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  1. If that is what you will be doing, how will we know?
  2. No need to trade up this year, and Foster and Barnett are likely to fall to us anywho.
  3. I would not be at all disappointed if we drafted Sidney Jones, Achilles and all, with our 2nd round pick.
  4. It appears Sidney Jones will play this season.
  5. Hopefully Dean puts the bug in Ozzie's ear to draft Sidney Jones, CB.
  6. John identified 5 question mark positions that need solidifying, add in a wish list of WR & CB and Ozzie//Harbs have their work cutout for themselves in the months ahead. Team is coming together though some holes will remain.
  7. Other than Christmas this is the best time of year to make your wish list and wait for draft day.
  8. At the State of the Ravens review the top brass said the run game was priority one this year. Financially (given the cost of a RT) and making good on that commitment, no one would be a better #16 pick than a top O-linemen to play ROT.
  9. Just for the sake of argument, are the players you mentioned better than the players taken in the first 2 rounds? Just saying...
  10. I assume you read the article; all I would say in response is Ozzie could trade down to get the appropriate value, and, as you say, the talent pool is shallow for the position and we are in need. There are no guarantees at ROT but quality ER/WR/CBs are available in the 2nd and 3rd also. Food for thought my friend, food for thought.
  11. ICYMI. There's an interesting article over on Ravens Beatdown, Ravens will take an OT with the first pick in the 2017 draft , discussing the financial benefits of drafting a ROT (Ramcyzk, Bolles, Robinson) in light of the Ricky Wagner // Riley Reiff $10mil/yr FA hauls. He goes on to suggest a Pat Elflein/Ethan Pocic center selection in the 3rd giving the Ravens a dominating, young and inexpensive O-line for the next few years given the Stanley // Lewis selections of last. The other 2 top 100 picks are devoted to edge rusher // CB // WR needs. Post your thoughts below.
  12. A Baltimore Beatdown writer makes an argument for the Ravens taking a ROT at 16 and a center in the 3rd. You can read the article here. In essence he writes Rick Wagner and Riley Reiff, other ROTs, are knocking down a new league starting price of $10mil/yr for the position. The Ravens, with a ROT pick this year and Ron Stanley last will have a pair of stud tackles for 4 years at minimum cost leaving money for other positions. With 2 top o-line additions the offense should be top tier and ready to rock. A thoughtful perspective.
  13. With 4 top 100 picks I'm hoping for a RT/o-linemen and a center to be among them. That leaves 2 picks for a WR, CB, ER, LB. That's a lot to wish for. Go Ozzie.
  14. Christian McCaffrey @ 16, then ROT, C & defense in the first 2 days.
  15. With 4 top 100 picks in the draft, I hope they spend them on a RT, C, ER, CB, or ILB. With some strategic planning they could get 4 very good players to fill holes/needs. Git'er done Ozzie.