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  1. A little consistency goes a long way. Flacco coming back at full strength will help. Perriman getting a full offseason will help. If Moore develops and Camp stays healthy the receiving corps will be fine. Im somewhat concerned about the OL, but Boyle will do a fine job in Juice's role- especially in the passing game.
  2. I actually think the offense will be better this year than last year.
  3. So Hyyyyyyypeeee I love it.
  4. Now I can relax lol
  5. I'm not really sure that the pick was the best value, but it's hard to find press corners and since they're so important to Pees defense, I get why they would want to reach on one a little bit. He's a super young guy though and he won't have to start right away, so the situation is pretty ideal for him.
  6. I definitely agree about needing to get a couple OL pieces- I'm really big on Lamp, Elflein, Moton, Dawkins and Bisnowaty. Any 2 of those would be phenomenal to me.
  7. My quick list of don't wants- of guys I've seen going in Round 2-3, would mainly be Cam Robinson, Tanoh Kpassagnon, Daeshon Hall, Raekwon McMillan, Jarron Jones and Vince Biegel.
  8. I expect Lamp and Cam to be 33 and 34
  9. Thats an okay pick. Not phenomenal. But okay.
  10. Cincy getting Ross is pretty ideal for us.
  11. Somewhat related question: anyone know the best way to watch the draft? I've always just stuck to ESPN, but always wondered if theres better options out there.
  12. All these rumors flying around have my heart set on Lamp now </3
  13. My point is that it doesn't succeed nearly as often as people think it does and that the guard position, like any other position, requires certain traits. It's not a position for bad tackles. Fluker was measurably better at Tackle than guard and Joeckel probably was too by virtue of setting the bar really low for himself.
  14. For sure I think its more important for guards to not get lost in space, especially if Roman's going to be getting a decent amount of say in the run game this season. At Right Tackle, Robinson would be sealing off defenders more often than not and I think he should be successful in that role. Guys like Anthony Davis and Seantreal Henderson had decent stints at RT under Roman and those are both guys with some pretty similar limitations to Robinson. When I say Robinson is a pusher, Im more referring to his bad habit of getting too high and trying to rely on his upper body strength too much- kinda like if you were to push someone into a pool. Either way, it's not easy for a player to make a transition to guard- we've all seen it attempted and failed more times than it has succeeded (such as DJ Fluker, Luke Joeckel, Ty Sambrailo among many others). Robinson also has issues with having never played any position but left tackle in his entire College/High School career- so regardless of if hes on the right side or at guard, that'll be an issue for him.
  15. Id knock him more for getting lost in space and only being a pusher in the run game. Would want to have seen him finish more/play with an edge. Taking average/subaverage tackles with bad instincts and putting them at guard is pretty much how the Chargers demolished their OL.