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  1. Langley is a pure potential pick. Not much CB tape out there but he's such a smooth athlete if they can teach him some of the intricacies of the position.
  2. Ozzie did allude to the possibility of trading down in the 4th.
  3. Still pumped my guy is actually a Raven. Not a typical Ravens type of guy but I'm glad they've seemingly adjusted and took a player built for today's NFL. I'm still a full believer that he's Jamie Collins 2.0
  4. As a 3rd round pick, I'll never care if Williams doesn't become a true 3 down LBer. Just him do what he does best.
  5. James Conner. Good story.
  6. Why is there always one good person that goes to Pittsburgh? Makes it so hard to like them lol
  7. It's more the overall investment into the DL for me, with nothing special to show for it. So many high picks and Brandon Williams is the only good player we have to this point. For me, it's not as much against Wormley as much as it is out investment in the DL as a whole.
  8. Loved what little I could actually find on Langley. Developmental guy but so smooth athletically.
  9. And there's another UDFA that went in the 3rd. Brendan Langley.
  10. Yeah it works for me. I was kind of thinking that if we were going to take him, that would mean other teams were comfortable with him as well and he'd go a little earlier. Glad it worked out where we were comfortable AND he was available for us.
  11. I didn't think he'd make it this far, but figured if anyone was taking a shot on him, it could be us.
  12. Wouldn't say reaches necessarily. This is typically always the time where some guys you don't think are valued as highly start to go.
  13. Going well for me so far. I picked Gareon Conley at 29 and he went 24, even with the allegations. I picked Tyus Bowser in the early 3rd and he went mid 2nd. I picked Taywan Taylor in the mid 4th and he went early 3rd. I picked Kenny Golladay as a UDFA and he just went late 3rd.
  14. Wormley is the only pick I don't like so far, so not a bad draft in that regard. I really wish we'd stop drafting so many DL. It's great that we can develop them and all but how many do we really need? 5 years in a row taking one in the top 3 rounds. I'd much rather have that pick go towards an incredibly weak offense. I don't even think Wormley is a terrible player or anything, but it's overkill.
  15. No idea who's playing on offense for us but they've sure managed to attempt to build an insane defense.