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  1. Offense (24) QB: Flacco, Mallet (2) RB: Forsett, Richardson, Allen, Dixon (4) FB: Juszczyk (1) WR: Wallace, SSS, Perriman, Aiken, Moore, Reynolds (6) TE: Watson, Williams, Gillmore (3) OL: Stanley, Wagner, Yanda, Zuttah, Jensen, Urschel, Lewis, Nembot (8) Defense (26) DL: Williams, Jernigan, Kaufusi, Davis, Guy, Henry (6) OLB: Suggs, Dumervil, Correa, Z.Smith, Judon, Ochi (6) ILB: Mosley, Orr, McClellan, Brown (4) CB: Smith, Wright, Davis, Young, Canady (5) S: Weddle, Webb, Levine, Brooks, Lewis (5) ST: Tucker, Koch, Cox (3) A couple things. If Richardson is motivated and decides to really tear it up in training camp and has a good preseason, it will be hard to cut him. I have 4 running backs making the team just because I think Forsett will hang around one more year to mentor the guys. I have 3 tight ends because as much as I love Pitta, I don't think he's going to be able to return from 2 hip dislocation/fractures. I have Monroe not making the team and Nembot becoming 1 of 2 UDFAs to make the team. I think Monroe gets traded before the season. I have 6 OLBs making the team because I think Judon and Ochi will impress. And if you think about it, we will need that many LBs if Suggs and/or Dumervil decide to retire next year. I have Arthur Brown making the team. I think Orr and Brown will be swapped in and out similar to what McClain and Ellerbe used to do next to Lewis. I have 5 CBs and 5 Safeties. Levine can play CB if need be. He wasn't really that bad last time he switched to CB. I don't have Elam making the team. If Young, Canady, Ochi and others can prove they're better on special teams, that might make Elam expendable. Of course this prediction is very early. There are gonna be training camp cuts and we know Ozzie loves those.
  2. All these Watson articles. is acting like we made a monster signing.
  3. I'd still give D.Brown a couple more games before giving up on him.
  4. I know. Ask Marlon Brown, Arthur Brown and Chykie Brown.
  5. Thanks haha. Honestly I'm so wrapped in my Ravens bubble, that a lot of times I don't even know much about other teams' players. That's what I got you guys for.
  6. What's everyone's opinion of Dri Archer? Would it hurt to claim him?
  7. Plus Maxx has been injured. Boyle is taking advantage of every opportunity given to him.
  8. Chuck Pagano said he would retire from coaching if he's fired. I'd love him back though.
  9. I'd like to see us run some sets with SSS, Crockett, Pitta, Maxx and Boyle.
  10. Well at least we'll be higher on the waiver wire lol.
  11. I'd say the lights going out in the Super Bowl giving the 49ers the momentum they needed to nearly make an epic comeback was lucky. Ravens looked dominant in that game before the infamous power outage. Any given Sunday any NFL team can win and yes luck is involved for things to go your way, but that can be said for any team. That season was well deserved. Call it luck, skill or a nice mixture of both, no one will ever be able to take that season from us. So much stuff happened that year. From Torrey's brother dying to Ray Ray retiring, to cap it off with a Lombardi Trophy feels right.
  12. REVENGE!? Don't talk about revenge! You kiddin' me? Revenge? I just hope we can win a game.
  13. At this point, I'd like to see what Brennen Beyer offers and Steven Means once he is eligible to come back.
  14. Still might soon. The number 56 is now available for him.
  15. Lmao. They love Konrad Reuland. Very happy about Daniel Brown.
  16. You know what? I like this thread. There is so much negativity going on around here, that this is a welcome change. I've been a Ravens fan for as long as I can remember and even though they are currently losing, I still love them. I love Ravens Nation. We can still win. Any. Given. Sunday. And if they don't? I'm not a bandwagon fan. I'll still support them and hope for the best next year.
  17. The only time I ever click on these articles is when we win.
  18. I may yell, scream, cuss them out, slam inanimate objects, but I'll always love my Ravens.
  19. Ah alright, thanks for the info.
  20. Just thinking out loud here, but I remember hearing a while ago that Jameel McClain was switched to OLB while playing for the Giants. How did he do?
  21. Hence why I said maybe. If coaches think he's worth a ps spot for a year of development, then that's cool. They obviously thought at one time or another that he was worth a 5th. He still might be worth a 5th, just not in year 1.
  22. Maybe we can get him on the Practice Squad.
  23. Well Fitz is on the Steelers' practice squad, so the Ravens would have to add him to the main roster if they want him.
  24. For a second when I read "Camp's Done", I thought Michael Campanaro was out for the season. Thank God that's not the case.
  25. Interesting to see Zach Orr behind Arthur Brown and Alber McClellen. I think by the start of the regular season, he will leapfrog both.