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  1. Why can't the Ravens get the squeelers in Bmore on a Monday night?! Smh played there back to back correct me if I'm wrong few years ago and we can't get the same in return since the Ravens been lighting them up! Ozzie and Co. need to speak on this issue! SMDH
  2. Joe said it and he is rite the Ravens don't need more weapons! We have a solid team now and the draft is to pad our pocket that are already FAT! Joe is the most important key to this puzzle and the entire team can feed off him if he stop with the laid back mentally and get a Ray Lewis "RELENTLESS" mentality because it is needed! Every position on this team will feed off Joe but he has to step up and show them! I've been very hard on him because I knew he could get 5 rings and he should have three! We just need a possession WR like Campy and better routes for Wallace Perriman Moore and Campy to keep the chains moving and the Defense and Special teams will do their thing! The WRs can play decoy this season and Joe can hit up the TEs with the mismatches down field! Big ben and Brady even the Browns are using theirs big time and we are load at that position! Better routes double moves and pump fakes will do wonders this season! # Patiently Waiting!
  3. You do realize that Joe was standing on his own 25 when he threw the ball and Jacoby caught the ball on Denver's 20 yard line, right? And you do realize Joe was scrambling and threw the ball from his own 40 and Jones caught the ball at the 49ers 8? There's only a couple of QBs in the entire NFL that can throw a ball 55 yards in the air in a real game situation (not a BS hail mary). Joe needs better timing when throwing deep he slings it and his tragectory and ball location needs alot of work! Rifle isn't any good if it's always off target!
  4. Joe can't use the WRs we have now and god forbid a WR gets injured then bring back Anquan! We just need speed and it's not always a big name player everyone talking about! Big names want big money I want a Super Bowl! Joe had speed with Jacoby and constantly under threw him or he had to wait for the ball to come out the clouds! The game against denver Jacoby had to wait on that ball and the safety choked and the Super Bowl against the 49ers Jacoby had to turn and catch that ball when he could of caught it in stride! We have Wallace Perriman Moore so we just need a possession WR point blank! 5ft 10 or under with hands to keep the chains moving!
  5. you need a QB with pinpoint accuracy to make the Edlemans and ABs of the world effective. we do not have that. this is also why i am against drafting John Ross. EXACTAMUNDO! LOL
  6. The Ravens are the "ONLY" team that can beat the pats PERIOD! Joe's laid back mentally needs to turn into a "RELENTLESS" one because that's what it takes 100!
  7. Some people think that the WR creates separation but it's the routes that get it done! Another WR like Campy is all we need! 5ft 10 maybe and got heart! 6ft WRs are a thing of the past! Pats and squeelers are my examples Edelman and AB! Their size is with the TEs and we have "PLENTY"!
  8. I offer my sincere condolences to the Heap family!
  9. Sounds like good WRs but these 6ft WRs are kinda not working I mean Antonio Brown isn't 6ft and he is a beast but he has Big Ben and better ball location when he catches his passes! Our WRs have to fight for the ball can't catch it in stride gotta turn around backwards on deep balls or the routes do not create separation! We should just get a good possession WR like Campy that can stay healthy though under 6ft! I'm just sayin even the pats WRs aren't that big and fast but they get it done!
  10. Getting this so called "Pro Bowl" WR mite not solve anything if Joe doesn't use them correctly! Smh he could never hit speedy Jacoby Jones in stride Jacoby always always had to either wait on the ball to come out the clouds or he always always had to stop and turn around when going deep for a pass to make the catch! And he got Torrey sent outta here with a very very very bad pass that shouldn't been thrown to him! Yeah yeah he didn't fight for the ball but Stevie Wonder saw the over and under coverage smh so what will a pro Bowl WR do?! Get under utilized and probably hurt with garbage passes and routes that do not create separation! Ozzie an Co. can only do so much!
  11. So many guys I wanna see in there and Davis is another! "Step up don't be bashful"! Time to show'em what ya got!
  12. Hip surgery and playing in the AFC North mite not be a good combination!
  13. Good news to me! I like Campy and feel we need another just like him maybe when and if we get another WR get a good possession WR! I just have a good feeling about Campy and I'm glad they didn't give up on him! Our Edelman when healthy and maybe he will avoid injuries and ball so hard!
  14. Overall Ozzie and Co. do an amazing job picking talent and knit picking every selection is a waste of time! My only gripe is they don't get any Buckeyes but I'm kool with how they do things and I rock with whatever they do because they are respected in this type of process! But the people that whine when The Ravens don't get certain individuals they like try to scrutinize the whole drafting process need to chill out for real! They are not perfect but they keep a good squad on the field year after year and any criticism towards their process is pointless! Trust in Ozzie and DeCosta or kick rocks! My confidence level stays through the roof in regards to the draft and I feel another good one coming up! Joe needs to step up so Ozzie and Co.can enjoy the fruit of their labor while their still ripe! Joe is the Major Key because we are the best! YUP!
  15. I'm still waiting to see the WRs we have now Perriman and Moore to name a few and if we get one of these guys they can't learn anything on the bench so let the youngsters play! Wallace is the veteran now and bringing in another veteran would push these guys back! God forbid if one of our WRs go down then find a veteran but other than that "I wanna see the youngsters"!