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  1. Why the heck would the Browns give up ANYTHING, let alone a 12 & 64, for PJ? They ALREADY stink!
  2. The only reason the Steelers strength of schedule is weaker than the Ravens, is because they get to play the mediocre Ravens twice. Otherwise, I'd much rather play the Raiders and Dolphins, than the Chiefs and Patriots.
  3. 6-3? I think 8-1 is more likely. I know all the haters will disagree, but if we do really well next week, and get even average coaching, I see 7-2 at worst heading into the bye Why is anyone who is realistic, and disagrees with a ridiculous 8-1 prediction, a hater? Oh, that's right. Cause they disagree with you.
  4. What?? The Steelers have arguably the easiest schedule in the league. Also, they finish the season against the Texans and Browns, which is advantageous in any sort of tight divisional scenario. I don't understand how the Steelers keep getting easy schedules despite winning the division. See, how the NFL does it, is if the Steelers win their division, they can pick whoever they want to play. On the other hand, the NFL can pick whomever they want to play the Ravens. It's been like that for years. That's why the Steelers and Ravens schedules are SO different.
  5. I don't know whether you're always right or not, but I'm with you on this one. The skill position talent on this offense is just plain awful. There is absolutely NOTHING you can hang your hat on, maybe with the exception of Wallace. Center, Right Tackle. Man, I just don't see where there will be much improvement, unless things change drastically for this O. Still stuck with PJ as well.
  6. Just part of the reason he's pathetic.
  7. Does Pathetic Joe stink, because they've had so many OC's during his tenure, or have they had so many OC's during his tenure because PJ stinks? If it totally depends on who the OC is, if your QB is any good or not, then I think that question is fairly simple to answer.
  8. ZZZZzzzzzzz.
  9. Well, I don't see why getting a hometown favorite (except for you of course), the 16th rated safety in the NFL, and a good guy for CONSIDERABLY less money than he made last year, is so hard to get. Makes perfect sense to me.
  10. Well, I think it has to do with how well he plays his walk year, as well as the contract he signs. I don't really know. Look at the contracts Wagner and Juice got, even Aiken. And Guy. Never know.
  11. If a team liked him enough to swap a high third round pick for a late 3rd round comp,then a team wouldve been willing to give him a high enough contract to get a 4th rounder.I actually wouldn't put it past a team paying him enough to get us a 3rd after seeing Ricky and Juice become the highest paid players at their positions last month. Exactly!
  12. The defense has not improved??????LOL, Really? DUH! YEAH!
  13. Jernigan was nothing special, but he's definitely better than these other guys they keep mentioning. Davis, Henry, Kaufusi and Urban, are you kidding me. All these guys together have done nothing. They already lost their best DE, in Guy. Orr is gone. Suggs is hanging on. Judon and Smith. Really? Correa? Sheesh. You could have six All Pros in the secondary, and they still won't be able to cover everyone for six seconds. This defense has not improved. The offense is a disaster. But, hey, everyone keep drinking the purple Kool Aid.
  14. Davis is an awesome 1Bman. Williams is an awesome coach. And who the heck is Myron Medcalf?