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  1. Looks like Cincy got another one from the chain gang. Went with Mixon. What is it with Cincy and convicts? Maybe he and Burfict will fight it out on the practice squad and send each other to the IR. lol
  2. Got the pass rusher in Bowser.
  3. I'll think positive and consider this Ozzie's attempt to create Legion of Boom 2.0
  4. OK pick for an area that's been a major weakness for year. Bummed that we didn't pick a pass rusher. That means round 2 & 3 needs to be DE, OL, & WR
  5. Ozzie is singing The Clash right now: "Should I stay or should I go (2nd round)?"
  6. Pass rusher is looking more and more likely for us. UNLESS Ozzie trades the pick, and gets more 3/4th rounders.
  7. We're definitely going OL or DE on this round
  8. Well, all 3 WR's on everyone's list is gone.
  9. If certain key guys are gone by #16 (Davis, Williams, Foster, etc), I could easily see Oz pulling a trade, dropping down in the 1st to pick up yet another 3rd/4th.
  10. If we do WR, we need the best precision/possession receiver we can get. Perriman & Wallace can gallop all over the field, but we need a guy or two who can stop, turn on a dime, and haul in catches in traffic on short/medium routes.
  11. "American Airlines has dropped charter flights for six NFL teams, including the Ravens." I heard United's starting a new class of seats called "Full Contact"...oh wait...
  12. Tragic. Absolutely tragic. How devastating for the family. My heart goes out to them. It's the last thing any parent ever wants to see happen in their lives with their own kids.
  13. If he's got half the attitude of SSS, he'll do just fine in Purple & Black.
  14. Well we do have CJ Mosley, who's pretty good. If you fools still think we're going to find the next Ray Lewis or Ed Reed before you even die, you're just fooling yourself. There's 31 other teams teams in the league, and they've spent decades looking for players of that caliber. We haven't had them for all of about 5 years. O the humanity! Yes, everybody forgot Birk. He wasn't here that long, was pretty average at the end, and the Ravens were pretty good in 2014 without him. Again, its been a whopping like 3-4 years, and you guys act like its been an eternity. A little perspective goes a long way folks. Starting to get back to the way it was a few months ago, when it was quite obvious that a lot of you fans actually DESERVE a losing team. You're right. The 96 draft with Lewis & Ogden (& Jer, Lewis) is ranked as a top ten of all-time selection. Nothing from anyone (even the Patsies) ranked as good in the last 20 years. So yeah, we need to keep some perspective when we keep demanding the next Ray Ray or Antonio Brown every year.
  15. Was Davis the one who was pissed after the draft because he was picked later, and by-passed by a number of teams? Let's see if he can tap into that motivation again, and go out and prove 31 teams how wrong they were for skipping him.