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  1. i dont live in if world
  2. if you go by your view yes but by steve view second time in 2 years not reaching the playoffs isnt good enough.
  3. he's going to get fired, Steve said it him self failure to reach the playoffs a second time wont be tolerated, i except all the coaches to be fired.
  4. doesnt matter, we arent making the playoffs.
  5. 133
  6. with the seemingly raise in the salery cap coming or is already here, how much room will we have since Eugene Monroe says he wont give a discount, Michael other im not sure about a discount.
  7. remember when Ravens Owner told John not making the playoffs again changes would happen as in John getting fired, this is why this is happening all this changing.
  8. I play console and pc just how I am, i did get Xbox one for Christmas, couldn't be more happier. ill buy ps4 later.
  9. actually ps4 has not said anything about future games, where xbox one has, ps4 and xbox one wont play your ps3 or xbox 360 games.
  10. lol at the boards just sad and funny, some people know little.

  11. lol at the bandwagon fans that join the boards after we won the superbowl and act like they know something about the Ravens pathetic

    1. Stephenjr


      You can say that again! This team will be fine, the bandwagoners panicking,cause of the offensive struggles. The fans that have been here since 96 know that this team has been built around Defense since the beginning. As long as Joe doesn't turn the ball over, the Ravens will be fine!! Defense!!! Almost forgot how exciting it is to have a Defense that is so Dominant!!

    2. ThePurpleWall


      yes sir, that's my mind set Defense first, i agree Defense is very exciting.

  12. lol at these boards after a loss, such a over reaction

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    2. Inqui


      Imagine how this place would have looked if we'd actually lost to the Browns (although you couldn't tell that we won by looking...).

    3. SeaHawk


      And then some members on here are so delusional that they believe themselves the second coming of Nostradamus... lol. And yes, we could trade Rice for Tyler Eifert.

    4. ThePurpleWall