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  1. Joe played a lot better in the 2nd half of the year but when you making the 2nd highest money in the league you gotta put a lot more on his shoulders. The money dictates that. Joe is going to be healthy next year plus he said he's gonna hold a camp with his receivers( Which I'm holding him to) and let the cards fall where they may. Gotta solidify this offensive line tho but right now cutting Joe will cost us 47 mil against the cap so you know straight up ITS NOT HAPPENING. So deal. Cry,cry cry all everybody wants but Joe is the QB for the next 2 yrs and he owns what he does. Period!! We made that bed.
  2. Wow!! Great story.
  3. Pretty crazy how they usually stick A DB back there to make the sure handed catches lol.
  4. Not sure. Never heard anything negative.
  5. I know this is a trade down scenario thread and what I like is this is a draft deep on defense but seriously lacking on offense especially at the OT spot and I'm thinking a guy like Garrett Bolles could lock down our RT position for the next 5 yrs and he.aint getting past Denv imo and getting an interior guy in the 5th or 6th like Guillermo could help solidify the Ol.. Not really interested in a tradeback cuz it seems like we miss out.
  6. I like the backwards and forwards on that. Just saying ....
  7. You know its late on Sat night let me break out my facebook
  8. I'td be great to get Webb to back up the safety position but usually backups especially on D gotta perform on sp teams. Thats a big hangup.
  9. This would be a fair deal since its not a given the Ravens would be able to keep him but I don't think the Eagles would go for it I'm all for it tho.
  10. You can't go by a guy's pick total only and what has Claiborne done to suggest he's a playmaker. A steady corner and a good 3rd down option at RB are wasted money? Lol. Plus both contracts are easy to get out of And then what kills me is you're willing to throw 6 mil at King Dunlap.
  11. I'm sure Cleveland would be highly interested in trading with Baltimore. Lets use our 6th on a receiver instead.
  12. A little bit of an overstatement??
  13. Ahhhh Mt Airy is Ravens country anyways. Welcome aboard. Gotta hate the Skins man. They didn't want us to have a football team.
  14. Actually whoever signs those guys we get their picks. They're not comps.