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  1. I'm not sure how anyone can make the argument that Joe Flacco is elite. Unless you are John Clayton or the other clowns in the media that believe there are 15 elite QB's in this league. One would have to put a percentage on what elite actually is or a number. Is he top 5? Heck no? Top ten? I'd say ehhh. I would probably rank him around 11-13. But I'd also argue that the elite QB's in this league are the top 5 or so.
  2. Heck, why did they even need to draft Maxx in the second?? They got Jesse James much later in the draft and he has outperformed and helped them much more than Maxx has come anywhere close to for us.
  3. So making the playoffs and losing the first game is somehow worse than not making the playoffs at all? The Patriots ran through the AFCNorth. I don't know what I am failing to admit? That they would not do as well in our division when the results say they certainly would? 5-0 against the AFCNorth last year. 5-1 in their division. What's better? 2013: 3-1 vs. AFCNorth. 4-2 in division. 2011: 3-1 to 5-1. The results show that they fare better against the teams in our division than their own. That isn't conjecture. That's cold hard facts. Some of you have such extreme purple colored shades on that it's impossible to get across a point.
  4. I don't care what happened in the game between us and the Dolphins. The fact still remains that they made the playoffs and the Ravens did not. Its funny that you bring up how useless the Bills offense was when ours was just as bad as theirs. We scored 13 points. The Jets game, we lost plain and simple. I don't care what happened. And exactly what would the Patriots do in our division every year? The Steelers were 0-2 against them last year, Bengals 0-1, Browns 0-1 and Brady almost threw for 500 yards in the spanking they gave us. You could make the same argument that they would do just as well in our division. The Steelers and Bengals do not match up well with them. We play them tough once in awhile. And the Browns are 2 free wins.
  5. The Bills, who we barely were able to beat, the Dolphins who made the playoffs and we didn't and the Jets who also beat us last year... If those three teams are all horrible in your eyes, where do we rank as a team?
  6. If we are aspiring to be the best team in the league, then why can't it be easy to make the playoffs? The Patriots have made it look pretty dang simple the past 10-15 years. And I don't want to hear about the level of competition in each teams division. They are still NFL teams and they have owned their division year after year and have had great super bowl success.
  7. I mean yeah I agree. Build the O line and hopefully stuff will begin to work for our Offense. The only problem with 12' is that people forget how fortunate in the first place we were to even make the playoffs that year. Obviously the offense took off in the playoffs and that's where we'd like to see it. This speaks to how below average we have been as an overall team in the regular season for a long while now. It would be nice to go into week 16-18 once in awhile not needing help just to make it into the playoffs.
  8. Well since I said "one of the best", I would say that would be top ten.
  9. That analogy is probably one of the worst I have ever heard. It's just an SMH type comment. Even if Perriman comes along and has an even 1,000 yard season. (Massive stretch already) we still wouldn't have one of the best WR groups in the league. We'd be the middle of the pack. Can Perriman duplicate what SSS did last year? Well even if he did, we still had a pretty poor passing game.
  10. There's a massive difference from already having one of the worst WR groups in the league compared to the Steelers and Cowboys. Also, you missed the point completely. Outside of Dez, both those teams don't really have any injury concerns at WR. So I'm not sure what your comparison is getting at. Perrimen has been in the league two years and has had two major injuries to his lower body. I would consider that injury prone. I'm not even going to comment on Camp because he can't stay on the field long enough to deserve a comment. My initial point meant that we are a couple plays away from having the worst WR group in the NFL. We already have one in the bottom 10 and I know it's hard for some of you to accept that.
  11. The Ravens are one strong gust of wind away from having Mike Wallace and Chris Moore as their starting WR's. If that doesn't scare some of you, I'm not sure what will. Edit: The opening sentence is a jab at how injury prone Camp and Perrimen are since I know I would have to clarify myself because some of you don't mesh well with Ravens criticism.
  12. I don't mind the signing. Hopefully he can bring some stability to the position for a year or 2. Don't really like how old he is. Hopefully this doesn't mean that we don't draft CB high and use an aging vet as a band aid once again. This has been burning us for awhile now.
  13. I wasn't commenting on him being a decent number 2. We were commenting on a poster calling him a shut down CB. Which he certainly is not.
  14. In this current state, we are looking to take a massive step backwards on O. Which is down right frightening because we already were a below average offense.
  15. This is the post that redrum and I were talking about. And yes, he does make it seem like Claiborne would be the miracle cure to our woes on defense. People read things out of context whenever we were having a valid conversation that he isn't some miracle to our secondary. He's an injury prone player who decided to show up some this year. On top of being hurt for a large portion of said year.