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  1. Please post which players are available via trade here. We opened this thread last year to keep it out of the discussion thread and it worked very well. It makes it easier if you post the players' names and the stars associated. The opposing team is acquiring the base salary, while your team is saving the amount from the cap savings column. Yes, some of the bonuses do disappear but we're doing what we can for ease.
  2. Let the 2017 Forum Mock commence! Discuss anything and everything related to the forum mock here. Signups will begin at 7PM EST, tonight. Please read the new process we have for signups in the official signup thread.
  3. Booooooo Well in this case, still not a bad day. 12 picks total. Think tomorrow could be slow unless regz comes back as he's been offline for over 24 hours.
  4. CC: @-Truth- Not sure if he intended to get to this pick as well or not.
  5. The Packers could be trying to trade up again pending player availability. Combine 5.9 and 6.20 to get as far up as possible.
  6. *DO NOT POST ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOUR PICK IN THIS THREAD* 1. Please make all picks in the following format: Post you pick by saying “With the ____ pick in the ___ round of the 2017 Forum Mock, the ____ select… [picture] (player) 2. Each team has 12 hours to make their selection in all rounds! If you do not make your pick in the allotted time, your pick will be skipped, but you can make your pick at any time. If you miss a pick, but eventually post it, you will have your time cut in half after the second skip and so on. Eventually you may be replaced. 3. If you acquire a pick with under 6 hours to go until the pick deadline, the clock will be upped to 6 hours remaining to make a selection. If you acquire a pick with more than 6 hours to go, the clock will not be changed. ****ALL PREVIOUS SELECTIONS CAN BE FOUND IN THE BIG BOARD THREAD***
  7. For what it's worth, it's been said that Evans could very well retire.
  8. The Green Bay Packers cut: WR Max McCaffrey RB John Crockett 0.5 stars each
  9. If anyone needs a hail mary catcher, I'll swap Jeff Janis for another depth player.
  10. Didn't even care if I was wrong lol. I was willing to lose my late 5th straight up (moving up higher in the order of course) in order to get him.
  11. 20. Detroit Lions @JoeyFlex5 OTC21. Cleveland Browns @ArsenalRaven66622. Minnesota Vikings @T3hRaven23. Cleveland Browns @ArsenalRaven66624. Houston Texans @regz199725. New England Patriots @berad26. Kansas City Chiefs @ravensnick27. Oakland Raiders @-Truth-28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers @Jonah DeVito29. Pittsburgh Steelers @Giants56Ravens5230. Atlanta Falcons @Yatagarasu
  12. I have a firm day 2 grade on Taywan Taylor. I love his shiftiness in the slot. More weapons for Rodgers.
  13. With the 19th pick in the 4th round of the 2017 Forum Mock, the Green Bay Packers select... Taywan Taylor | WR | Western Kentucky
  14. This is the thread to post your trades. Only trades in this thread please. The OP will not be updated to reflect all trades. Please post all trades in the following format: Team A Gives: player (cap saving/additions for both team) Round #, Pick # Team B Gives: player (cap saving/additions for both team) Totals: Team A saves/adds, Team B saves/adds One team posts the trade and the other team quotes the trade and says confirmed. If you do not do this, the trade doesn't count. When factoring the total cap numbers, do not include draft picks. They are already counted in your draft allocation, so you would be counting them twice and losing cap space. Please refer to the big board for accurate pick numbers: FOUND HERE ABSOLUTELY NO DISCUSSION IN THIS THREAD. JUST TEAMS POSTING AND CONFIRMING THEIR TRADES.
  15. The Green Bay Packers select... Lindsey Duke's sister (I don't even know if she has a sister)
  16. @Ozzsome where u go?
  17. @Jonah DeVito Green Bay Packers trade: Round 4, Pick 28 Round 5, Pick 28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade: Round 4, Pick 19 Round 6, Pick 20
  18. Bump, bump, bump it up.
  19. @LosT_in_TranSlatioN OTC
  20. You're up now.
  21. Welp, I attempted to get people prepared.
  22. Still potentially looking to move up into this range. 4.28 and 5.28 on the block depending on where you are in the order.
  23. @Capitano1412 OTC
  24. 15 picks today. Good work. Might be a stopping point since our overseas compadres are in the wee hours. Here are the next 10, so be prepared for tomorrow morning and pass on some boards if you won't be around. 10. Miami Dolphins @feel_the_rush 11. Seattle Seahawks @RavensFanMania 12. Seattle Seahawks ^Ditto 13. Arizona Cardinals @Capitano1412 14. Cleveland Browns @ArsenalRaven666 15. Minnesota Vikings @T3hRaven 16. New York Jets @LosT_in_TranSlatioN 17. Cleveland Browns @ArsenalRaven666 18. Tennessee Titans @Ozzsome 19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers @Jonah DeVito
  25. 4.28 and 5.28 could still be available in a trade up, potentially.