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  1. Make the NFL Great Again.
  2. I think we are starting to see what might happen in the draft. The o-line has not been addresed in FA and I don't think it will be before the draft. Ozzie will take the best player left and I think its going to be Cam Robinson.
  3. I will always remember Webb because I was at the draft when the Ravens picked him. I hope he comes back and retires a Raven one day. He is a guy who was always putting the team first.
  4. I'm sure Flacco said he would pay the difference in the pay cut to keep him. Whatever the case I'm happy he will be back!
  5. Yea I see Webb sticking around. I don't know how much intrest he would get from other teams. I mean I'm sure the Browns would pay him like 20 mil a year.
  6. I don't hate the thought of Torrey Smith back in Baltimore but I hate the thought of Wallace being somewhere else. Why not bring Smith in and keep Wallace if he comes cheap? Then draft a guy like Cooper Kupp or Chad Hansen to be they sure handed guy.
  7. Let me walk. They can probably draft a guy in the 6th round who would be better and cheaper.
  8. The ulitmate nightmare for a Ravens fan. Manziel signs with the team and then they get picked up for Hard Knocks.
  9. If you cut Flacco, he'll have a new job in about 10 seconds. And not in Baltimore. Browns, Bills, Bears, and a few others would give him everything they had. People don't understand that the Ravens could be searching for a QB for the next 5 years if he goes.
  10. I hope he doesn't leave. I know he's not a flash player that everyone will say is a great signing but teams need players like this. He understands he is not going to be the next great d-back in Ravens history but he works hard on special teams and steps in when needed and stays out of trouble off the football field.
  11. Sure the Steelers gave Brown all that money but did they forget that their QB is talking about retirement and they don't have anyone on the team that can get the job done? Now everyone knows Ben isn't going to retire this year but he is not playing until 2021 with Brown.
  12. He's going to walk but I would not hate if he stayed. With Smith Sr. gone he will have a chance again to show that he can be the guy the Ravens need on 3rd down. Don't forget that Waller was drafted as a WR and with so many TE's on this team I could see the coach’s possibly moving him back the WR to fill a hole if they don't find someone in FA or the draft they are happy with.
  13. I don't see the point in cutting both Lewis & Webb. If this happens The Ravens open a bigger hole at safety than there already is. By keeping one of these guys then at least you have a back-up who has some play making ability if they guy they bring in is a bust.
  14. With so many TE's on the team I wouldn't be shocked if he doesn't re-sign and the Raven just move whoever they feel is the 3rd or 4th TE to the FB spot. They could also end up taking a big blocking FB late in the draft.
  15. Are you talking about John Harbaugh? Because I think he went to Miami Ohio....