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  1. This is always a helpful time killer in the days leading up to the draft. The rules are simple. Pick a player for each team (no trades obviously) one by one and we'll just see how far we can get. Anyone can make a pick for any team, but please don't just rapid fire picks one after another. With the 1st overall pick, the Cleveland Browns select... Myles Garrett, DE/OLB, Texas A&M
  2. That's one hell of a haul to move back only 4 spots. Obviously that's a no brainer for the Ravens, but I can't see Denver doing that.
  3. Please add a note about not spoiling the picks as well.
  4. Albert Breer's mock has this little nugget. 16. Ravens: Alabama LB Reuben Foster. No one gets more background on Bama players than Ozzie Newsome. And I hear he’s OK with Foster’s flags
  5. I generally agree, but this would certainly be a prime opportunity to get a clear 1st round talent a touch later if we feel comfortable with the investigation we did. Of course, none of us can predict that, and I'd guess he won't be a Raven anyways.
  6. It's hard to even say what's going to happen with him. By everything I've seen leading up to tonight, it looks like teams believe that Conley is innocent. However, they still have to weigh the possibility that they're wrong and Conley did do it. I don't think any of us here have even close to the necessary resources to make any sort of judgment on where he could possibly go. This is about as wait and see as it gets from an outsider perspective.
  7. Just to touch on this last part, it's a lose lose for Conley if he doesn't go in the 1st round. Even if he files a defamation lawsuit, there's no way he's going to recoup all of that lost money unless this girl and her family are rich.
  8. You do realize that if those guys slip to us, that means there are issues, correct? Allen's shoulders are apparently pretty bad and we all know the issues with Foster. If they're at 16, there's a reason, and I don't see any good reasons for them to be there.
  9. Somewhat good news for Conley, it seems. Still missing out on a ton of money but not as bad as it could be. Strong indications that a lot of teams believe the accusations are completely false.
  10. Browns gonna Brown. Please let the former actually happen
  11. For everyone thinking they've nailed down the Ravens options, please take a step back and think about that. Rumors are just that, rumors. This is the most unpredictable draft I've ever seen and I think it's hard enough to nail down 5 options for a team at 9, let alone 16.
  12. 2 is a lifestyle, ya'll. Get on the train!
  13. Aside from the aforementioned names, Tony Pauline does some good work as well. He's best with his rumors about some of those late round, unheralded guys.
  14. Doesn't get more walk-off than that.
  15. That's why I had to screenshot such a glorious occasion.
  16. Trumbo needs to take a seat for a couple of games.
  17. I don't think it will end up mattering anyways. I expect him to be the 1st WR off the board.
  18. Separation and routes. I agree with you for what it's worth. Just a gut feeling that the team wouldn't.
  19. I'd go further and just narrow that down to Davis. I think if we are going to go WR, he's the guy. It would not shock me at all if we pass on Williams, but I don't expect him to be there anyways. Just a gut feeling more than anything.
  20. Our good buddy Aaron still on the Ravens beat
  21. I'd probably lean more toward day 2 to hopefully try to solve WR, and I'd guess that's what we end up doing.
  22. I'm trying not to bite into rumors, but some of these reports really want me to tear up my mock I just did on Friday, as I already feel it'll be way off.