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  1. Look at Ravens writers pretend one's production at receiver is chiefly driven by one's personality. No wonder we're allergic to catchers with talent (if the F.O. thinks the same way).
  2. I'm wondering if the guy actually consumed an illegal substance or just ate a tainted steak or something?
  3. OBJ, Shepard, and now B. Marshall.  Wow...just...WOW @  Giants 2017 receiving corps.  We're sitting here wondering if we'll be able to keep our only durable receiver with decent hands in Mike Wallace.  I'd even take something close to the 2010 receiver tandem at this point.  Sheesh.

  4. First the Ravens and now the 9ers have strengthened Torrey's critics. I never believed he was a "bad" receiver but his limitations on the field as a Raven made his speed hard to appreciate. Be cool to see him elevate his game in Philly though. Third times a charm, right?
  5. Cruz is washed if we're talking about a return to 2011 form. I'd love to be wrong but I see Cruz as Lee Evans 2.0 in Baltimore. A standout game, maybe two, but I don't see him dominating week-in and week-out like he's done in the past.
  6. History shows Joe was the better choice. Any evidence suggest Ryan even sniffs the playoffs with Joe's career receiving talent? One could assume yes. One could also assume Joe has multiple rings with Roddy White/Julio Jones-quality receivers throughout his career. Who knows?
  7. Is he capable of waiting to see how we draft before he closes the door for good or not? That'd be funny if that's what he's doing.
  8. Wow. He looks darn near plug-n-play from what I've seen. Adjustments to be made made of course but I don't see him needing "multiple years" before ROI.
  9. Agreed. I think Young is going to be a stud by 2018. I have high hopes for Judon too. Wouldn't be mad if Ozzie dipped into the CB pool early this upcoming draft.
  10. I'm just as puzzled by the F.O.'s failure to draft a killer at this point of Joe's career. What you said is probably believable to deluded crazy folk but sane people know there are more things to account for than cherry-picked stats. If what you said about Flacco's inability to develop chemistry with "new" receivers is true then it would also apply to any pass-catcher by default since the mechanics are the same regardless of who the pass is designated to. Unfortunately for you there's plenty of tape that destroys your perception of Joe as he can be frequently seen completing passes to drafted pass-catchers with good technique and reliable hands (Pitta & Rice being prime examples). Another piece of evidence that destroys your superstition about Flacco's reliance on veterans is tape of him throwing to traded pass-catchers who either frequently sucked at getting open and making contested catches or were washed up by the time they got to Baltimore (Lee Evans, Jacoby Jones, Donte Stallworth). Thirdly, if the failures of the passing game were Flacco's fault as you suggest why did the receivers fail to find success on other teams? Tell me again, who among this group dominated defenders after leaving Baltimore? Mark Clayton - First round pick. Funny how his appraised level of talent failed to appear in Baltimore AND St. Louis. David Reed - lol...Dude got a chance to tear it up with Luck. What happened? Torrey Smith - Largely still a one-dimensional PI specialist who only seems to be useful on short to intermediate routes when he's pissed off. Even the F.O. noticed his limitations and sent him packing. Tandon Doss - *scoff* LaQuan Williams - ....no. Marlon Brown, Tommy Streeter, I could go on but the point is beyond proven. The F.O.'s selection of drafted/UDFA WRs during the Harbaugh era (minus the past two seasons since it's still too early to tell) have been mediocre at best and often worse. NONE, I repeat, ZERO of Baltimore's drafted/UDFA receivers from 2008 to present have gone to be dominant elsewhere. Point me to an instance where Joe failed with a Fitz, 'Tron, A.J. Green-caliber receiver. I'll wait.
  11. More good: Credit to the o-line beyond the first quarter. Solid finish. Far from great but could've been worse.
  12. You have to ignore the countless catchable dropped passes so it sounds believable coming out lol.
  13. The Good: Joe put the team in position to win as usual. Receivers (not named Aiken) stepped up in later drives. Credit to the group. The Bad: The secondary's regression. They started to make strides the last few games. Hope this motivates whoever stays to play better next year. The Ugly: "Justin" Juszczyk
  14. 'nother game saving drive by Joe squandered. This is becoming a countless affair.