding to those College guys as "Play right now". We have seen time and time again that many can't make the jump to the NFL tier right away. Just look at Lattimore. He couldn't stay healthy on the college level with hamstring problems. NFL training, practices and games are much more rigorous then anything they have ever done.
  14. From what I have read, Mosely has filled the "Leader" role quite nicely. The players respect him.