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  1. This is why they are getting rid of this forum. The organization doesn't like people not liking their moves. I thought this organization was different from most. I'm about ready to give up on watching the NFL all together.
  2. Dumb dumb dumb...
  3. he was being interfered when trying try to catch the ball. lead the league by a pretty large margin. was avg like 21.7 yards per penalty. had like 12 penalties for about 261 yards. also in 2014 he had 49 receptions which is the same as in 2012 when he also had 49 reception. quite curious how this is a career low in your eyes lol. he actually did that with less targets ..... Yeah like I said below all his PI's added up and made a big difference.
  4. Sounds like a weaker version of Dennis Pitta, who we just asked to take a paycut. I rest my case. Sorry, but Boldin is NOT a weaker version of Dennis Pitta. How do you even back that statement up? Boldin has missed just 2 games in the last 4 years, and hauled in 8 TD passes last season. Even at 36 years old, I'd rather have him on the field than Pitta. 1. I don't care about TD catches, because they are too inconsistent for just about every WR. He caught 8 last year and 7 the two years prior. 2. A lesser version to the extent of receptions, which is what the original commenter said we should sign him for. If the basis for signing him is so that he will simply catch passes, then he's a lesser version of Pitta to that extent. 3. I don't want Boldin because I want to get younger and better at that position (and frankly most positions). I don't think anybody is looking at this team or roster thinking that we are in a position to make some sort of SB run next season. Signing him would be some sort of fan-favorite nostalgia move I guess, but I fail to see how the Baltimore Ravens are a better football team long term by signing him. "I don't care about TD catches" Seriously? Not for individual players I don't. I mean you can pick just about any WR you want. Radical swings in TD catches on a year over year basis. Everytime I hear somebody say "so and so caught X # of TDs last season, so he's good for that again", they're wrong almost every single time. Pick the greatest WRs you've ever seen. All have radical shifts in TD catches over a short period of time. Heck, here's just Ravens examples: Boldin: first year here he catches 7 TDs. The very next year... he averages 10 yards/game more, has more yardage, increases his Yards/Catch by 2.5 yards... all in 2 less games. His TDs dropped from 7 to 3. Literally every possibly metric says he was a better, more efficient, more productive WR for this team in 2011 than in 2010, yet his TD numbers were less than half. Why is that? Torrey Smith: averaged 70 yards/game in 2013, career highs in receptions, yards, YPG, yards/catch, etc. Had 4 TDs The next year, Ravens career lows in receptions, yardage, YPG, yards/catch... has 11 TDs, almost three times as many. Why is that? Again, if you guys step away from the box scores, you'll get this. This is separate from your argument, just a statement. For Torrey 2014 IMO was a much better season than his receptions, yardage and YPG show, He was a PI magnet that year and didn't even have to catch the ball half the time to get us 25-50 yards. I felt like every game he was getting PI's on bombs.
  5. When it comes to the draft the ravens will always go with the guy highest on their board. Which is the BPA. If they think they can trade back and still get that player then that is when they will make a trade. Whoever that guy is they are going to go with regardless of what position which is what he is saying. The board is already set up so it doesn't matter what position the player is if he is the BPA then he is getting selected. I don't think he is arguing with how the board is put together he is simply saying come draft time it doesn't matter because that whole hypothetical situation of these players are close, but this position is more of a priority. For example say this is our board and we are on the clock: (think of this list as how we are viewing actual players in the draft and not like they are the actual players) 1. Ed Reed 2. Todd Heap 3. Ben Grubbs 4. Anquan Boldin Now we need a Guard since Alex Lewis might be kicking out to tackle and this Ben Grubbs type of guard would be a great addition. We also need a receiver and this Boldin type of player would really benefit Joe. We don't really need a free safety, but we aren't going to pass on this Ed Reed type of player when we think he is the best player on the board.
  6. he's a great student of the game. I hope very much he finds his way back to Baltimore as a coach one day.
  7. Huh?
  8. He's among the worst. His stats are very inflated which is the opposite of how it usually is for him. He throws the ball more than any winning qb in the league. For a team who's run pass ratio is what it is he should have those "glorious" stats you mentioned, but our offense is a liability. He sucks this year.
  9. Up until this year I've been a huge Joe supporter. He sucks this year plain and simple. I'm willing to give him next year to right the ship, but he's been one of the worst QBs in the league this year.
  10. Harbs got out coached tonight, but he's a not a tactician. He's s motivator. Joe sucked today and that's why we lost. John got the defense and special teams going, but Joe never got going which is why we lost.
  11. You put it here to not be noticed. Juet read your response. I apologize, but I wish they'd read Ravens talk because no one else looks here to add input.
  12. Nobody reads this feed. I feel this post is important because it's telling writers what the readers want to read. It will get more attention in Ravens talk
  13. Thanks, but I think it's funny you buried this topic in the feedback feed.
  14. Stop defending Flacco. Stop ignoring the fact West and Dixon are actually running well when they are given the chance. Acknowledge Smith and Young are the two most important players to our team because without either one of them we can't win. Call for Pees to get get paid. Please people add on as you see fit. I get the writers shouldnt bash our team, but they should challenge it.