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  1. Yeah, but tbh I am glad that happened. That would have been a reach for need. The center class is terrible this year. Finally, we stopped drafting choir boys and we hit it out of the park (bowser, williams) We are going to need to with all the offensive talent the Bengals brought in
  2. Ozzie admitted, in not so many words, that he wasn't the best talent available. "He was the best player that we were going to take" This means that players with injuries (Foster, Allen, Mckinley) and players with character concerns (Foster, Conley) were off our board. We didn't have Howard rated higher because 1. It takes a long time even for pro-ready TE. See Tyler Eifert. See Zach Ertz, Eric Ebron s We have a lot of TE's and while none of them are reliable, we invested draft capital and aren't willing to give up on them. After that, give me a player who was better than Humphrey that went. I doubt you can.
  3. Not a bad pickup. Carr is solid if unspectacular. Should be an upgrade over Shareece Wright and should benefit from a scheme more friendly to his talents. Doesn't change the draft needs, but it may let us go pass rusher or offense in the first now.
  4. Barnett's time probably helped him if anything because at 4.88 while reportedly sick as a dog, he can probably improve on that at his pro day and beat the bench mark time of 4.8 for the position. Wouldve been nice to see him under that, but a close time might get him a pass given he was sick. If all of this holds, I would expect reddick to go before barnett because barnett missed the cut off line. Taco's athleticism is also going to cause some serious issues for him. Again running above a 4.8 tends to raise red flags see above
  5. If the Ravens are smart, they will just ignore this and draft TE's anyway. No one we have is worth missing out on a group like this. I would not be upset at all if our first two picks were Howard and Engram. Talk about instant coffee on offense.
  6. He is undersized a bit so he may drop due to that but I see him as a top 50 selection myself.
  7. Incorrect
  8. read that as almost never
  9. Probably, but it's not unheard of that a guy like him drops solely due to his position. Mosely dropped to 17. Given Ozzie had a top 10 grade on him, I highly doubt Mosely dropped for talent related reasons.
  10. So having two rangy center fielders would allow us to vary the coverages more and allow for pressure from every part of the field. Sign me up
  11. No it doesnt. Again numbers in the aggregate tend to show this. Trading up only amplifies risk. Let's take last year's draft as an example. The titans traded down to 15 with the Rams. They then wasted picks and traded up to take Jack Conklin. At 15, they could have taken Taylor Decker who has been a similar caliber of player, but costs roughly half the draft value.
  12. bad post statistically speaking
  13. Tbh Morningwig didn't get a fair shot given the only system installed was Trestman's quicks systems. Morningwig has shown he is better and more balanced when given the opportunity so Im not totally opposed to giving him a year as hed get to install his own playbook. However, I'd like to see Den QB coach or Greg Roman i.e. someone with a real emphasis on running the ball creatively to get the job.
  14. edit wrong thread. But Pees did fine this year in most aspects. Only real flaw was not varying where the pressure was coming from. Can't blame him for that.
  15. For anyone that has ever said Aiken was a decent receiver LOL Told You So