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  1. I think the Jalen Ramsey situation might be an isolated one. I think that since corner was a desperate need it might have driven them more. At this point, the only "desperate needs" in my mind would be pass rusher, OL or receiver. So if Barnett is sliding I think that they would consider it, but I don't think the receivers and linemen in this class are really guys to jump up for.
  2. I could live with Ramczyk over Robinson. But leaving Barnett and Davis on the board would make me sad.
  3. I still need someone to explain to me why Cam Robinson is being considered good.
  4. I'd be between Wilson (CB, Florida) and Bolles (OL, Utah)
  5. I'm not high on Robinson at all, but I don't know how I could exist in a world where Ereck Flowers is a top 10 pick and Cam Robinson isn't. Would genuinely confuse me.
  6. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Robinson, Ramczyk and Bolles were off the board at 16. Jacksonville really needs OL more than anything else, same with Indy, Cincy and the Chargers (Im sure theres more). OL getting overpaid in FA should probably lead to OL overdrafts. But I personally don't think the value is there to take one. On my "board" I have Bolles around 20, Ramczyk around 25, and Robinson around 35.
  7. The only position that would surprise me in Round 1 would be QB.
  8. This is a good mock. Need to check out Seaton, but sounds like a good pick.
  9. I think the loss of Watson was definitely a problem. He was one of the best red zone weapons in 2015 with the Saints. Then the Ravens had redzone nightmares in 2016.
  10. I'm prepared to deal with frustrating offensive drives again, but since Marty isn't going to be running Trestman's offense next season and Perriman can get a full offseason of prep in there's a little bit of hope. Plus if a guy like Williams or Davis is the Ravens first round pick that could make a pretty big difference too. The line is definitely worrisome sans Zuttah and Wagner, but if the FO's trust in Lewis, Urschel/Jensen and Wesley/Nembot isn't unwarranted it might be okay.
  11. Im still curious about the Watson situation. Realistically the team could end up keeping all 6 TEs if only 5 WRs (Wallace, Perriman, Moore, Camp/Reynolds, Draft Pick) are on the 53 man and Boyle takes the Juszczyk roster spot.
  12. I think John Ross has a good enough skillset aside from his speed (hands/routes) to justify him as a top 20 pick.... But I'm going to die worrying about all those injuries.
  13. Real winner is Maurice Canady who can start a Carr-Woodhead bidding war for that 39 jersey.
  14. I think they're underrated
  15. I personally wouldn't be too upset with Conley or Humphrey at 16 if Lattimore and Wilson are gone.