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  1. Must-win game. If Joe doesn't play, I still like our chances, but obviously I'd rather have Joe in there...
  2. Yes, but based on our woeful offensive line situation, flow of the game, and how they looked on the previous 3 attempts, going for it was the wrong decision, and it ultimately cost us the game... horrid defense notwithstanding.
  3. Good: West continues to impress Bad: Harbaugh's coaching; late-game D; O-line; Flacco's accuracy Ugly: See Bad.
  4. It's getting warmer... another losing season and I think Mr. B. cleans house.
  5. 8-8 would be our best case scenario so long as these injuries keep piling up and Harbaugh continues to make unsound decisions week after week.
  6. Harbaugh should definitely be on the hot seat... his coaching decisions the past few years have led directly to losses, including the last 2. That's just not acceptable... that being said, most NFL Head Coaches are at least on a "warm" seat because it's all about winning, and we haven't been recently. The Super Bowl definitely bought him a few years though.
  7. This had to be done. The offense was stagnant and the players looked clueless and lethargic. Now, some of that has to be on Harbaugh, who has cost us the last two games, basically by himself. I don't see him surviving much longer, assuming we miss the playoffs again. Too many critical coaching errors.
  8. Good: Running game (T. West) and Steve Smith, Sr.; Honorable Mention to Tucker who continues to impress. Bad: Late-game defense and play-calling on the last drive. Ugly: Offensive Line/pass protection.
  9. Sad to see him go, but it was inevitable following West's performance and the return of Dixon. I wish him well!!
  10. Purple Mosley or Flacco!
  11. They're the Steelers! The media disregards their flaws and anything else that doesn't prop them up as potential Super Bowl champs. Facts don't matter.
  12. Bad in terms of record... of course, no game in the NFL is ever a cakewalk going into it. Any given Sunday.
  13. I don't think there are any "trap" games... we lost to them last year. We won't forget that. We're at Home. I think the offense finally gets on track and we win 24-13.
  14. I can't figure this team out, but I'll always take a sweep! If we can go 3-3 this week, we should get in to the dance! Let's go, O's!!
  15. The Defense and Special Teams stepped up big-time when needed most. Our 4th quarter and end-of-game Defense has been stout. Yes, against "bad" teams, but we were losing to bad teams last year. So, a definite improvement there. The running game continues to struggle, along with the rest of the offense, but if Wallace secures that TD catch, I think that changes the complexion of the game. Looking forward to seeing Dixon out there soon! Offensive line had too many penalties and got beat way too much for my liking, but they're still a work in progress... that'll happen with 2 Rookies out there. Overall, how can we not be thrilled to be 3-0 and in sole possession of 1st place? Better than the alternative!