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  1. Dont draft Conley. His technique is terrible he is so extremely rough around the edges.
  2. I want Maxx Williams on the field.
  3. Whats the chance we can get JuJu Smith with our 2nd?
  4. Our offense works when the running game works. Get a Mauler at center and figure out whats going on in our backfield and then all over opposing teams.
  5. RSR says he will help us cover TEs and keep the running game to a minimum.
  6. I wanted Zach Brown last year when he left the Titans. I feel like he is trying to cash in on being a young ILB coming off two pro bowl level years. He is 27 and is probably asking for 4yrs and some gtrd money. Not sure why he isnt getting it. Not sure whats going on with Claiborne either. He is an above average corner under 30. I thought someone would have dumped a fat contract on him by now.
  7. I hope Jefferson is able to kill the dink and dunk that has killed us for years
  8. If the forums close I will come for the full press conferences, post games, and signings. I like watching the 25minute player introductions.
  9. Is it a money thing? I will donate.
  10. Please dont spend more than 2.5mil on Torrey
  11. I meant 4-3 , apologizes.
  12. Wagner > Willaims Period. Just look at our Depth. Would you rather play Sheldon Price and Carl Davis or James Hurst?
  13. Exactly. I think the only RB guaranteed to be on our roster( excluding trades) next year is Dixon and he might be the 2nd or 3rd RB.
  14. I think a team like the saints , vikings, Dolphins would make good use of Correa but we don't play a 3-4 im not sure where he fits in.
  15. I dont think the Front Office is as confident in our running backs as you guys are.