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  1. being more like a guard, i dont know if that pick would have made any more sense from a 'draft by need' perspective. The front office also said they had mosely as there bpa at pick 10. Hey we'll just have to see how this turns out!
  2. Like others Im not a huge fan of this pick, but we'll just have to see how it pans out to really complain. And think about it this way, in two years having brown and mosely as our starting ILBs. Both are extremely fast, I actually like the sound of that. As of now, him and brown will rotate in and out. Hopefully ward falls down the boards and we somehow manage to nab him!
  3. im not saying that he will be able to, but supposedly he is in the best shape of his life other than his alabama days
  4. schefter said it. i believe it. welcome to bmore steve!!!
  5. sooo when does next year season start....counting down the days!

  6. past couple months ive been into arrested development. one of the funniest shows out there if you really pay attention to it. but by far the greatest show out there right now is game of thrones. cant wait for the next season!
  7. representing the ravens in nyc, unfortunately i have to deal with stupid jets and giants fans. loved the focus on defense and all the intensity they had, thats how i got hooked..
  8. haha now that was an interesting play
  9. man i cant wait for the new batman to come out. but some of my favorite movies are remember the titans, shooter, and of course every single rush hour movie haha