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  1. That question is too easy. Brady, Rodgers and Brees are the Top Three. Beyond them an argument can be made that Ben Rottenburger is fourth and when he played Peyton Manning rounded out the Top Five. This brings into focus two interesting points. How did Joe fare in head to head competition against the "Top Five". Also, the only reason Joe has not played in more Super Bowls than he has is he has had to compete against three od the above "Top Five" QBs throughout his career to advance to the SB. Give Joe Flacco a 25 point in a Super Bowl and I think he finds a way to win in unlike Mattie Whats's His Name. It sounds like you are jealous of Joe Flacco, Mr. Tru11. Get over it. Let me guess. A QB's job is to ............ WIN????????? If Joe were a Professional Golfer or Tennis Player, I'd give him all the blame for our lack of success in the last two seasons. Last I heard, football is a team sport.
  2. The glaring and obvious disparity between his YPA in 2016 vs. other years is simply a function of two things. One is executing the play called. The second is dumping the ball off to a sure-handed back, like Juice was and Danny Woodhead will be, when nobody else can gain separation. That being said, there were a number of times when Joe pulled the trigger prematurely 'cause he was afraid of having someone crash into his left leg. When will some of his most ardent critics get it? A receiver's job is "see the ball; catch the ball." That's not what Aiken, Moore, Waller, Perriman and Wallace have demonstrated they can do consistently. Again, Justin Tucker appears to have better hands. Until and unless Ozzie fills the holes in the offensive line and brings in some stud wide receivers, nothing as in nada will change. You criticize Joe for having tunnel vision and throwing too many times to Dennis. Besides Dennis, who is Joe's Go To man/ The answer is clear. It was Steve Sr.. Now its .............????????????????? Fill in the blank and we can put this to bed.
  3. Your arguments are way to logical and objective! I agree with your assessment almost entirely but would add that Dennis Pitta was also coming off a dislocated and second fractured hip injury. Additionally, the O-line Joe has had to work with after the Super Bowl run has been slightly less than stellar. You will never convince his critics though. They will continue to produce stats that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Joe had a lousy, stinking year despite the fact he threw for more than 4,000 yards. Yes, his YPA was low this year but so were the YAC stats for his some of his receivers who couldn't catch a cold. I'd include Wallace, Aiken, Perriman, Waller and Moore in that list. The best play all year for a Raven receiver getting some YAC was the TD play that SSS made against Cincy and as you pointed out Steve is 37. Hey, maybe Justin Tucker should try out as a receiver, huh? He made some circus catches in practice at the Pro Bowl! The guy was non-chalantly catching one-handed and back-handed. Give him an O-line and you'll see the Old Joe Flacco back.
  4. Yeah, Mel Kiper or somebody summed it up in a quote by saying the same thing. Perriman makes some circus catches now & then but drops routine catches that a Pro has to make. So far, he's been an enigma. IDK how many times I uttered the words "you have to make that catch if you're professional." Its more than working out with a Juggs machine. Somebody needs to whack him with a beach noodle or make him blink just when the ball arrives when he's about to catch a pass in practice.
  5. Boo! I disagree. You surely wouldn't be as benevolent if the same collapse had occurred with Joe Flacco at the helm. We kinda experienced some kind of collapse in the second half of the SB in 2013. This SB was eerily reminiscent to that one. Other than the lights going out, what caused our collapse in that SB? The only difference was Joey Ice brought his team back; Mattie Ice melted with the game on the line. Please RSVP!
  6. Hoorah! I agree with you!
  7. I would agree Stewart is no Eric Weddle but he has been good enough to start on a Super Bowl winning team since he left our house and he's still a starter for Denver. Gary Kubiak must have seen something in him. So, are you saying Elam is a keeper? I realize he's still playing on his first contract but I think he's a bust. He's just taking up valuable space on the 53 man roster. I question how well the talent evaluation thing has worked out on him. I really hope the light bulb goes on for him this year but the bulb is looking pretty dim at this point.
  8. BINGO! This was all about Kyle Shanahan's ego. Like father like son! I have said I don't blame the loss on Matt Ryan and I'm sticking to my guns on that point. It is amusing though to read so many posts by the Flacco haters and critics who would have blamed Joe for not calling an audible if he didn't like the play call(s). I can't count the number of times some of our loyal fanbase bashed Joe for not calling an audible in similar situations this year but he wasn't given a pass like they gave Matman in this thread. If I remember correctly, the complaint several of Joe's most ardent critics used was ---- a veteran, Franchise QB should be able to veto the OC's play call if he thinks its not going to work. Didn't MattVP come into the NFL the same year as Joe? So, I guess he should have audibled out of the pass plays that were called and run the ball since he's a veteran, Franchise QB. Gimme a break! OR at least be consistent with your critique of Joe's on the field decision-making. In the real world, calling audibles doesn't work like your Madden football computer game. There's a word called insubordination. This story was all about a young OC who wanted to put his foot on the throat of the Patriots instead of just beating them so as to make a bigger name for himself before he departed to run the WCO in SF. I would love to hear what all the Flacco critics would be sayin 'bout the collapse if Joe had been at the helm instead of the Ice Man. I got news for them. The Ice Man is right here in Ballmer and his name is Joe Flacco. Joe's a Super Bowl MVP; Matt is a league MVP. I'll take the former anyday, all day!
  9. I see your point and I agree. As I have said before, IMO one of our problems seems to be talent evaluation. A case could be made that its the same as drafting but its not the same in my mind. We seem to have a problem deciding who to keep and who to release after they have made the roster. I've seen some players who learned under our system move to other teams and be very successful. Darian Stewart is just one of several examples. I would have parted company with Matt Elam long ago. I realize that part of it is getting the most bang for the buck but it still seems to be part of a habitual bad habit, that is not recognizing who is a keeper and who is not.
  10. I agree with your thinking on this. The salary cap has made a lot of difference in the NFL. Not re-signing a draft pick does not negate the quality of the pick. Retention of the great picks is a different challenge for the FO due to the dead money we have had to carry lately and Joe's big contract. I think we've had more than our fair share of salary cap casualties recently. I really hated to see Torrey, Kruger and Jarret Johnson leave the fold. To me, I'd rather lose a free agent like Boldin than a drafted Raven because of the return on the investment (ROI). Hopefully, the dead money thing will improve now that Pitta has returned and the Ray Rice debacle is over but our dead money carryover is still one of the highest in the league.
  11. The track record doesn't seem as bad as some have suggested. You've listed 20 picks. By my count, at least 7 were great picks (35%), at least 4 others were good picks (20%) and the jury's still out on 2 picks (10%). IDK what the percentages should be but it seems to me that hitting on 50% or more is pretty good. It is also apparent from your list that our success with 2nd rounders has improved in the second half of our team history. That's a good thing! Obviously, it is important to differentiate between a good pick and how well the player performed once drafted. For example, Sergio Kindle might have been a dynamite pick but an unfortunate accident hurt his chances to have a successful career in the NFL.
  12. No argument here. The logic is too sound!
  13. That settles it then! We won't trade our entire 2017 draft picks to Atlanta for Mattie Ice so he can be Joe's back up. End of paragraph.
  14. Don't take things so personally, BmoreBird22! It was a collapse. You're absolutely right about that. However, the collapse started in the pressbox where Kyle Shanahan was calling the plays in the second half. His ego got the best of him and he just lost sight of the objective, which is to win the game Instead, he was trying to run up the score when that was not necessary. It came back to haunt him as it usually does in similar circumstances. I don't blame the collapse on Matt Ryan or the Atlanta defense. I blame it on the coaching. As so many of our games went this season, this game was lost by the Falcons as opposed to being won by the Patriots. Agree?
  15. I beg your pardon but I didn't promise you a rose garden. I was simply correcting your inaccurate post. You said that Matty Ice Cream and his offense put them up by 25 and the defense collapsed. Its elementary, my dear Watson! That's not what happened. The Atlanta defense created two turnovers and scored a TD on a pic six. Unlike Mattie Ice Cream, Joe Flacco was the MVP of a SB. If you are having Mattie envy, consider this. Which would you rather be --- a league MVP or a SB MVP/ To me, its a no brainer. That being said, while Joe was deservedly the SB MVP, I could just as easily awarded it to Anquan Boldin or Jacoby Jones.