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  1. What would you do if we made the playoffs?

    i dont live in if world
  2. Is John Harbaugh on the Hot Seat?

    if you go by your view yes but by steve view second time in 2 years not reaching the playoffs isnt good enough.
  3. Is John Harbaugh on the Hot Seat?

    he's going to get fired, Steve said it him self failure to reach the playoffs a second time wont be tolerated, i except all the coaches to be fired.
  4. doesnt matter, we arent making the playoffs.
  5. Rules questions

    you can or cant put your head into a quarterback and pile drive him to the ground, that's a penalty?.
  6. ironically yes I have cats and a dog that live together and have no issues
  7. Dean Pees

    nope, hes doing great, he doesn't make the tackles I guess people forget that.
  8. Salary cap raise? Sources says YES! 133
  9. Salary cap raise? Sources says YES!

    with the seemingly raise in the salery cap coming or is already here, how much room will we have since Eugene Monroe says he wont give a discount, Michael other im not sure about a discount.
  10. hearing reporters question

    yes sir
  11. hearing reporters question

    yes but im not sure that works during a live press conference.
  12. hearing reporters question

    Thank You
  13. hearing reporters question

    would be nice if could hear them better, usually just hear the answer.
  14. Gary Kubiak hired as Ravens Offensive Coordinator

    remember when Ravens Owner told John not making the playoffs again changes would happen as in John getting fired, this is why this is happening all this changing.
  15. PS4/Xbox One Discussion

    I play console and pc just how I am, i did get Xbox one for Christmas, couldn't be more happier. ill buy ps4 later.