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  1. Putting Brady and Pathetic Joe in the same sentence, is absolute insanity.
  2. Heavens to Betsy You are remembering incorrectly Brady and Ben restructured, but they still got the amount of money agreed upon when signing their contract. Unless I'm mistaken, I think that's exactly what he just said. It's pay me now or pay me later. This whole salary cap crap in the NFL is mindboggling.
  3. Well, I expect Aiken's numbers will go up, being able to play with a REAL NFL QB now.
  4. Yes I'm talking about RB specifically of course! And how is 3 RBs in taken in the 3rd and 4th rounds in 3 consecutive years a small sample? I agree, I don't think we are in the hunt for a RB but I'm just weighing the options of west (1.7mil zero guaranteed vs other options) sorry I didn't write the article. If it was so meaningless then why are you fighting for your life over it lol and it's fair to assume we let go of west since we're assuming that were signing someone in the first place. Your also assuming that we keep both when no one inferred the latter. and we do have more than 2 RBs. (Tallifaro and Allen can compete for #3 and 4 on the depth charts) your also assuming we don't draft any RB. Now look who's assuming. and based on last year, Blounts chances of getting 10 TDs are higher than the latter because we failed drastically when it was 1st and goal. Wait you just said you don't care about TDs then followed your statement by saying unless someone guarantees 10 TDs... Which one is it? and once again. I'm comparing the 1.7 mil tendered for west vs Blount if he was signed. No one is saying hey lets get yet another RB and last but not least. Please answer the question. Is Blount for the price of west an upgrade for 2017 or a downgrade? 1. The small sample size would be a combination of being unable to evaluate Dixon at all, meaning you can't say that it "hasn't worked out", and the lack of playing time of the other guys. 2. I inferred the latter, because they almost certainly wouldn't cut West if they signed Blount. I'm not even sure why people think they would. It would mean Taliaferro certainly doesn't make the team, which he likely won't anyway, and Allen likely wouldn't either. They're gonna carry 4 backs on the 53 man, and then it becomes a game of whether West or Blount would be active on gamedays once Dixon returns. 3. Us failing on 1st and goal doesn't change by bringing in Blount. Again, its a myth that he's this great short yardage back. If its 1st and goal from the 1, sure, he'll get in, along with any other back on our roster. If its 1st and goal from the 8, he's probably not getting in at all, along with any other back on our roster. 4. The reason why I don't care about TDs unless they're guaranteed is because if he's not scoring, what good is he doing? We've already acknowledged he's not a great back in terms of getting actual yardage, so if he's not scoring, what value is he bringing? He doesn't pass protect well, he doesn't play ST well, so what's he doing here? 5. I answered your question already genius. I answered it very clearly. I will quote it again in case you missed it..."I would take West over Blount for 2017". ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
  5. The Ravens had either 7-0, or 10-0 leads in the 1st quarter six times last year. Then never scored more than 23 points in any of those games. COMPLETE tank by the AWFUL QB and the AWFUL HC and OC the Ravens pay to LOSE. The Steelers scored 14 points in the first game also, in the fourth quarter, with their offense on the field for nearly 12 minutes. Same as the Ravens O scored the entire game. It's money wasted, no matter who they sign, as long as Pathetic Joe and Self Righteous John are still on this team. Educate yourself.
  6. Which game this year does J. Smith get his FIRST injury of the year? I say opening day.
  7. You're right. "Idiotic" wasn't a very intelligent response. Shoulda' said "moronic."
  8. Anyone who thinks Urschel is better than Zuttah, is g(x)=4x+6-1+k(y) in the head.
  9. We noticed. Ravens have been looking for 21 years.
  10. Not really, Pathetic Joe'll get sacked eight times, fumble three times and throw four picks. Giants 27, Ravens -10.
  11. Actually, NO. I didn't NEED to see this "INSANE" cake. Do some REAL work, Mink!
  12. Webb was the best punt returner they ever had, other than Reed. I understand, when he became their full time no.1 corner, they hesitated to put him back there any more, just like Reed. But heck, every time he got hurt, it was playing D, not returning. Don't know why they didn't use him back there the last several years, considering the other dozen or so guys they've used the last decade or so have been awful. One of the most underrated Ravens. Not out of the question he could be back. Never know.
  13. Well that sucks. I didn't even know he was a free agent! So the Ravens have lost their two best defensive players from last year, Guy and Orr. Also easy to type their names. By the way, who the heck considers Kaufusi, a "rising sophomore." I guess the only way you can go from the bottom is up.
  14. That's great. It's all farts and giggles right now. Let's see how well these guys can play, to help the Ravens overcome their biggest detriment, Pathetic Joe.
  15. Most underrated player the Ravens have had in the last five years.