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  1. What would you do if we made the playoffs?

    i dont live in if world
  2. Is John Harbaugh on the Hot Seat?

    if you go by your view yes but by steve view second time in 2 years not reaching the playoffs isnt good enough.
  3. Is John Harbaugh on the Hot Seat?

    he's going to get fired, Steve said it him self failure to reach the playoffs a second time wont be tolerated, i except all the coaches to be fired.
  4. doesnt matter, we arent making the playoffs.
  5. Rules questions

    you can or cant put your head into a quarterback and pile drive him to the ground, that's a penalty?.
  6. could be the next great game

    Star Citizen   good idea to watch the video the big boss explains the game very well.
  7.   ironically yes I have cats and a dog that live together and have no issues
  8. Jimmy Smith really getting a long term extension?

      your looking into that to much, maybe Ozzie was busy, doesn't really matter if him or John says it.
  9. [News] Statement On Ray Rice Indictment

    we'll see what happens
  10. [News] Owners To Vote On 13 Proposed Rule Changes

    1. no 2. no unless its a to the head hit the refs missed 3. no stop it redskins we now know its you driving the player safety boat with these rules 4. sure but I don't really care 6. I don't really care 7. no 8. sure but don't really care 9. sure but don't really care 10. yes 11. don't really care 12. uh I don't understand 13.dont care
  11. Ray Rice lost 15 lbs.

      your source, you don't have one its more like you read it from Adam Schefter.
  12. Dean Pees

    nope, hes doing great, he doesn't make the tackles I guess people forget that.
  13. Ravens Re-Sign Dennis Pitta

      you should know the FO doesn't listen to the fans/ forums
  14. Ravens releasing Jameel McClain and Vonta Leach

    only going be 133
  15. Salary cap raise? Sources says YES! 133