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  1. That's because of all the focus to getting all the perfect pieces and MORE weapons, so that we can dig Dunkin Joe-nuts out of his hole- again.
  2. Joe needs to start his day with a big old sniff from deep within the dark, folgeresque, bowels of the biggest coffee can he can muster........then end the day doing the same.
  3. I really wish sometimes our fans actually knew what having a pathetic QB was. Then I remember Grbac and Boller.... how quickly some forget. You can focus on that, while I focus on the hopes of betterment.
  4. "But what is being overlooked is the Ravens have almost completely moved on from their underperforming squads". When you say, "underperforming", you mean the entire team, as well as the coaches, etc., correct? Those "same people" are probably many of the ones who think Dunkin Joenuts is a better than average QB, which continue to take up for him and make excuses. We'll see. No...actually I will see, while many of you space out in your rose colored glasses. Its all good though because I will not be let down, however.....
  5. pointless fluff; keep on dunkin Joe. You'll have more weapons to check down to this year. Cant wait. -Edgar Allan Poo
  6. Just curious. How did you feel about Joe when Lee Evans couldn't hang onto the ball in the endzone in the AFC Title Game against the Pats in 2011, when he lead them to great wins in the playoffs and the Ravens captured the ultimate prize, when the D could not hang onto a 14 point lead against the Pats in the playoffs, or when the D couldn't hang on vs the Steelers last year. Wow. That's what I call erosion. You must have loved Chris Redman, Elvis Grbak, and Kyle Boller. Flacco played on some truly stacked teams. That's why he made the Playoffs 6 times and won a SB. We have overpaid for his talent and now we sit in a position where we can't always retain the guys we need to and we can't add the talent we need to on both sides of the ball in Free Agency. January Joe is a better QB, but don't forget who we lost since 2012. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Ray Rice, Haloti Ngata, Boldin, Birk, KO, Pollard, Ellerbe, Corey Graham, Pernell McPhee, (Pitta's not the same), (Suggs is no longer in his prime). We need cap space to reload and stack the Roster. Flacco's greedy contracts take up too much Cap Space. Thank you!
  7. "Other teams catching up"?.....Well its all about perspective. You can view it from the Eisenberg angle, and I'll view it from the CQ1 angle- or the ROFO angle (kudos from a member that said I should go root on a Royal Farm related team......that's a classic; for now I'll root on their chicken :) Quite frankly, since Flacco's emergence into the league, the entire team chemistry has since quickly eroded. Until we can figure out all of the pieces- and, or weapons that are needed to seemingly nurture- or as I tend to see it, pacify him, from the fans point of view. As long as Joe continues to constantly check down, stare down and or stay in the pocket to long- other teams will continue to catch up. I cant wait to hear what the purple-fluff, excuses are going to be this year. Off to Rofo :)
  8. Flacco will lead us to that fabled promise land. He did take up boxing. Things are looking up. - Edgar Allan Poo
  9. Baltimore has an Arena Football League Team now. You may want to look into that. Royal Farms Arena seems like it would be a great place to watch a game. Great idea, Whobilly!
  10. You gotta love the NFL more and more every day (sarc); when you finally get a decent pick that progresses- you most of the time lose him. Well fans- keep on buying the jerseys (not). Keep overpaying a mediocre QB while more importantly- raising ticket prices. Yeah, the NFL gets better every day. The next thing you know, we'll be heading to London
  11. I'm betting the Ravens sign him. Hell fit right in with Crampanaro and Whereiman.
  12. He probably has a new list of excuses ready for Flacco along with, 'Why your weapons for Joe continue to not work', handbook.
  13. "Keep calm", that's funny. In order to "keep" calm, one has to be calm to begin with. AND- how many Raven fans (the un-delusional, Raven fans) are actually calm ?
  14. .....and the fans will be opening their wallets too. Not this one. As long as we have Dunkin Jo-nuts- the product is faulty