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  1. Frankly I don't blame them. 5 minute commercial breaks after every pick? The 49ers have probably already submitted their choice at this point, and they haven't announced PIttsburgh's yet. There's no reason 32 draft picks should take 4 hours.
  2. Possibly. Feels to me like they should be all in on Cousins next year.
  3. They're being smart. Take good players with upside, and wait for a year where there's actually NFL-caliber QBs in the draft. They can field the team they have and still finish with a top 5 pick easily just based on talent alone.
  4. Its Njoku, the TE. Which makes even more sense.
  5. Thought the same thing. He probably got tired of waiting for the 10 minute commercial breaks between picks. Especially when teams two picks later have already made their selections.
  6. Njoku. Not Foster.
  7. 1. No they don't. 2. They don't have a QB and won't come out of this draft with a better one than we have, so it doesn't matter who their other players are. Still well below average defensively, still not a great offensive line.
  8. Because he's not making it to our 2nd round pick anyway.
  9. I'll say Foster.
  10. Yeah wait til the second round or maybe end of 1st. You'll see a run on them.
  11. Cool. Every avenue of scouting and prying still doesn't mean the guy has to come to your facility. You can accomplish both of those things easily without that ever happening.
  12. You're not using a first round pick to fill a "need" "at this time". You're picking a player who's going to be an asset for you for 10 years. Note also that the investments in the secondary include a safety and essentially a 1 year deal on an average corner... and we still have our best corner who rarely plays a full season. Its almost like you guys forget what happens when Jimmy Smith goes down, which he does frequently.
  13. I have no idea if he got calls, and neither do you. What if the calls all sucked? Should he just take that because he wants to get another pick? Can make a very strong case that DB was the #1 need for this team anyway. The difference here is that you're looking for needs based exclusively on the 2017 season. Absolutely never a good way to look at things. You're best corner rarely plays a full season, and you're other outside corner is an aging player who's not shown to be anything other than average... and is only here on a one year deal basically. Certainly not taking a WR in this spot or probably anytime soon, and the Olineman generally suck. Only other consideration for me is a pass rusher.
  14. I didn't say they were a waste of time. I said they're certainly not a requirement in order to draft a player. Do you really think that the only way they can evaluate a guy is by bringing him into the facility and working him out? Again, we draft 6-7 guys or more every year, and most of them will have never sniffed our facility.
  15. If they're smart, they're holding out for Darnold or a QB in next years class, which projects to be better. Or they obviously have the ability to be players for Cousins or Garoppolo in FA.