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  1. So, they're both going to every game (Home and Away) the rest of the season, right?
  2. Sorry for your loss!
  3. Better start researching who your new team will be, because we aren't re-signing him! Angelos is too cheap!
  4. Well, they'll get "downgraded" which will hurt their chances at refereeing in the playoffs... that crew last night was abysmal.
  5. I've never seen more incompetent refereeing in all my years of watching professional and college sports. It was comical. I mean, seriously, how do these clowns have jobs? The good: Umm, SSS? The bad: The defense, again. And the refs. The ugly: Game-changing, momentum-swinging PR fumble by Ross. That's where we lost the game. Though I still believe that his knee was down before the ball was stripped...
  6. Flacco is what he is. He's a very good QB who has elite moments, but who also a lot of "what was he thinking?" moments too. When we have a running game and competent WRs, Joe is as good as there is. The lack of talent on offense (and a seemingly poor relationship with the OC) has lead to what we've seen this year.
  7. I can't wait for the "State of the Ravens" address after the season... that should be "fun."
  8. When will the drinking begin? Or has it already begun?
  9. It's nice being able to watch games with zero expectations and nothing on the line. Of course, I'd rather not be, but my body needs a break after 20 years of heart attacks every Sunday... There's absolutely no reason why we should win tonight, but I think we somehow find a way and win 27-17.
  10. We still have life! What a win! Enjoy it!
  11. I think that if there's another 4th quarter defensive collapse that Harbs or Mr. Bisciotti need to pull the plug on Pees. Way too often this defense has given up late scores that tie or lose us the game. Enough is enough!! Maybe it'll motivate the team a la the Cam Cam firing on our way to the Super Bowl!
  12. How in the world are we going to stop Antonio Brown, with or without Big Ben? The good thing is that there's really no pressure tonight, unlike most games v. the Steelers. If we lose, well, who didn't see it coming? If we win, gravy, and we'd only be 1 behind the Steelers with half a tiebreaker.
  13. Finally!! We needed this!!!
  14. We're probably getting crushed this weekend, and will likely be 0-4 by the end of next Thursday... unless something drastic happens, because this D (and team) just isn't good enough. Plus, the Bengals have had our number recently. Not good!! I hope that I eat my words because I love this team, but I'm being realistic at this point
  15. Very nice pool!! I'm feeling better about this week already.