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  1. Mike Wallace is the only receiver the Ravens have. We have many players that can catch 15~20 passes a season but no one other than Wallace that can provide stability and comfort to Joe. Ravens need to pick up 2 receivers in this years draft and Howard, Williams or Davis would be a great start.
  2. Agree wholeheartedly. Let Brock and Cody run the show this year; use all the draft picks on players; build the offense and defense and wait til next year.
  3. I'd prefer taking Christian McCaffrey and retaining our draft picks. We could use everything Mac brings to the table: RB, WR, PR/KR.
  4. I expect the Ravens to select DL, OL, DB, receiver with our first 4 picks. D-line could be an ER or DE or OLB; O-line would be a versatile OC/G; receiver could be Howard or Davis/Williams in the 1st or a talented group in the 2nd. If you don't predetermine player and round taken and just draft the bpa based on need, we should end up with 2 starters and 2 quality depth players. Expecting 4 starters is totally unrealistic imho.
  5. I can't see the Browns trading up to #2; way too expensive for this year's crop of less than stellar QBs. Other than that ... Great Job.
  6. I'm excited for the Ravens. Ozzie will have so much talent to choose from at #16 ... edge rusher, receiver, linebacker, running back, d-back, o-line, etc. It will be interesting to watch them work the first 3 rounds.
  7. I give us 3 road wins but only 5 home wins for an 8-8 season ( +/- 1 ).
  8. Two weeks ago you lol at me for suggesting Foster or Barnett would be available to the Ravens at #16. Still think so? How times have changed.
  9. I'm calling this a favorable schedule. That being said, the Vegas oddsmakers, the overall makeup of the team at this time, our average QB and coaches inability to adjust at halftime all tell me an 8-8 season is in our future. As much as I'd like, I don't see the Ravens as a 12, 11 or even a 10 win team. We don't travel well and recently have not defended our home turf very well. 8-8 +/- 1. ICYMI ...
  10. We play 8 games vs teams Vegas ranks a higher probability of reaching the super bowl than the Ravens. Home vs away record (Flacco struggles) is likely 5-3 & 3-5. Splits with the Steelers and Bengals; Raven team composition at this time tells me the Ravens are an 8-8 team (plus or minus 1). At the moment, the Ravens as a team give no indication of being a 10, 11 or 12 win team. The draft could change that.
  11. ALL TEAM BYEs should fall within a six week stretch in the middle of the season.
  12. If Ozzie submits the name, I'm sure he has a very valid reason.
  13. Ozzie is going to have good options. Guess I'd be least excited about an OT at 16.
  14. It should be Howard, Davis or Williams. If we want someone for Flacco to throw to may as well get the best.
  15. No trade. 16. WR, Corey Davis or WR/TE, OJ Howard 47. ER, TJ Watt or CB, Quincy Wilson 74. C, Pat Elflein or DE, Jordan Willis 78. C, Ethan Pocic or WR, Zay Jones or DE, Derek Rivers
  16. Ravens still need a 1st or 2nd day CB to team with Jimmy.
  17. OJ Howard would be a nice addition to the Raven receiver corps, and he may be available at 16.
  18. I know this is just filler material post and no pick is going to satisfy all fans but whoever the Ravens draft at 16 will be an organizational pick. If there are multiple options Ozzie will still submit a name that, in the organizations opinion, most benefits the team. Second-guess them all you like but even Myles Garrett is not a sure thing.
  19. Why do you want Jensen to step in to a starting role? He's obviously less capable than the starters we lost. Seems the O-line blocking and protecting will be less effective than last season unless serious upgrades materialize b4 the season begins.
  20. It seems pretty obvious from all the mocks that one of the following players will be available to us: Corey Davis, Mike Williams, OJ Howard, Derek Barnett, Haason Reddick, Td White and multiple o-linemen. Any one of these players should make most Raven fans happy and day 2 should be equally productive. I hope we don't trade back and go with the best players that fill our needs.
  21. Ravens have many holes to fill; have been less than successful on the road; have failed to defend the house. Yes, the Ravens are "new and improved" but are they better than 8-8? Time will tell.
  22. I don't see the Ravens trading back. We get a really good player at 16 (either offense or defense) and 3 more top quality guys on day 2. Day 3 picks will be icing on the cake.
  23. Flacco peaked with the super bowl win, but he did have a good 5 yr run.
  24. Ozzie passes on Sid Jones in the 2nd and he is gone b4 our 3rd round pick.