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  1. One thing is pretty clear- since 2012 the Ravens' MO of waiting until the mid and late rounds to draft a RB definitely has not worked out. I don't know what this year's plan is, but I really hope we don't wait until the 3rd or 4th round (or later) to address the position. If that happens AND we don't sign a legit, healthy veteran back before the preseason then we'll have yet another year of watching a one-dimensional offense that finishes in the bottom third of the league. The numbers don't lie- look at how Flacco & the offense do whenever they have a weak backfield.
  2. Ozzie's draft bread & butter positions are: LB, D Line, and O Line. If he decides to draft another OT 1st round, he must see something the rest of us don't and I'll be happy with his decision. So much hinges on a strong O Line, especially for the Ravens. A weak O line will mean terrible offense because Flacco falls apart when he's pressured, and our current RBs need some legit, great blocking to gain any significant yardage. God help us if we end up starting the season with the line we currently have. I'm really hoping we upgrade between now and Week 1.
  3. I wish there was this annual thing where we selected players from college. I also wish there were players that are able to play in the NFL but aren't on a team right now that we could sign whenever we want. Amusing sarcasm. There are also these things called injuries. These injuries have had a terrible impact on the Ravens in recent years. Watson, Suggs, J Smith, Perriman...the list goes on. When you also consider the Ravens have 1 playoff appearance in the last 4 years, and their combined record in that same span is below .500- the proof is right there that they are NOT a good team.
  4. The big question for that game is how close is Carr to 100% by week 5. If it were week 7 or 8 I would say 100% a loss but early in the year the Ravens have a solid shot to pull an upset in that one. Even without it though this is a pretty nice 10-11 win schedule with only 2 or 3 games that I would say they have little chance to win and even then they get rest before 2 of them. Maybe I missed something, but I'm almost certain that Carr's injury was a broken leg. Why are we questioning how close to 100% he will be- by October? There is no question- he will definetely be 100% when we go to OAK bc by then he will have had nearly 10 months to heal. He isn't recovering from a soft tissue injury like an ACL or Achilles tear. The dude is 26 and has already had 5 months to heal a broken bone. I wouldn't be surprised if he's already at 100%. Heck, I broke my fibula when I was 25 and five months later I was easily doing PT 5 days a week.
  5. Since 2012, key injuries have ALWAYS come into play. It's not a question of WILL key players go down, it's a question of WHICH key players will go down.
  6. Who will challenge the Patriots in the AFC? Unless Brady suffers a serious injury in the offseason or Belichick retires in the next few months I doubt anyone will challenge the Patriots. Sad, but true.
  7. "We need to focus on offense this year, OL and Receiver at the high end of the draft " We drafted a LT with our first pick last year, and the year before we used our first pick on a WR, and 2nd round pick on a TE. The offense has been priority each of the last two drafts. I might throw up if we use this year's first pick on a WR. Given the fragility of Jimmy Smith and the diminishing effectiveness of Suggs, I'd say drafting a CB or Pass Rusher are the bigger priorities.
  8. "After coming just a few inches short of stopping an AFC North-winning Antonio Brown touchdown" Please stop putting so much emphasis on that one play. The Ravens were not a playoff calibre team last year. Period. They scored just 10 points against the Redskins (at home, no less)...then 2 weeks later they scored zero offensive TDs against a Jets team that was even worse than the Redskins. Not showing up for those two games was what did the Ravens in last year, not one play in Pittsburgh. The defense had it's lackluster performances too, of course. If the Ravens end up filling the void at Center with either Urschel or Jensen, and stand pat with the RBs we currently have on the roster...I don't see Baltimore finishing much better in 2017 than they did in 2016. On the bright side, the defense has added the tools to improve from last year.
  9. I still don't think Q will return to the Ravens. His 2013 departure via trade did not, in any way, appear to be something that happened on amicable terms and the same FO is still running the show in Baltimore. It's also not a good sign that the FO didn't bring Torrey Smith back to Baltimore either. Indications are that Ozzie & Harbaugh aren't interested in any reunions with former WRs. This is a shame because the Ravens NEED a guy who is going to make contested catches in the end zone, and even at 37 Boldin would be better IMO than anyone currently on the roster.
  10. True, we do have plenty of TEs....but without Watson, look at the guys we've got to work with. Gilmore and Maxx both have injury issues, Boyle is just one PED infraction away from getting kicked off the team, and Waller netted a whopping 85 yards last year. That really just leaves Pitta as a true, go-to TE. While we do have plenty of Quantity at TE, I definitely wouldn't say we have a whole lot of Quality at TE. Obviously, we won't have half these guys on the 53-man roster, but until final cuts are made I say keep all of em and let the best 3 or 4 earn their way on to the final roster.
  11. I still say there's no way Boldin comes back to Baltimore. We'd probably see him reunite with Torrey Smith in Philadelphia before re-signing with the Ravens.
  12. Please, do not draft a WR in the first round. I don't care if it's a pass rusher, O Lineman, RB, or whatever. Just don't waste another 1st round pick on Wide Receiver. We suck at drafting WR talent, we suck at developing WR talent, and the ONLY good WR the Ravens drafted they let go once his rookie contract was up (right after he caught 11 TD passes for the Ravens!?). Defense and O Line are Ozzie's bread & butter; WR is his Achilles heel. And on more thing- I truly hope when week 1 gets here we're not looking at Urschel/Jensen at Center and West as our starting RB. That's going to be rough...
  13. Well... sorry to have to break it to you, but... 1.) we already have a good QB - one that played rather poorly at stretches of last season - but not a bad QB by any measure; 2.) I'm afraid you've been fooled. That ship-thing was an April's fool prank. Sorry to break it to YOU! No, the Ravens do NOT have a good QB. PJ's living quite famously off a wing and a prayer heave, botched by the safety. A lifetime QB rating of 84% for a ten year starter is AWFUL! You can see how bad Pathetic Joe and Self Righteous John have been since Lewis retired. You can make every excuse in the book you want for these two, but it doesn't change the facts. "A lifetime rating of 84 is AWFUL." Sorry to break it to you but numbers aren't everything. Jim Kelly's career rating was 84. Dan Marino's career rating was just 2 points higher at 86. Both of them are in the Hall of Fame.
  14. Guys, can you PLEASE stop this nonsense speculation about Boldin coming back to Baltimore? There's no way I'm buying that, especially considering Harbaugh and the Ravens basically kicked him off the team right after he played a huge role in getting the team it's second Lombardi Trophy. And seriously- if Torrey, a local product and fan favorite, passed on a return to go to Philly instead, what makes anyone think Boldin would come back OR Harbaugh would reach out to him? Not buying it for a second.
  15. Is this supposed to be a joke?