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  1. Williams was never a starter in college and typically just played on passing downs. Not sure I see him stepping up in playing level and starting in the NFL against better competition. He will probably just be a 3rd down pass rusher for a couple years. Side note: we really love drafting old guys for some reason. Read Bowser and Williams are already 24 years old. I seem to remember that we recently drafted a guy or two that were extremely old, also.
  2. What the heck? is going on? Are we trying to have the worst offense in the league?!
  3. Great players at 9 of the 11 positions? That is an extremely rosey evaluation of our current defensive starters.
  4. I still liked White and Conley a bit more than Humphrey. I had Humphrey on the same level as King and a couple others. Thought he was a late 1st early 2nd type guy. The disappointment of the pick comes from who else was on the board when we picked. Can't believe we couldn't trade back at all with what was there still. Even without the tradeback, I would have taken Foster, Allen and Howard over Humphrey. Howard would have been my choice. He's going to be one of the best TE's in the league. Could have given Flacco a great underneath guy and we all know how he loves those. I just don't understand attacking an area on the team that is a perceived strength when there are so many other holes. I guess we are looking to win games 14-13 this year. I don't think the philosophy will work. Our offense is just in shambles.
  5. The Browns probably jumped the Steelers to take Kizer bc they actually believed the Steelers would take him.
  6. Foster to the Steelers. Would they actually take him?
  7. I know that a trade needs two parties, but how couldn't we get one with that much insane value on the board??! Humphrey would have been there in 5-10 picks!
  9. That means there is no way Mike Williams is falling to us.
  10. Wow that was bad. Dumb move for them.
  11. Jamal Adams
  12. Not a lot of people want to hear this, but if we have any shot of having just an average O line, I think the first pick needs to be OL. There are basically no starting material players past round 1. After round 1, they will be developmental and probably not ready to start.
  13. Don't care whether he was a headcase or not. He just simply wasn't very good for where we drafted him. That was a big miss by Ozzie.
  14. If it truly is a bogus claim, he should waste no time in suing that female. She has cost him $10's of millions.
  15. Well yeah I agree it is fun watching them fail year after year. I meant more so in terms of fireworks happening during the draft.