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  1. Ozzie and Co. have a eye for talent like Bellichick but he has Brady and we have Flacco! The squeelers are rite next door and they take advantage as well so can we please get some Buckeyes? ! We've had two so far and I liked John Simon!
  2. Me myself personally in all three regards like when a WR does his thing after a big catch or TD! When Jacoby Jones danced in the endzone after scoring those two TDs in the Super Bowl can anyone say they weren't just as happy?! Triple " S " backed it up week after week and got his respect from players on the opposite team! Jernigan is our dancer now on Defense and he is doing his thing also so Diva or Soldier catch the rock make a good play and do your thing! They work hard so they can play hard as well! And these players that just love the game are not getting in trouble on or off the field! Well maybe on the field a Lil bit Lol!
  3. Charles Harris strengths can probably out weigh his weaknesses and he mite be worth taking a look at! Our Defense did good last season the Offense left them hanging so taking a chance with a kid like this wouldn't be too bad! Thus is no "Rest Haven" for veterans save money and get them fresh off the shelf sorta speak!
  4. I'm happy for Kamar Aiken and wish him all the best! Can't keep these kids on the bench hoping they stay! It's time to let the youngsters play or more will bounce!
  5. Whom been in the league longer? ! Maybe that's how they settled it!
  6. It's time to let the youngsters play! Ozzie and Co. pick good players like Bellichick does but Bellichick has Brady and we have Flacco! The Ravens are not a " Rest Haven " for veterans we got the best in the business in finding talent and they have so "LET THEM PLAY" and stop giving money away!
  7. Looks like Ozzie and Co. are bringing "Physicality" to the secondary! Loving every move thus far like I always do! Welcome to the Flock Mr Carr!
  8. Yes, West runs with an attitude and KD is a beast as well! But if teams don't fear the pass our RBS will get hurt because they can't keep running with 7 to 8 players in the box on Defense with no fear of the pass like in the past the Offense gets too predictable and stale at times to me making them too predictable! Brady opened it up for Woodhead and and now his new RB and we need the same out of Joe and the play calling!
  9. I'm happy for Kamar Aiken and this mite keep happening because unless the Ravens use the WRs they have "ALREADY"! Can't keep wasting money on vets and keeping youngsters on the sidelines looking for miracles when they hit the field! Can't learn from mistakes drops etc! On another note Joe Flacco doesn't have a medical report the same as Big Ben is why they can't keep throwing the O line under the bus every time the Ravens loose a game! I've been going against the squeelers 2 times a year my whole life and watch their QBs get creamed "BUT" they get it done and win! Bradshaw 4 rings Big ben 2 rings! No more excuses please Ozzie and Co. work to hard to put a good squad on the field year after year! The QB makes or breaks this team period!
  10. The O line will be addressed in the draft with players that can start if need be! A young center would be very nice playing like a Bull up front! Every pick will be solid and I can't wait to hear the 1st name selected! We have the best in the business in finding talent and they will do what they do best! Just watch! Would be nice if we get some Buckeyes Lol!
  11. That's fair. He is 32 coming of 2 serious injuries in 3 years. Same red flag as Charles and Peterson. But he will make Flacco look a lot better. He's one of the best 3rd down backs and slot WRs. I would mind him moving to full time slot when Dixon comes back. That's how good a pass catcher I think he is. Well he could get good mismatches down field on much slower LBers coming out the backfield or like you said in the slot! Wanted Campy in that spot smh!
  12. I'm sorry I'm still on the fence about this move and I hope he proves me wrong! No diss I'm just sayin look at the backs in this this division they all in Beast Mode! Prove me wrong Woody!
  13. April 29th I'm there! Wanna be in a sea of purple instead of always REPPIN by myself! That's how much I'm feelin this season and I can't wait for my 1st home game in Bmore! This is our year!
  14. Ozzie and Co. are rockin with this signing and the draft will be the nail in the coffin! The Ravens organization probably have their birds eyes on players and are circling the prey like another O linemen like K O and a center that will probably start! I call the draft "Padding their pockets" and it's just what they will do! Don't blow a circuit trying to figure these guys out! Lol