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  1. Agreed. For what it's worth, I don't think Boulware has near the instincts and that's why I'm not big on him as more than a late rounder.
  2. I'm not saying he's going to end up like them or anything. Merely pointing out that a public press conference and what he said in it has no bearing to me. It could be just like any standard job interview where you say what the interviewer wants to hear.
  3. Oh I agree. I can't sit here and pretend like I know Williams' exact situation. I just think it's a tough year to take a character risk considering the lack of young talent this team has acquired over the past few years. You have that challenging decision. If Williams is clean, you're likely getting a top of the line pass rusher even if he has limits elsewhere. If he's not though and he fails more tests and gets suspended, how does this team recover? Like you said (and even I've said it numerous times), if he does get picked by us, that has to mean Ozzie is comfortable with him. I just have a hard time believing that's the case. Keep in mind that Williams concerns are largely off the field, so the largest part of his pre-draft coaching has been damage control. I would bet that his agent placed a strong priority on finding someone to teach him exactly what to say and how to say it.
  4. This coming from a fan of Williams - he has character issues. Regardless of what he says, he's still admitted to failing multiple drug tests and that's a legitimate concern. He might come off as genuine and remorseful when he speaks, but guys like Josh Gordon and Randy Gregory have also said the same things and look where they are right now. Now, that doesn't mean Williams will end up like them. He could very well buck the trend. I just think you need to know with absolute certainty that he's changed if you're spending your 16th overall pick on a guy in what could be a make or break year for a lot of jobs in the organization.
  5. Yeah athletic isn't what I'd use to describe him. Borland was successful because of his insane instincts, great discipline, intelligence, and strength. If there's one area where he stood out "athletically" it's his strength.
  6. Appreciate it. Everything actually went according to my plan which is crazy, but I'll take it.
  7. Oh man I have a great one but I know the higher ups wouldn't appreciate it.
  8. I may have ended my draft early, but I'm more than happy with my 4 picks and I think I nailed exactly what I wanted to do. Gareon Conley is pretty clean and should take on a big role early. CB was my biggest need and I really wanted to give Damarious Randall more time at his natural S position. I didn't need the immediate pass rush so I wanted Tyus Bowser, who can help me all across my LB while he develops as a rusher. Considering how much Houston dropped him into coverage, I was actually impressed by what he did when he did actually get to rush. Taywan Taylor is a personal favorite of mine and is my draft crush this year. He was more of a luxury pick but I don't care because I wanted him. He should slot in nicely as yet another weapon for Rodgers. TE is deep but I was still surprised to see Jordan Leggett available as late as I got him. I wish he showed more ability/desire to block, but he's a pretty good and consistent receiver despite not being super athletic. Plus, I have the best blocker in the league as my TE2.
  9. Last chance offers. I'm not going to be negotiating with anyone. Simply picking the best offer in about 4 hours. You can feel free to include players I like (hint: look at my past teams) instead of the positions listed above.
  10. I love Williams as a player but I find it hard to take him at 16 with the reported and even self-admitted issues. If we do take him, I imagine it means that Ozzie did a lot of checking with his Alabama connections, but still find it hard to believe at this time.
  11. Alright here's the deal. 7.29 and 7.31 are available for either 1 or 2 players. Prefer OL, NT, ILB, SS, or even P but I'm open to everything. Best offer by say, 3-4pm or so when I get home tomorrow gets the highly coveted picks.
  12. Two 7th rounders (29 and 31) on the block. Let's end this thing. Flipping for depth.
  13. With the 27th selection in the 4th round in the 2017 Forum Mock, the Green Bay Packers select... Jordan Leggett | TE | Clemson
  14. ^ I wasn't the one in trade discussions all day, for what it's worth. Holding true and ending my game here outside of my two 7ths which I want to move.