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  1. I wouldn't say ridiculous at all. Dumervil has better career numbers sure, but over the last three years, both he and Barwin have similar numbers (same sacks and Barwin actually has more tackles). Consider that Barwin is younger and has started every single game since 2010- that makes him more reliable IMO than Dumervil. Given the Ravens' troubling inability to keep players healthy the last few years, we need as many reliable players as possible who we can expect to be on the field.
  2. Zuttah is the week link I disagree 100% that Zuttah is the weak link. He may have been a late addition to the Pro Bowl roster, but even that is pretty clear evidence that the guy is above average. We're in a much better position at Center than most NFL teams. Unfortunately, the guy we have taking snaps is worse than most other NFL teams.
  3. I really hope we don't cut Zuttah. There are no linemen currently on the roster who would be an upgrade, and there are no improvements available via free agency. I don't know of any legit, starting-calibre centers available via the draft either. Also- Zuttah was the only guy on the line who started all 16 games last year. Considering Baltimore's terrible luck keepinig guys healthy, we need all the reliable guys we can get.
  4. It will be bad for us if the Steelers figure out how to keep Bell and Brown, which would mean they have a Pro Bowl QB, and All Pro RB and WR (a deadly offensive tri-fecta). The fact that they not only draft stellar play makers but also know how to hang on to that talent is why they have made the playoffs 3 of the last 4 years. The fact that we've regressed to where we can neither draft nor retain offensive play makers is a big reason why we've missed the playoffs 3 of the last 4 years. That the Ravens can't keep starters healthy is also an unfortunate contributor to the recent decline into mediocrity. Here's to optimism- hoping we start drafting All Pros, keep our guys healthy, and figure out how to hang on to our young play makers beyond their rookie contract.Go Ravens!
  5. No thanks we don't need older players on the cheap we need younger faster ,stronger players Where is the money going to come from to pay for those younger, faster players? The FO is already over-paying Flacco and our aging/injury-prone veterans. That severely limits our ability to sign playmakers.
  6. I'd say definitely. He's more proven, didn't have nearly the dramatic dropoff in production that Kamar had last year, and Garcon is more sure-handed than Aiken (something the Ravens offense desperately needs). Garcon is a definite upgrade IMO.
  7. "when healthy"...that's been the tragic prefix/suffix to most Ravens players in recent years. I say tragic because, more often than not, the guys who are great "WHEN HEALTHY" often miss significant playing time due to injury. Last year was particularly brutal- we lost all our top 3 TEs, plus our 2nd & 3rd picks, and a 4th round pick. Heck, even Stanley missed a quarter of the season. It's one thing if the older guys go down, bc you have younger guys who can step up. But when your young guys go down and you have to start your 2nd and 3rd string players, you end up with an 8-8 or a 5-11 record. Kinda hard to re-build and do well when you can't keep your draft picks on the field.
  8. So you're essentially saying that the Ravens need a roster overhaul to become good again?
  9. The NFL is becoming more and more like WWE- it's more about entertaining and less about playing the freakin' game. With all the billions that are tied up in the league, each week and especially the Super Bowl- there's no way I'll believe that a lot of what we're seeing ain't scripted. Heck, we're probably just a few years away from entire seasons being choreographed.
  10. February, March, and almost all of April... That nearly 3-month void of nothing after the Super Bowl just sucks. Why doesn't the NFL add 2 games to the schedule, extend the season one more month and give each team an additional bye? Make these guys work a little harder for their pay.
  11. IF he does decide to coach, let's just hope Ray decides to re-join the Ravens. Ed Reed spent nearly his entire career with the Ravens but then decided to coach for the Bills (Thanks, Ed). I do think, however, that if Ray Lewis joined the Ravens that would be enough to convince Reed to re-join the Ravens, especially since Rex is no longer in Buffalo. But talk is cheap and first thing's first- I'll only believe Ray Lewis wants to coach when I see him on the sidelines.
  12. How about crucial drops? There is a difference you know. You're reaching, dude. Since SB 47, Flacco has finished near the bottom of the league each year. The guy stinks.
  13. A strong O line has such a ripple effect that investing a lot in Mack would have been worth the money IMO. That would have given us an All Pro Guard, All Pro Center, and 1st round draft pick at LT. Everyone keeps saying how awesome Joe is if he has time. The irony is that Joe's monstrous contract keeps us from getting the very guys who will allow him to perform better.
  14. yes, especially that last paragraph. Agree. Not only has the Ravens' ability to identify & draft playmakers diminished in recent years, but so has their ability to hire (and retain) quality coaches.
  15. I would love to see the Steelers and Patriots both spontaneously combust and cease to exist during today's game.