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  1. I'm hoping this is a draft tactic to discourage WR needy/wanting teams from trading ahead of us
  2. Wow, that's awesome. Finally some love from Skip.
  3. And for that to happen we need consistent blocking, better YPA on runs, better WR separation and less drops overall , and not constant turnover with OC and philosophy.
  4. Shutting down the team's official message boards?
  5. That awkward moment for Aiken when he slowly begins to realize his role may be biggest on the team he chastised for limiting his role the previous year. Id take him but he is not the answer, id also take Boldin but he is not the answer either. Mike Williams is the answer IMO
  6. Which I'm ok with, as long as we get Mike Williams, a big-bodied WR that can make Boldin like catches for Flacco, just what he needs. Of course we still have the whole O-line situation, pass rush situation, Orr situation and CB situation..... One things for sure, draft day will be exciting.
  7. Mike Williams would be amazing.
  8. At least if you're wrong there won't be a select subset of this forum's population that trolls him heavily after every mistake he makes in a game blaming every loss on him. Then again, this forum won't be around anyway and I'll miss arguing about Flacco with you Virginia. For the record I'm pretty pumped about Dixon as well and think he could be special, i'm hoping, I'll try to spin this particular violation as a positive and say it keeps his legs fresher for longer / gives someone else on the roster a chance to step up.
  9. Yes, Mike Williams. Enough neglecting Flacco, don't worry though, he'll be long gone , probably another weapon for poor Dalton and we'll draft some DT or LB.
  10. So he's due for an injury is what you're saying
  11. Forget trading him to Cleveland, let's get Peyton Manning out of retirement
  12. Well definitely not Cincy, they haven't won a playoff game since 1990, and we haven't lost to Indy since 2009 in the playoffs, Pittsburgh finally beat us last year after a long draught and they were super bowl favorites while we were mediocre, they got lucky.
  13. It's maddening that some don't see this. My god look what Andy Dalton and Matt Ryan have been spoiled with, and Matt Ryan just choked and sickenly gave NE another super bowl
  14. Ravens wired is pretty good
  15. Honestly NFL.com is pretty awful too, I prefer Baltimore media outlets versus 'expert' analysis that only focuses on 6 teams. The QB index by Rosenhaul is laughable.