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  1. The Bank was ON FIRE yesterday. I was so proud to be among the best fans in the NFL cheering on our boys as they dismantled the Dolphins. Playoff atmosphere. Electric.
  2. We need to replace him NOW. Why not plug in Urschel, assuming he figures out how to do a shotgun snap?
  3. While technically not a "must-win" game, it's a must-win game. We have to beat the Bengals at HOME without Green and Bernard.
  4. Interesting how when the pass rush improves, the secondary improves. Imagine that! But yes, Tavon Young is a stud.
  5. Perriman looked FAST, and (despite that one drop) his hands looked strong. That was one heck of a first TD! Great adjustment on the ball. We need to see more of this, and I think we will!
  6. As long as McCown doesn't play, we'll be fine... otherwise, it'll be another nail-biter.
  7. Drafts since 2008 have been very poor, and it's showing on the field. We have no playmakers and no team speed (except Perriman and Wallace I suppose). Ozzie has to answer for that.
  8. Perriman can't shine because Joe has NO time to let those vertical routes develop... give Joe time, and I think we'll see more Perriman. At least he's playing!
  9. Good: Nothing. Bad: Defensive speed; O-line; Flacco; Running Game Ugly: See Bad.
  10. The good news is we can't lose this week. We can't blow a 7 or 10 point lead this week. We can get healthy in time for Pitt, who may or may not have Big Ben (not that it really matters with the way our secondary plays). Just. Get. Healthy. Oh, and stop holding!!
  11. No argument there, but Joe wasn't getting destroyed every play either, and we did win, so... hopefully Stanley returns and the O-line solidifies itself in time for the stretch run.
  12. All I know is that with an offensive line of Stanley-Lewis-Zuttah-Yanda-Wagner, the Ravens are 3-0. Any other combination (especially with no Stanley), and the Ravens are 0-4. Coincidence? I think not.
  13. I love Harbs, but I think his time is up... this team is ill-prepared too often and his coaching decisions on and off the field have been meh. We need a new voice, not to mention this putrid offensive system needs a complete overhaul... Ozzie also needs to be evaluated. He's not Superman anymore. Far from it. Too many bad drafts. Too many slow, non-athletic skill players.
  14. Must-win game. If Joe doesn't play, I still like our chances, but obviously I'd rather have Joe in there...
  15. Yes, but based on our woeful offensive line situation, flow of the game, and how they looked on the previous 3 attempts, going for it was the wrong decision, and it ultimately cost us the game... horrid defense notwithstanding.