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  1. coaches,
  2. this topic is " harb on the hot seat " and our BR news is 1. HC - harb talking about our hurry up offense, 2. QB - Flacco saying we need to run more, not meant to bash anybody, but to invoke a conversation about his hot seat, how long has harb been our HC and we are a very lackadaisical offense, when we should be in a hurry along with that, we are still trying to put joe in up temp so to jump start our offense, I am not saying harb should be on the hot seat r QB saying we need to run more, ahh he is the QB "audible out" again this is not a bashing but we are talking fundamentals here OJT ( on the job Training for you non military lol ) for the last 8,9 years many people here (myself) think he inherited a super bowl team kinda like jon gruden did with tampa my point is, maybe he should be on the hot seat and if we had an offensive minded HC maybe joe would be better
  3. many people talk of the messenger, I am looking at the message, while I have never been a harb fan, I do support him because he is the HC all I am saying is, This is the team harb wanted every player has to be a good ST player(WHAT) How many times you see C.J out there on ST (plenty). I love our ST unit but would I trade it (not tucker) for a better scheme on offense , I think many people here would say and agree to " YES" lastly it is because of our loyalty that we are having this discussion, we both are talking RAVENS, ok,
  4. you do not have to care or like tbh just forget the messenger, read the message I am a true Ravens fanatic, do you think we ran the ball enough? do you think we was in a hurry up offense at the end of the game? what about matt elam being here and john simon starting in houston? c'mon bruh you have to be honest, all coaches make mistake all QB's make mistake I get that ,because I am A crazy fan of this team and city and state Park heights, pimlico road to be exact, what I am trying to say is this, now what pollard said is similar to what I think harb wanted a certain team and he has it, so coach it up we have no sense of urgency, hester is pure GARBAGE, we can not cut him because his salary is guaranteed,
  5. from the moment harb came in i have always been against it, he is a ST coach we had the players in place for him to succeed , but once he implemented his players and staff, well it's been downhill , people here need to stop making excuses we need an offensive minded HC, this is not meant to crap on harb have anybody read Bernard Pollard tweet
  6. I am a firm believer, big players step up and play in big games C-MAC was our dude but that is in the past (hope he is well) I sat there on draft night hoping we get jimmy and when philly drafted the lineman(out the league) we draft him , he was slow to start but he came on Jimmy is not a complete shut down but he will lock down some #1 WR's he need to start eating right and taking care of his body maybe he is (I am not privy) just injury prone.
  7. soooo you are our p.o.c when we get there, great and thanks
  8. flacco, harb enough said, yes we can talk about, Mr why is he here elam or, Mr I am here to just collect a check hester but it will come down to 2 people always, flacco and harb
  9. I had it as a L about 2/3 weeks ago, but if this team ( tbh offense) can just play consistent, non penalty football , then we can win, There is no love loss with the Pats, and we have there number, think about,every win the pats have on us from Rex calling Time out, drop pass , trick plays ,missed FG, no CB's we had them beat, I really think THIS (thought dallas) is our statement game. no gronk no amendola,their star LB shipped to clev, I know brady and the COACH is there, we really have a great chance to win just play good football be consistent and cut down on penalties
  10. 29 - 17 RAVENS win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. looking at nfl live and tedy bruschi just said not only is Gronk out but amendola is out also
  12. the sad thing is every game that we did not win, could have been won we didn't have to play lights out (yesterday) just the offense did nothing, If we play consistent and if we do that, I REALLY think we run the table, maybe we miss 1 game
  13. we had a chance to put everybody on notice,That Dallas game slipped away, I will gladly trade that Dallas game for this game against the NFL's golden boy " Brady " NE is wounded, we know how to play them and PITT, if the stars align we can really make some noise NE - RAVENS, at denver jets , at miami 11-5 Pitt - at bills at cincy RAVENS browns 8 to 9 wins Denver - at tenn, pats, at kc,da raiders 9-7 can we win out, this is the question?
  14. This was a complete game, congrats Good - the endless possibilities of what we can look like, bad - game could have been longer ( I like watching this game) ugly - i didnt make it home to go to the game smh ,