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  1. I think it's a good depth move. We really don't have any at safety behind Weddle and Jefferson except for Levine and Webb improved at safety every week. Much better than he was at cornerback anyway.
  2. ProFootballTalk is reporting that he and the team have agreed to a reunion for the season.
  3. Big fan of this kid. I've gotten to watch him quite a bit over the last two years living 2 hours from Knoxville TN and he has a nonstop motor and a passion for the game. He actually reminds me a lot of Sizzle when he was coming out of college. Both similarly sized, very productive college players who were/may get pushed down in the first round due to not being an "elite" talent athletically. If he is there at #16 I would love for him to be the newest Raven but I don't see him getting out of the top 12 or so really.
  4. Receiver: My favorite guy who will probably be gone when we pick is Mike Williams. He comes across as an Alshon Jeffrey-type to me and seeing as many of you were clamoring for Jeffrey I think he would be great if he actually does drop to 16. Not really a fan of John Ross. he is a small receiver with knee concerns before last season. If he hadn't broken the record for the 40 he would be a 2nd round pick IMO. Pass Rusher: My favorite guy who I think has a good shot of still being there is Derek Barnett. I live in TN and have gotten to watch him play quite a bit. He reminds me a bit of Sizzle he doesn't have "elite" athleticism but he has a nonstop motor and a great passion for the game, they also have very similar measurables. I like Tim Williams here as well if the team decides to go pass rush, I think one of the two should be there at 16. Cornerback: I would have loved Sidney Jones here until a few days ago. Now I would have to lean towards Tredavious White or Quincy Wilson if the team decides to go cornerback here.
  5. Williams AND Jefferson both overpaid. But it is to be expected with them both in their prime and just the general nature of the league now. I'm fine with both contracts, both will be doing things to help the team that don't always show up in the stat sheet. Some of you act like you're the ones writing these checks...
  6. Do you have a Sunday Ticket account or something similar I can use then? Because I'm not getting paid to watch every game like PFF and you apparently.
  7. I was waiting on the contract numbers to give my two cents on the signing. It went from "like it alright" to "just ok" for me. I've watched his highlights weeks ago when the rumors first started and read up on what PFF was seeing to grade him highly and I just don't see splash plays in coverage to justify that salary, especially since his pick six was literally thrown right at him. For that much, we should have just taken Webb's cap hit for the last year of his deal and drafted a couple of safety prospects to groom to start in 2018. So $9 million a year for a younger Bernard Pollard is basically what I see But again, just my opinion. I'm not the one signing the checks and I hope he proves my doubts wrong this year. As it is, I'm a much bigger fan of the Woodhead signing especially with the news on Dixon.
  8. I want to see the #s for Jefferson's deal before I get all excited. I like the player and I know how PFF has him graded but I can't help but feel like something is off or missing here. I know he graded well in coverage but the splash plays apart from being a blitzer aren't there for his career. Two career interceptions, which is one more than all-time bust Matt Elam had in his career, and Jefferson was actually on the field way more than Elam. I seem to remember a lot of people excited about signing Kendrick Lewis after coming off of his career year in Houston... So again, I like the pick up but forgive me for not proclaiming our secondary "fixed" as some of you are. With the Woodhead signing, the Ravens may be "done" with the traditional fullback position as well which saddens me from a nostalgia standpoint (I used to love watching guys like Mike Alstott and Mack Strong). We have the fewest # of draft picks we've had in years and a lot of needs, why use one on the FSU kid when Woodhead is essentially filling the same role Juice did minus the blocking?
  9. Pitta averaged a career low YPC because of the way the offense ended up running most of the season, not because he has lost a step IMO. You just posted the whole "failed completions" stat yesterday that talked about how Pitta was on the receiving end of most of those. I think the best thing to do is to try and work out S1-2 mil pay cut that he can again recoup in incentives. Pretty bad when I trust the guy with two major hip injuries over all the other TEs health-wise at this point. Watson is coming off a major injury and will be 36. I love our four younger guys and their potential but Gillmore and Williams' injuries have to be a concern with both of them. Boyle keeps getting suspended, Waller is still raw as a TE. I think it would be a mistake to cut Pitta but that's just me, we'll find out how it shakes out...
  10. This is supposed to be a good corner and safety draft class. I say pass on Jefferson, use that money to get Williams and Juszczyk resigned, and draft a couple of safeties and start grooming them to replace Webb for the 2018 season.
  11. Of the FA WRs, Jackson or Garcon make the most sense to me, I think both still have a lot to contribute. I wouldn't be opposed to bringing Anquan back if he was interested but not sure how much he has left in the tank. Why Pryor is such a "hot commodity" after 1 solid season is beyond me.
  12. Prater has either played in high altitude or indoors for half a season his whole career. Not to say he isn't a heck of a kicker either, but I'll still take Tucker over him every day.
  13. I know Osemele is a beast and a mountain of a man to compare with ANYONE, but dang he makes Zuttah look like a shrimp. No wonder why Ozzie was so clear about getting more size on the o-line...
  14. Normally I'd pull for the Steelers but not with the circumstances that they won the division this year.
  15. Looks like business as usual for our team. Smh.