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  1. Nick Mangold is washed up, did you see him play last year?
  2. We are being linked to Torrey a lot, this only makes sense if we cut Wallace. They do the exact same thing.
  3. Harbaugh loves to over hire for assistants so that's definitely a possibility.
  4. Smart move by, Orr. Neck injuries are no joke. Good thing we have Myles Jack as next man up...I mean Correa?
  5. Interesting stats, do with it what ya shall: 2012 4 of our 10 wins were won by more than 8 points 2013 2 of our 8 wins were won by more than 8 points. 2014 7 of our 10 wins were won by more than 8 points. 2015 0 of our 5 wins were won by more than 8 points. 2016 2 of our so far 8 wins were won by more than 8 points. I just want a coaching staff that won't take the foot off the gas on offense and that won't let the team back in it on defense. We are the Cardiac kids.
  6. I just looked on google, no update yet. We need him to play. He is MVP of our defense, we don't play the same when he is out.
  7. I think if 99% of players have their ankle plant into the ground like, they are going to be out of the game....
  8. I'm not ruling us out of playoffs (obviously still 3 games left), but here are some players that need to be off this team next year: Cut: Elam, Powers, Webb, Hester, Arrington, Lewis, Wright (don't know his Guaranteed money though). Not certain about all their contracts, so might not make sense to cut some, but I think they need to go. Hopefully we can get Reynolds, Kaufusi, Correa, and Moore involved more next year. Other than them, I've been very impressed with our other rookies. Moore has been good on Specials too. Corner and Safety is a huge need for us going into 2017 draft.
  9. If J. Smith plays, I predict a 19-17 Ravens win. 4 Field Goals by Tucker and 1 Passing TD. If J. Smith doesnt play, I predict losing by a 8+.
  10. The offensive line is a huge problem, it's not all Flacco's fault. But to answer the question who I would rather have: Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck. All 5 of those guys have struggled this year too.
  11. There isn't anyone out there that would make me feel confident at HC. Unless the Browns fire Hue haha.
  12. Someone else got Parker. Dropped Forsett for Dixon, Kept West. I think we shake things up a bit this week, get Buck Allen active. Forsett isnt doing anything as a passing back.
  13. Who should I drop for Devante Parker? Forsett or West?
  14. I Have Terrance West, Justin Forsett was just released. Can pick him up off waivers. If i were to do that, I d have to drop Will Fuller (my 5th WR). Is this a sound move or am I better off letting Forsett go to someone else and see if West is our go to guy? Full Team: 12 Man League QB: Palmer, Stafford RB: Melvin Gordon, Chris Ivory, Christine Michael, Terrance West, Derrick Henry WR: Allen Robinson, Keenan Allen, Brandin Cooks, Donte Moncrief, WIll Fuller TE: Greg Olson, Dwayne Allen
  15. Campanaro did have some PR and KR but I just dont see point in keeping him. He isnt that good at either and he finished pre season with 1 grab for 3 yard and a rush for 11 yards.