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  1. As with rmw's draft I like seeing 2 olinemen in the 1st 5 picks but I really don't think Elflein is there in the 3rd. Isn't he the #1 consensus center? Just for you I hope Williams is there in the 2nd and I'd be happy with this but I'd rather have Anderson mainly cuz of character concerns plus he's a better allaround player imo albeit maybe a lower ceiling. I'm all about Corey Davis in the first. He's my #1 target. Brian Allen I also wouldn't be surprized to see go in the 3rd actually. Also another RB in the 5th. Seems to be the consensus.
  2. That's just too funny.
  3. Does seem to me that this could be a Myles Jack falling and yes a diluted sample to me means he's covering something. ILB is not a position we need to draft in the 1st rd regardless.
  4. Great mock on drafting a lot of people I never heard of which is usually the Ozzie way but I like picking 2 olinemen fairly early. This is a must to me. Like you said earlier I strongly believe we'll trade back somewhere in the 1st 3 rds.
  5. Gave you a thumbs up even tho I know you didn't pick it lol but Sid Jones in the 3rd would be great and we can afford to sit since I think we good at the top 3 plus I'm still high on Canady. Watkins who I haven't even been thinking of could in the long term be better than Jenigan at the 3 and Zay Jones got OBJ qualities and Barnett speaks for himself.
  6. Maybe in the 6th if we haven't drafted a receiver yet but I do believe he is underrated and could be sneeky good.
  7. You lose that 5th yr option trading out of the 1st and it seems like everybody is giving us either King or Witherspoon in the 3rd which is bad voojoo.
  8. Play him at center he makes the line calls anyway. I was having fun with the Eutaw/Utah connection and wasn't actually being serious. BOLD PREDICTION. Joe gets his 1st legitimate Pro Bowl invitation.
  9. Ethan Pocic has token a tumble to me. Its not being fair but I want a center that can get lower leverage. Mike Williams a little bit cuz the lack of separation bothers me.
  10. The Ravens will trade back and draft Bolles and Asiata to be the right side combination and they will be known as the "Eutaw Street Boys".
  11. Like the mock except I don't think Butt makes it to the 3rd rd. Steelers or Cowboys taking him in the 2nd. You can butt on it.
  12. On the oline I'd rather see Yanda move to RT than Lewis if need to be. Taliaferro to FB is also interesting and I believe our best candidate since I sure as heck don't want to draft one and Waller to WR since we have no redzone targets out there and I can see mismatches.
  13. To be able to ball out,be clutch and be the mother of all bombs.
  14. That's sad.
  15. Is this becuz he's not a fit for the Ravens or is he not worthy of being a 1st rd pick for a 4-3 team also?