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  1. Perriman looked great, and he just looked fast. Can't wait to see him run his first Go Route.
  2. I think that if our offensive line plays up to its potential that Joe will have his first 4,000+ yard season. We have soooooo many weapons. It's going to be fun. Plus, we have the same offensive coordinator for a change.
  3. So excited to see him! I've been skeptical, but I want nothing but the best for him!
  4. Looking forward to a good report from Harbs after practice!
  5. Not sure why there's concern about the D when Suggs and Doom weren't out there. That changes everything. I'm ecstatic that we're actually forcing turnovers! Moore looked legit and I think he'll be making some big plays for us this season; Butler too.
  6. If he doesn't practice, I don't see him playing. I imagine he'll get a few snaps in the final game, but not many.
  7. Happy to see that Elvis is back! Perriman off PUP now is also good news, but until I see him IN a game, I won't believe it.
  8. Very nice, and glad to have you part of Ravens Nation! I think as long as the PRs can catch the punts this week, we'll be in good shape
  9. "Vacation's over for the DBs" - I love this guy!
  10. Watch the games. Lack of run support isn't the only problem. He has no command and is missing something between the ears. He doesn't seem to have "it" and it's killing this team. He now has 25 straight losses on the Road. Not good. Can't blame our scoring.
  11. I like the sound of that... rotating Perriman on the outside as well, and in 4-WR sets. One can only hope.
  12. Your name says it all... we need some of that Orioles Magic back. We also need Gausman to stop pitching like he's in Single A.
  13. Are you originally from the Baltimore-Metro area? Would love to see Campanaro do something in the game, and most importantly, not come away dinged up... Reynolds is intriguing - he has a nose for the endzone. Hope he shows up! Stanley looks like a stud. Love watching him in the trenches.
  14. By all means, offer a suggestion! Complaining about it won't do anything haha. Need consensus from The Flock.