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  1. Are you talking about virtual reality? If so then in someways it could be of use with certain programming creating lifelike scenarios but you still have to be careful if a player say a QB is trying to avoid a passrush for example while going thru his reads. He could still suffer a freak injury while trying to avoid something he sees real. It would be best to keep seated while using headfakes to avoid and using a button to throw a pass. All in all tho real simulation and contact is neccassary to get ready for the season.
  2. Just watched a vid and man can the dude catch in traffic and definitely see the comparison to Boldin. Only problem I noticed is he doesn't get initial separation but coverage is tight in the NFL anyways.
  3. Will try to check him out and his name is in my memorybank. If he's like Boldin then that's precisely what we need since we got deep speed already covered even if we release Wallace. You got any opinion on Josh Reynolds?
  4. Ford would probally be the only one I'd consider with our 3rd pick. Like you said runs great routes and has good balance(some nice sideline catches). Godwin I really like (Penn St fan) but it'd be 3rd day only for me. Darboh never stuck out to me and Rogers I don't remember real well (so I take your word for your comparison) but I did watch the USC/Penn St game and Godwin was the one that shined. Josh Reynolds could be a good 3rd rd option but I have trouble determining whether spread option players can translate well to the NFL. I personally wouldn't hesitate to take Williams or Davis in the 1st and grab defense later. If they're available I say DO IT! DO IT!! If neither are available then a tradeback would be our best scenario and if we can garner an extra 3rd or 4th imo we have to draft a receiver before the end of the 4th. Straight up. I've seen Juju being mentioned but what other receivers are 4th rd and earlier worthy of being drafted.
  5. I think you completely drilled it with Wagner unless one of these teams with enormous cap space like the Browns or Jags gives him some sort of crazy offer but to me he's strictly an RT and not worth that kind of dough. Mitchell Scwartz signed a 5 yr 33 mil deal and I believe they pretty much the same player. Worried bout paying B Will too much money since it seems like he wears down as the game goes on. He collapses the pocket regularly at the beginning of the game but the longer the game goes........... Carl Davis really needs to step it up this year to keep him more fresh if we resign B Will Juice I want to keep but I don't know if he's gonna be as cheap as you all think when he was our 3rd down back quite a bit. He's talented in so many ways and adds to spteams. I consider him almost a must considering how we want to run the ball more in the future
  6. I'm sure many people never consider this.
  7. Looking at that chart Zuttah would be a prime candidate to be cut or traded after June 1st. I think its in our best interests to wait especially if Wagner departs cuz we could have 3 new starters on the oline considering that Lewis moves to RT. Arrington and Lewis are sure thing cuts. Id cut Wright too. That number is just too high even with a paycut. Webb I'd ask to at least take a 1.5 mil paycut but not lower since I believe another team would pay 4 mil for him. Pitta same thing and I know dead money is really just nothing more than a face thing but man it's still ugly. Suggs you really cant do anything with. Wallace is very interesting and the darkhorse in all this since we have comparable skill players in Perriman and Moore and we desperately need a chain mover. Watson I'm not sure what to do with but I'd let him go so he can the best opportunity to connect with a team of his choice.
  8. What do you guys think about Nate Gerry a safety from Nebraska. I personally liked what Ive seen. Really lays the wood I know that lol. I'm personally only going by the games I've watched but I was looking thru some draft rankings at the safety position and I seen him ranked 14th and I was like yeah I remember this guy. Is he worthy of a low rd pick and has anybody looked at better allaround footage. I'm thinking he'd be a good dime/spteams player and would contribute big league.
  9. Peppers is an extremely interesting guy where he could do sort of a rover cover on the backend and move him around as a blitzer. Possibly may only be used in nickel or smaller formations tho which may make him a reach at 16.
  10. Man you sure putting a lot of faith in Pees lol. I'm thinking you might get arrested.
  11. I like it becuz you drafted a guy named Fish.
  12. Thinking same thing and was gonna post about it and then I go down to the next post lol anyways this is an eyeopener.
  13. Anderson got in cuz he played since they wore leather helmets but seriously for the longest time he was known as the best kicker in the NFL. I like seeing these guys getting their due. Also about Terrel Davis. They meant to put Terrel Owens in but somebody you know got them confused. Whoops!
  14. Believe it or not a lot of people tuned out at halftime. That's really a small drop if you look at the big picture.
  15. Thanks. Looking forward to it.