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  1. I read more and more people saying our 1st rounder should be for a WR. Out of the top 20 WRs this past season, only 7 were drafted in the 1st round. Five of the top 20 WRs last year were either 6th round, 7th round or undrafted free agents: Antonio Brown, 6th Pierre Garcon, 6th Julian Edelman, 7th Doug Baldwin, UDFA Tyrell Williams, UDFA Talented WRs can be found in later rounds, but without an offensive line, the best WR in the draft will be of no use.
  2. 1500 yards for Latavius Murray? That's VERY optimistic. He had 788 yards last year, and he'd be splitting carries with West, Dixon and Woodhead... not to mention J. Allen, Taliaferro, and a (potential) rookie RB or two... Yes, very bold...
  3. +1 We were 8th in total yards allowed, 10th in passing yards allowed and 12th in rushing yards allowed, despite losing the team's best pass rusher in week 1. There IS a lack of talent in the secondary, but that's not the DC or other defensive coaches' fault - Ozzie and company are more to blame, the coaches work with the talent that they're provided (outside of Harbaugh, who does have significant influence over who's brought in). A lack of turnovers - the turnover ratio of (-14) is somewhat to blame, but it comes down to talent, just as Purple City said. Many fans are calling for Pees' head, but if another Defensive Coordinator comes in, and the defense is below 8th in yards allowed... will he be solely to blame? Changing coaches is not always the solution, when the lack of talent is the problem, not the defensive scheme...
  4. That may be true, but consider this: the past 5 games have been against the 3-9 Chargers (W), the 4-8 Jags (L), the 4-8 Rams (W), the 2-10 Browns (W) and the 5-7 Dolphins (L). Not exactly elite competition - and the QBs included Blake Bortles, Case Keenum and Josh McCown. I wouldn't make too many conclusions about our "improved" secondary against that competition.
  5. There have been several posters calling Schaub "Mr. Pick-Six" in this thread... and each have been heavily negged. Sure, we all hope he comes in and displays his 2012 form, but his more recent NFL experience seems to suggest otherwise. He set an NFL record in 2013 (his last starting season) with a Pick Six in four consecutive games - and last year, in his first pass of the season with the Raiders... he threw an interception. We can hope he does well, but don't necessarily expect him to revert to his form of 2012 - he hasn't played well in three years. Here's the film of the four game stretch:
  6. Jeremy Ross fumbled four times, losing two, last season with the Lions. He fumbled twice this year, losing both fumbles. Ross had 2 fumbles this year after only 10 returns. Last year, he had 2 fumbles while returning punts, 1 while returning kickoffs and 1 while receiving. Apparently the FO believed that the fumble risk wasn't worth the value his return ability brought...
  7. Check out this link - it is current. The Ravens have $22.5 million in dead cap space, 6th worst in the NFL. - Click on the "Dead space" column.
  8. After Arizona, we have 7 consecutive games against teams with a losing record. Just sayin'...
  9. Seriously, what was that? That was absurd.
  10. Keep this in mind, folks: 8 of the next 9 opponents currently have a LOSING record. It IS entirely possible to go on a winning streak. Although, sadly, only 12 of out 32 NFL teams have a winning record... Lol
  11. Marvin Lewis Lol... That was the worst clock management I've ever seen.
  12. For what it's worth... All seven Baltimore Sun writers pick the Ravens to win this Sunday.
  13. Another factor to consider is that there is $2.2 Million left on the salary cap - only four teams have less cap space available.
  14. The posted articles had several links, and I read a half dozen articles discussing Trestman and his coaching. Virtually every article, from his days in Chicago, Miami, Minnesota, Oakland, North Carolina State and the CFL said the same thing about Trestman - he was a brilliant mind, a real "Xs and Os" offensive mind, but he seriously struggled relating to players as people, as individuals. For example, the Bears' players were all excited when he was initially hired for their O coordinator, but... later, his players didn't mourn his departure. Flacco IS a mature QB, only needing offensive direction, so perhaps it will work out - only time will tell.