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  1. can u beleive it superbowl champs woohooo!!!!!!

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    2. jmckinney


      me either I jst cant believe we made it :/ but I miss ray now

    3. Malkavian Raven

      Malkavian Raven

      Me too, buddy. Me too. :(

    4. jmckinney


      :/ we need to some how get Jarvis jones for are MLB this season we need some how to draft that kid ive watched him become a very amazing player though the yrs

  2. so pumped bout dis superbowl woohoo cacaww


  4. woo man im nervous RAVENS TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. jmckinney


      same here hes been with them as far as I can remember and he don't get the respect he deserves

    3. Malkavian Raven

      Malkavian Raven

      Did you read my comment in the DT this morning? One of the local radio shows was running a smear campaign against him. Bring up the murders, the PEDs, making fun of his faith... it really P-ed me off. So, I wrote them an email and told them I wasn't listening to their show any longer, nor was I going to provide any more money to their charities. I'm waiting to see if they email me back, cause I will not be listening to their program to find out if he apologizes or not.

    4. jmckinney


      nice dude ya I did I stop listening to em to and that really P-ed me off to man I hate that they even called him mr. reilgous maybe they should try GOD because apparently they aint got him gosh some people man

  5. i hate them steelers!

  6. does anyone think that "TED" is gonna be a good movie?i think it will be good cause the makers of family guy made it but thats what i think.
  7. the new batman looks good
  8. yeah sometimes it scares you lol haha

  9. ravens to the superbowl 2012-2013

  10. yeah somewhat its so real it sometimes scares you lol haha

  11. $100 dollars for the fathead

    1. ravensfanryan


      thats a good price.

  12. heck ya tallahasse rocks lol
  13. wait you mean shawn of the dead lol thats a funny zombie movie
  14. best zombie movie ive seen is zombieland best eva!