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  1. Juice is the 9th highest paid RB in the league, based on average per year. Wow
  2. Looking to trade up from pick 25 with my 6.33 and 7.8
  3. Ravens had one of the worst pass rushing defenses in the league last year. Let's not get rid of our best one
  4. I don't think it'd be a bad pick. Not ideal but Ross can constantly get open everywhere on the field with his elite speed, quickness and footwork. He freezes NFL caliber DB's and breaks their ankles every game.
  5. He's dangerous on that inside stunt though too, so much burst and relentless motor. I really like him a lot
  6. Not sure what to do about RT. The current guys on the team are about as bad as it gets for starters. There's some OT's in the draft I like, but none have really played RT before. Flipping a guy to the other side of the line isn't always that easy and a lot of guys can't do it comfortably. I guess the team could work them out and see how they do there, but I'm not really sure how to evaluate that from tape.
  7. Last year's offense was lead by an incompetent, stubborn and dull OC who repeatedly refused to run the ball no matter the score or situation. To the surprise of everyone around the NFL he will be returning. Now the front office has chosen not to re-sign Rick Wagner, arguably the best RT in the league. They've let Juice go, which was a good call, but you are losing the best FB in the league and most versatile player on your offense. And your hall of fame WR just retired. The front office talked about building an elite OL being a priority, but the current starting RT is James Hurst, who will just get Flacco injured once again. There are no quality RT's left on the market and OT is often called the weakest position in this draft class. Even the few good ones are pretty much all LT's, and moving a guy to the other side of the line isn't always easy. Also, there are a number of teams desperate for tackles which could lead to them being over drafted. And Ozzie usually goes BPA by need. Center is now a huge need as well and depth is needed across the board. TE: There's like 10 on the roster, but none of them have shown the ability to be a quality starter. Pitta completely limits the offense and none of the young guys have proven to be anything more than a move the chains type receiver. It isn't a bad group, but it's not dynamic at all and Flacco needs more help. WR: No real number 1 guy here. I like Wallace a lot, but he will be 31 and could lose his speed at anytime. Perriman has amazing potential, but has a long way to go. He's faster than every DB in the league and bigger than 95% of them, but hasn't shown he can make more than the occasional splash play. There's nothing behind those two in terms of potential starters. So this seems like a below average group with the potential to be okay. RB: Dixon got himself suspended for 4 games. Nice job Kenneth! West is an alright power back at best. Woodhead could be a great addition but is a 32-year old coming off an ACL tear. Lot of question marks here. Best case scenario it's a pretty good group. And on top of all of this you're relying on Flacco to return to his pre-injury self. I've always been a Flacco fan, but he regressed big time last year. Right now Flacco needs help more than ever, but the exact opposite is happening. We obviously still have the draft along with a small amount of money left after some more cuts, but that's a lot of immediate holes to fill. Right now we easily have one of the worst offenses in the league. The front office has never drafted a great offense and this is a very defensive heavy draft. Hard to say I have much faith the offense will be any better next year.
  8. I see Bell in Mixon
  9. Crappy person, but it's a business. There's plenty of current players who have done the same or worse. For some reason people just don't care as much when there isn't a video of it.
  10. With pick 3.12, the New Orleans Saints select Joe Mixon | RB |Oklahoma
  11. Still don't get why people think a top 3 DT who's 28 plus picks is bad compensation for Cooks though
  12. Late to this, but I think Deshaun Watson fits great with Sean Payton and the pieces around him. Should have good protection, which may be the biggest determination of his success after rarely being under pressure at Clemson, and has great skill players around him Cam Jordan, Geno Atkins, Sheldon Rankins and Takkarist McKinley is quite the upgrade for the Saints pass rush. Takk is one of my favorite players for the Ravens too
  13. With the 10th pick of the 2nd round, the New Orleans Saints select Takkarist McKinley | DE | UCLA
  14. Raiders trade: QB Matt Barkley (2.5 (I think?)) Saints trade: 7th (11) -2.5 for Raiders +2.5 for Saints
  15. I really want Williams or Davis now. I'd trade the 3rd round comp to secure one of them. The offense desperately needs help I've been a huge fan of Lawson for awhile and if he fell to the 2nd that'd be worth the injury risk imo. Johnson pick is obviously pointless now