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  1. To the OP: The title of your post is Wide Reciever (sic) Depth. By way of clarification, the spelling rule is "I before E except after C or when sounding like A as in neighbor or weigh." IMO, our problem is not that we lack WR depth. Rather, it is that we lack a marquee #1WR like Julio, Dez, Jordy, Odell, Antonio, A.J. or facsimile thereof. The same could be said for our TE group. There is plenty of depth but no premier standout like Dennis (pre-injuries), Todd Heap or Shannon Sharpe. I think the FO had pinned their hopes on Maxx Williams but that has been a big bust so far.
  2. Talent issue or not, there's are reasons Joe threw to Dennis a lot in clutch situations. The two most obvious reasons are: 10 He was, next to Steve Smith, Sr. our most reliable "Go To" hands guy AND 2) he got separation by finding a dead spot in the zone coverages we faced a lot. I'd say they are both assets. More importantly, he has another asset that exceeds the other two, which is, he has the heart of a lion. They don't pay him to block or run deep patterns. They pay him to catch passes and he did that better than anyone else n the team. BUT, you got 1 out of 3 right. Speed is not his asset. His size, i.e., height, and his ability to get separation are assets. The very reason Joe had to dump off so many passes to his RBs and his FB was due to the inability of Aiken, Moore, Waller (a converted TE), Perriman and Wallace to get separation. You could count the number of open reads Joe missed during the season on one hand.
  3. 1) Hurst is the wurst OL in the NFL. Get rid of him & replace him with somebody, anybody, a warm body! 2) Insert Justin Tucker into the game as a WR. He's the best receiver we have. 3) Adjust your coaching style to match the special skill sets of the players rather than expecting them to adjust to your style; that includes the afore-mentioned zone blocking schemes which work well with certain offensive linemen but not others. 4) Find a center who can pull & block as well as hike the ball. 5) Find a way to use Keenan Reynolds in some running plays, e.g., the wildcat formation. 6) Ban John Harbaugh from making any 4th down calls. He is an excellent cheerleader but just an average, ego-centric coach who knows very little about offensive coordination. 7) If we get a sizeable lead, run the ball, run the ball and then run the ball. If that doesn't work, tell Sam Koch to punt the ball. 8) In the red zone, don't throw the ball into double, high low coverage near the goal line. Run the ball and if that doesn't work let the NFL's most accurate FG kicker & most-talented opera singer to kick the game-clinching FG. 9) Give Breshad Perriman his own personal juggs machine and require him to catch 100 balls a day after each practice while you distract him with a foam noodle. 10) Deploy a formation with Campanero, Wallace, Perriman and Woodhead as receivers with Boyle in the backfield as the blocking back/ 5th receiver all at the same time and dare a defensive backfield to cover it. 11) Go to Charm City to see The Wizard of Oz and ask him for a brain, a heart and some courage to coach the offense this year. You're gonna need it. So far, all The Wizard has done to help you is "addition by subtraction". Although I must admit, sometimes you need to get rid of the deadwood before you can bring in new lumber and getting rid of Zuttah was one step in the right direction. Hopefully, The Wizard of Oz can use some of his wizardry to draft a "Dream-Team" of draft picks. Put more simply, just try to be a little bit more creative with your play-calling (no more vanilla ice-cream play-calling, thank you very much), leave your ego at home where it belongs and be a whole lot less predictable than you were last year. Otherwise, you and Coach Harbaugh will be job-searching again by season's end. Oh, and most of all, don't be like Kyle Shanahan and try to put your foot on your opponent's throat when you get a lead. Remember, your sole objective as a coordinator is to WIN, not to try to embarrass the other team. In other words, pigs get fat but hogs get slaughtered. Take what the defense will give you. Don't get greedy! Like some other bloggers have already stated, there's a reason why so many NFL QBs are throwing short passes that aren't long enough to get a first down w/o YAC. The defense is crowding that yardage marker with defenders. HINT: Obviously, some of the free advice offered above is sarcastic in nature although some of it is very subtle. I'll leave it to the local intelligencia to figure out which items are satirical and which ones are serious.
  4. To rebuild or to reload; that is the question. I would like to think we are reloading rather than rebuilding but those Ravens fans naïve enough to think our team is one or two players away from being a legitimate SB contender are simply fooling themselves and sailing down the Denial River. Our O-line is as porous as swiss cheese, we still do not have a stud #1 WR, we enter the season with a big question mark when it comes to who will be our RB, we need an ILB to replace Zach Orr and an OLB now that Elvis has left the house and the TE position is up for grabs, we're not sure whether Reynolds can return a punt, our only proven pass rusher is Terrell Suggs and we have enough players recovering from injuries to fill a hospital ward. BUT, other than that, everything is hunky-dory. So, the pressure is really on the FO to hit a grand slam in the draft and also to steal a starting center and a WR thru FA in order to say we are reloading for another SB run and not rebuilding. After all, it has only taken us five years to resolve the secondary woes we had if this group can do what their predecessors since 2012 could not do. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, its a duck. So, I'd say we are rebuilding.
  5. Bingo! The premise of the OP is wrong. Everyone knows we have ZERO depth at WR. The real question is who will be our #1 WR, our #2 WR and our #3 WR. Obviously, we need another starting caliber WR and the draft will probably not fill that need. That being said, it is important that we draft a stud WR and obtain a veteran legitimate deep threat thru free agency. With all due respect to Wallace, there is nobody on our current roster who fills that role unless Perriman matures into the role.
  6. Nobody but Todd and Jesus can feel Todd's pain or understand it, but we all share in his sorrow. May God comfort the entire Heap family at this time of unimaginable loss. Keep the faith, Todd!
  7. Interesting points but not very astute. Have you ever heard of the Green Bay Packers? That organization listens to its fans. They own the team. Your post sounds like Dan Snyder who certainly does not give a rat's tail about what his fans think. I hope Steve Bisciotti does. If so, he would disagree with your non-astute opinion. Either fans count or they don't. AND, as far as your friends are concerned, how do you know how their loyalty rates versus those of us who are loyal bloggers? You must have extra-sensory perception. If you've ever been to the new Cowboys stadium in Dallas, you would see a stadium that was built by someone who cares about the fans. It includes a mezzanine level where fans can purchase SRO tickets to view a football game. So, go on and spin your story to someone who does not know that this website exists. Do they not have a computer? How ridiculous can U be?
  8. I agree with what you said. I believe luck always plays a part in the draft and I believe that Oz and DeCosta have lost their edge when it comes to drafting immediate impact playmakers. Hoarding lower round draft picks is of limited value if they aren't filling the needs with the highest priorities for the team. For instance, drafting a QB right now because he is the "best player available" would be foolish if we could draft another player who might not be the BPA but who would be a starter on this year's team.
  9. I will not miss the trolls and the Flacco haters. What I will miss is the intellectual discourse among some very knowledgeable football fans. I would like to believe the Ravens FO and players read some of these posts and learn something but maybe that's wishful thinking on my part. When you're a billionaire owner or a multi-millionaire player, perhaps this blog isn't that important. I was surprised and disappointed to learn the blog will be closing but that's life in Charm City, I guess. As I have said before, there's no such thing as the status quo. An organization is either getting better or its getting worse. I have a distinct feeling the reason this blog is closing has less to do with the tenor of some of the posted comments and more to do with the criticism of the FO, players and coaching staff. Steve gets a pass here. If you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen. When a team stops listening to its loyal fanbase, its not getting better IMHO. I also appreciate the work of the Mods who have had a thankless job trying to ride herd on this many cats. Kudos to each of you, ladies and gents, for your guidance, genius and constructive comments (for the most part)!
  10. Ya just gotta love Mike Preston. In a recent article in the Baltimore Sun, he is quoted as saying the best way the Ravens can help Joe Flacco is by rebuilding the defense. In the same article, he describes the Ravens offense as boring. Ya can't have it both ways, Mike! We need a Wide Receiver!!! I agree that we could have won five more games last year if our defense could have held a late lead but fixing the defense won't help Joe on offense. This entire thread is delusional. Unless the FO's strategy to fix the offense is addition by subtraction, we're in serious trouble. Upgrading the offensive line has been a priority since 2012. With the exception of Ronnie Stanley, its been a revolving door with very little continuity. Names like Oher, Osemele, McKinney, Monroe, Zuttah, Wagner, Gradkowski and others have passed through but the door still operates like a rusty gate. Giving Joe Flacco more weapons has been a priority since losing Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith, Ray Rice et al. How's that project coming along? As recent drafts have shown, we're lucky to hit on one or two picks a year. At last count, we need a legitimate center who can solidify the interior of the line, a right tackle, a running back who can run, catch and block in the backfield, a healthy TE and at least one if not two stud WRs. Meanwhile, we've lost a starting center, a starting right tackle and a pro bowl RB, named Huge Check. Remember, Mike Preston, the best defense is a good offense! Remember the likes of Johnny Unitas to Ray Berry & John Mackey, Peyton Manning to Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson, Joe Montana to Jerry Rice and Dwight Clark, Terry Bradshaw to Lynn Swann and Franco Harris, Troy Aikman to Michael Irvin and Emmit Smith, Ben Rothlisberger to Antonio Brown and Leveon Bell, The Red Rifle to A.J. Green and two good running backs, Mattie Ryan to Julio Jones and two good running backs, Dak Prescott or Tony Romo to Dez Bryant and Ezekial Elliott. Oh yeah, then there's Tom Brady to Gronkowski, Edelman, Floyd, Hogan, Amendola, Bennett and LaGarrette Blount! Who said it doesn't matter to whom Tom Brady throws? Or how 'bout Trent Dilfer to Shannon Sharpe, Brandon Stokely and Jamaal Lewis? If you don't get it, you don't get it. The point is this. If it ain't broke, make it better. Well, its broke! Fill in the blank: Joe Flacco to ________? We don't need the best player available in the draft without regard to his position. We need playmakers who can step in on day one and make an immediate impact at specific positions of need - WRs, RT @ C on offense and CB, pass rusher and ILB on defense. We have seven picks and these are our seven biggest needs. Its not deciding who is the "best player available" on the board.
  11. That question is too easy. Brady, Rodgers and Brees are the Top Three. Beyond them an argument can be made that Ben Rottenburger is fourth and when he played Peyton Manning rounded out the Top Five. This brings into focus two interesting points. How did Joe fare in head to head competition against the "Top Five". Also, the only reason Joe has not played in more Super Bowls than he has is he has had to compete against three od the above "Top Five" QBs throughout his career to advance to the SB. Give Joe Flacco a 25 point in a Super Bowl and I think he finds a way to win in unlike Mattie Whats's His Name. It sounds like you are jealous of Joe Flacco, Mr. Tru11. Get over it. Let me guess. A QB's job is to ............ WIN????????? If Joe were a Professional Golfer or Tennis Player, I'd give him all the blame for our lack of success in the last two seasons. Last I heard, football is a team sport.
  12. The glaring and obvious disparity between his YPA in 2016 vs. other years is simply a function of two things. One is executing the play called. The second is dumping the ball off to a sure-handed back, like Juice was and Danny Woodhead will be, when nobody else can gain separation. That being said, there were a number of times when Joe pulled the trigger prematurely 'cause he was afraid of having someone crash into his left leg. When will some of his most ardent critics get it? A receiver's job is "see the ball; catch the ball." That's not what Aiken, Moore, Waller, Perriman and Wallace have demonstrated they can do consistently. Again, Justin Tucker appears to have better hands. Until and unless Ozzie fills the holes in the offensive line and brings in some stud wide receivers, nothing as in nada will change. You criticize Joe for having tunnel vision and throwing too many times to Dennis. Besides Dennis, who is Joe's Go To man/ The answer is clear. It was Steve Sr.. Now its .............????????????????? Fill in the blank and we can put this to bed.
  13. Your arguments are way to logical and objective! I agree with your assessment almost entirely but would add that Dennis Pitta was also coming off a dislocated and second fractured hip injury. Additionally, the O-line Joe has had to work with after the Super Bowl run has been slightly less than stellar. You will never convince his critics though. They will continue to produce stats that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Joe had a lousy, stinking year despite the fact he threw for more than 4,000 yards. Yes, his YPA was low this year but so were the YAC stats for his some of his receivers who couldn't catch a cold. I'd include Wallace, Aiken, Perriman, Waller and Moore in that list. The best play all year for a Raven receiver getting some YAC was the TD play that SSS made against Cincy and as you pointed out Steve is 37. Hey, maybe Justin Tucker should try out as a receiver, huh? He made some circus catches in practice at the Pro Bowl! The guy was non-chalantly catching one-handed and back-handed. Give him an O-line and you'll see the Old Joe Flacco back.
  14. Yeah, Mel Kiper or somebody summed it up in a quote by saying the same thing. Perriman makes some circus catches now & then but drops routine catches that a Pro has to make. So far, he's been an enigma. IDK how many times I uttered the words "you have to make that catch if you're professional." Its more than working out with a Juggs machine. Somebody needs to whack him with a beach noodle or make him blink just when the ball arrives when he's about to catch a pass in practice.
  15. Boo! I disagree. You surely wouldn't be as benevolent if the same collapse had occurred with Joe Flacco at the helm. We kinda experienced some kind of collapse in the second half of the SB in 2013. This SB was eerily reminiscent to that one. Other than the lights going out, what caused our collapse in that SB? The only difference was Joey Ice brought his team back; Mattie Ice melted with the game on the line. Please RSVP!