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  1. Hensley predicting losses at Oakland an Squeelers because of not containing the Qb's late in the game? All the Defensive upgrades we have done so far takes care of that. They are wins baby! 11-5. Go Ravens!
  2. Agree, no TE at #16. IMO if Williams is there at 16 we take him. If not trading out and falling 5 spots and picking up a couple of picks is not a bad move at all providing they can still get BPA that is on their board.
  3. Agree big time on Guy. He will be missed more than fans think. He is one of those players that is not talked about a lot, flashy etc. but he was very good at what he does. Some have compared him to Kruger but he is way better IMo. I don't have any issue with the Jernigan trade only because there is no guarantee that he has a "ball out" year this year. IMO, we will get just as much production from Pierce, Henry and the others that will rotate in. I think we will be just fine.
  4. Agree. Not to mention that players are very hesitant to sign injury waivers, which I am sure our FO wants him to do.
  5. If that is true and he does have a "great year", we wouldn't be able to afford him anyway next year. Strike while the iron is hot. This was a good-smart move.
  6. Disagree. The only way we could have received a third rd compensatory pick for him is if he balls out, gets maximum playing time and signs a huge contract. Don't see that happening as his play in the second half of last season fell off dramatically. Moving up 25 spots in a very deep and talented draft makes all the sense in the world. Contingent on the pick being productive. IMO this was a good move.
  7. You don't care about a short week because you aren't the one playing. The "I don't care" mantra of another fan that thinks the players owe it to them just because they root for the team. SMH
  8. Very very doubtful that happens. He may not even be picked on Day 1
  9. I think most of us still remember the sight of the mayflowers pulling out on the sad night. Definitely a dagger to the heart.
  10. Definitely THE BEST in football. I wonder if the injury was the cause of him being penalized more than ever. I would think so. If I remember correctly he was flagged while on the left side before he made the switch.
  11. I heard that Shareece Wright was reprising Chris Evans role as "Torched" in the next Fantastic 4 movie.
  12. Yep. Agree. And when he gets very little playing time in Indy, who's he going to blame then?