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  1. Impressive.
  2. So you are going to post two pictures. One for you and one for your alter ego. Cool!
  3. Another great pitching performance. I should complain about Ubaldo and Miley more often! And yes, happy with Brach filling in for Britton.
  4. He was pretty awesome. Glad we got that win, especially with the Yankees on a roll.
  5. Agreed! If they were going to start up the pie thing again, last night was the night to do it. I'm so happy Ubaldo gave the bullpen a rest.
  6. The "choir boy" theory is a myth. There are plenty of tough players with character that kick butt.
  7. Lol. Good system! And never ask her weight either.
  8. Lol. So you exposed me. I actually don't have a big gut.
  9. Wow. Chickening out already?
  10. Sorry for the bad memories. Tillman made a start in AA last night, so that is good.
  11. I really hate giving up a good player for a rental. Yeah, those deals weren't very good.
  12. Of course it doesn't. But it is strongly encouraged. So the boards are closing on May 5, which is a Friday. Does anyone know what time it is closing? I would really like to experience the closing day/night mayhem but I'm busy on Friday nights.
  13. Lmao. Life isn't fair.
  14. Totally agree with this. He wants to cause controversy by making this statement about Flacco. That is why I don't listen to anything he says either.
  15. I can't even begin to imagine the pain his family is feeling. My prayers are with them.