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  1. It's gonna stay a dream. Barnett is possible, and its possible to end up with a cpl of the guys you mention, but..... Foster isnt dropping much if at all, and especially not to the 2nd round. Even if he did (he wont) Hue Jackson wouldnt let him get past 33. And theres probably 13 other teams that wouldnt either. JuJu might be around 3rd and i bet Tankersley will, but Juju could be gone 2nd and Tank sucks. Dawkins is going 2nd round. We might not even have a shot at 47. Though id be very happy with him there. Myrick and Banner might be ok. So, choose one of Barnett/Foster.... though my guess is we'll be lucky to have even 1 of them fall to us. Both might be long gone. And you prob have to pick one of JuJu or Dawkins. Though there is an outside chance JuJu falls to the 3rd so its prob ok to project that in a dream scenario. And if Tank's your dream in the 3rd - get a new dream. Prob would say the same for Myrick and Banner - but to each their own. I really like Myrick. I think he is very under rated bc he player CB in the big 10 but watch some of the tape on him.... the kid is the real deal. Tankersly has the athletic ability but he does seem to have a little more trouble tracking the ball and transitioning. He seems like more of a project then Myrick to me If Banner is there in the 6th he is a steal. In the 5th he is worth a chance and has more ability then Hurst.... but I don't think he is worth a 4th round pick (unless we really feel that he has the raw potential for Greg Roman to turn him into a gem)
  2. That would be a reasonabl draft - but I'm afraid Schuster at #74 and Pocic in the fourth round may be too optimistic. Do you think he will go higher or do you think that drafting Pocic in the 4th is too soon?
  3. That would be a reasonabl draft - but I'm afraid Schuster at #74 and Pocic in the fourth round may be too optimistic. I don't think Pocic in the 4th is that big of a strech A lot of people are calling for Schuster early (and I think you are probably right) but most of the pundits are calling for him in the 3rd and even 4th round???? Wonder if there is something about him that we are not aware of????
  4. I'm all in on these first 3 picks (don't know a lot about the rest, Pocic aside). Not sure we'd go with 2 WR's with the first 2 picks but stranger things have happened. I agree if we go Corey Davis in round 1... I believe that we are more likely to go after Will Holdin -T- Vandy or a Nicco Siragusa -G- or some other big OL in round 3 (which would change the later round picks) But I did add two WRs bc we haven't had great weapons on offense and this could stock the warehouse. 1. Mike Wallace 2. Perriman 3. Chris Moore 4. Corey Davis 5. Ju Ju 6. Campanaro RBs 1. Woodhead 2. West 3. Dixon TEs 1. Watson 2. Pitta 3. Gilmore 4. Maxx 5. Waller That is more offensive weapons than I have ever seen in BMORE... and may set us up for a long time to come on Offense. I think you are right... don't see us going after two WRs that soon but if both are there.... We can add OL depth in the later rounds. (especially if we really believe that Jensen or Urschel can handle the load) Then we can draft a Pocic or a Banner in the later rounds (maybe even a Siragusa) and Slide Alex Lewis out to Wagners spot. IDK.... obviously I am simply excited with the possibilities that I see in this draft... this is the most excited that I have been going into a draft in a long time.
  5. just reported that he had a diluted urine sample. So basically he failed his drug test, what impact it'll have nobody knows!! I saw that too and I am not sure what that means either. A diluted sample clearly does not carry the same stigma as a failed sample. We may all know it or believe it to be the same but it is a blurred line. I know this... I really don't want to pass on Peppers and have the Sqeelers pick him up a few picks later. I can see them grabbing him and he is so versatile he can add depth at S for us but more importantly he can play ILB and cover these freak TE's in the league now (something that CJ struggles with a little) Plus the thought of CJ and Peppers playing beside each other with their athleticism and skill sets... that should be a scary defense who can cover side line to side line and who can offer an array of blitz packages and coverage's that is rare even in the NFL
  6. If we don't trade back 1. Corey Davis- WR- Western Mich 2. Tim Williams - OLB- Bamma 3. Ju Ju Smith -WR- Schuster 3. Jalen Myrick-CB- Minn or Cam Sutton- CB- Tenn 4. Ethan Pocic- C- LSU 5. Zach Banner- C/T USC 6. Ben Gedeon- ILB- Mich
  7. Three 3rd rounder would be nice. Trading back is tempting; A trade back could still look something like this. 1. Jabrill Peppers-S/LB- MICH 2. Tim Williams- OLB- Bamma 3. Jalen Myrick- CB- Minn 3. Will Holden- T- Vandy 3. Ju Ju-Smith-Schuster- WR- USC 4. Ethan Pocic- C- LSU 5. Noah Brown- WR- Ohio State 6. Chase Allen- ILB- Southern Illinois Or 1. Dalvin Cook- RB- FSU 2. Reuben Foster- ILB- Bamma 3. Cooper Kupp-WR-Eastern Washington 3. Nicco Siragusa- G- SDST 3. Cam Sutton- CB- Tenn 4. Zach Banner - G/T- USC 5. Ejuan Price- OLB- Pitt 6. Noah Brown- WR- Ohio State
  9. OK, and what if all 7 of those players are on the board, and lets say for sake of example, Detroit (I picked them simply for easy math) wants to give us a 3rd rounder to move back 5 slots, as the draft chart says is approximately even.... you say we don't do it? That doesn't make ANY sense, because you can still get choice of 2 of those 7 AND another player in the top 100. First, It's highly unlikely that ALL 7 will still be on the board. But I'll play along. It's still gamble that not needed. What if we move back 2 spots? And Mike Williams turns out to be a beast. He goes to Titans who then would be another AFC team competing for a playoff spot with Ravens. Also, What if the Broncos trade with Skins. Now there are 2 AFC teams picking a player higher than you. IMO, trading back works when you already have a good team and need additional picks for depth and future. A team that missed the playoffs and have not won the divison should play the percentages and take the BPA Look at mock drafts all over the web. Go to #16 to see who they give the Ravens. Then go look at #26-32. Every time there is someone there I bet you would be happy to take. So we could still get someone very good & pick up another 2nd or 3rd. Think what we could do with two 2nd's & two 3rd's! We have two many holes to fill & a great opportunity to do so. We need a great player. And MOST of the time, the ones at the lower part of the draft are not as certain of a pick as the higher rated players. For example Perriman, on paper looked like a beast. BUT he was available at 26. Why? health concerns, hands, etc.. Elam was a top 5 safety available at #32. The further you move down the more risk you take. My point is with so many needs, why take on risk? Ray Lewis was picked 26th over all in 1996 - Antonio Brown for the sqeelers was the 26th pick in 2010. Tom Brady was a 6th round pick -199th overall - Marques Colston was a 7th round pick -There was a guy names Shannon Sharpe who played for us who was a 7th round pick. Adalius Thomas who we took in later rounds. Drew Brees was a 2nd rounder - I can go on for days about late draft picks who were multiple time pro-bowlers... Beside it I could put a list of your 1st round busts like JGoff, Johnny Manziel, etc.... and that list could go on for days. What I am saying is that the draft is a crap shoot. You do your homework and hope you made the best choice - you look for talent / and look to eliminate as many risks as possible. In a draft this deep with talent. There is not much that separates a mid 1st rounder and a mid 2nd rounder. You get as many talented guys as you can.
  10. The logic of your statement may fail for this reason. Why in such a deep draft would someone give up picks to us? Wouldn't they use their picks to obtain many players too? And if they did, who is this great player they are willing part with picks to secure ? He could be the next AJ Green, Patrick Peterson , T -Sizzle and what would you have? The next Matt Judon, Correa, Alex Lewis, Dixon? The difference in a lot of the Ravens games are we had average to good players and other have good to great players. Why would teams trade up in a specific draft (even a deep draft) bc they have a very specific need. We have needs! There are teams out there who are looking only for a QB or a WR or maybe trying to get into position to get a Leonard Fournette, etc. There are several players in this years draft that teams my feel they are worth trading up for. Myles Garret, any of the QBs if you are a team that needs a QB, Fournette, or Dalvin Cook, Mike Williams, Corey Davis or John Ross. OJ Howard. Lattimore, Jumal Adams, Solomon Thomas, Malik Hooker, or Reuben Foster. I could see teams with specific needs trading up for any of these guys. Heck if we didn't have so many needs I wouldn't be surprised if we tried to trade up to get one of them. So - with that much high end talent in this draft... if a team has identified a specific player who they believe can be the next superstar in this league (and there are several that could be) why not try to trade up (or in our case trade back / allowing them to trade up)? I think there are definitely quality picks in this draft who really can be the next AJ Green, Pat Peterson, TSizzle, etc. Don't under estimate what Judon / KC and Alex Lewis can be just yet... they when you find starters in the draft... you did your job.. every so often you hit a home run and get a super star but trading back does not mean that we are passing on a super star... In fact in this years draft... the more picks you have the more starters you will find and the better chance you have of one of them being a super star. Finally the difference in a lot of games was that we were the most penalized team who couldn't get off the field on 3rd down and couldn't move the chains on third down. Hard to have better then a mediocre team like that. In the day and age of the salary cap.. the key is NOT to have some super high end players. Ask the Bengals and Giants and other teams who can get to the play offs but cant win! The goal is to have as many quality players at every position. TO have no holes.... That is the team that wins in todays NFL. The Patriots don't have a bunch of superstars like the sqeelers but they win. The year we won our last SB... we didn't have all the high end super stars but we were solid everywhere. Get as many solid picks in this years draft as possible. That keeps us under the cap and sets us up for 4-5 years.
  11. This draft is so deep....that it only makes sense to trade back! there are over a dozen DBs that we could land in the late first or 2nd round 1. TreDavious White- CB- LSU 2. Jabrill Peppers-DB- Mich 3. Sid Jones- CB- Wash 4. Fabian Moreau-CB-UCLA 5. Marlon Humphrey- CB-Bamma 6. Cordrea Tankersly- CB- Clem 7. Jalen Myrick-CB-Minn 8. Chidobe Awuzie (sp)- CB- Colo 9. Quincy Wilson-CB- Fla 10. Adoree Jackson-CB-USC 11. Teez Tabor-CB- Fla 12. Desmond King-DB- Iowa 13. Cam Sutton-CB-Tenn 14. Budda Baker-DB-Wash there are at least 8 pass rushers available late round one and into round 2 1 Tim Williams- OLB- Bamma 2. Takkarist McKinley- OLB-UCLA 3. Charles Harris-DE-Mizzou 4. Taco Charlton-DE-Mich 5. Zach Cunningham-OLB-Vandy 6. Tyus Bowser- OLB-Houston 7. Carl Lawson-DE-Auburn 8. TJ Watt-OLB -Wisc There are at least 5 OL available late round 1 and early round 2. 1. Cam Robinson-T-Bamma 2. Roderick Johnson-T- FSU 3. Garrett Boles-T-Utah 4. Taylor Morton-T-W.Mich 5. Forest Lamp-G- W. Kentucky At least 3 RBs 1. Dalvin Cook-RB-FSU 2. Christian McCaffery- RB-Stanf 3. Alvin Kamara- RB- Tenn At least a half a dozen WRs 1. Chris Godwin-WR-PSU 2. Cooper Kupp-WR-EMich 3. Curtis Samuel-WR-Ohio State 4. ArDarius Jones-WR-Bamma 5. JuJu Smith Schuster- WR-USC 6. Zay Jones-WR-ECU and a handful of ILBS 1. RaeKwon McMillian-ILB-Ohio State 2. Reuben Foster-ILB-Bamma 3. Jared Davis- ILB- Fla. SO that is 39 players over the last 10 picks of round 1 and the next 32 picks of round 2. In other words over 42 possible picks there are 39 players that could really be a steal for us. IF we could trade back and end up with an extra pick there (or more) it would only make sense. If we traded back and got somebody else's 2nd and 4th or something like that that would give us two picks in the 2nd (lost of those guys above will be available to us and to land two of them would be great) 2 picks in the 3rd and 2 picks in the 4th. This draft is so deep that while I am not typically a fan of trading back... I feel like it does not make sense to not trade back this year!
  12. my wish draft Round 1. Mike Williams-WR-Clem (He is our answer to AJ Green and Antonio Brown) Round 2. Tim Williams-OLB-Bamma (He is a Raven) Round 3. Sid Jones--CB- Wash (He is worth waiting for) Round 3. Jalen Myrick-CB- Minn (Most under rated CB in the draft) Round 4. Ethan Pocic- C- LSU (Helps secure a position of need / can come in and start) Round 5. Noah Brown- WR- Ohio State (he is raw but rare athletic gifts make him a great gamble in the 5th) Round 6. Kareem Are - G/T-FSU (Can play G or T and will move inside where is will fit well in Greg Romans style. Are is a big guy who can move but needs to be coached up) We have the guy for that!
  13. I hope that KC is the guy to watch for but I am having Deja Vu and cant stop comparing this to Arthur Brown. Hope that is not the case and KC lights it up this year
  14. I don't listen to Skip Bayless when he makes no sense / I don't listen to him when he makes sense. Skip simply likes to go against the grain for ratings. Calling Flacco the best first rounder of the decade is once again going against the grain. While I agree with his reasoning... his motives are simply to stir up emotions and get people responding to his shenanigans. I don't think he is a legitimate sports analyst bc his views are always skewed by what sales. So... while I would also have Joe at the top of that list... I don't put too much stock in anything that Bayless is endorsing. He is a clown and I would encourage everyone to simply remove the curtain and expose Skip for the charlatan that he is!
  15. So many directions we can go because we have a lot of needs and this draft class is very deep in a couple of the need areas for us.