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  1. I'm betting the Ravens sign him. Hell fit right in with Crampanaro and Whereiman.
  2. He probably has a new list of excuses ready for Flacco along with, 'Why your weapons for Joe continue to not work', handbook.
  3. "Keep calm", that's funny. In order to "keep" calm, one has to be calm to begin with. AND- how many Raven fans (the un-delusional, Raven fans) are actually calm ?
  4. .....and the fans will be opening their wallets too. Not this one. As long as we have Dunkin Jo-nuts- the product is faulty
  5. This statement is simply absurd and demonstrates a complete lack of understanding. add 3 oz of perception and a cup of reality, and presto = we'll see :)
  6. As much as I like Dennis- and his zeal, he is just another convenient check down for Dunkin Jo-nuts. Furthermore, Joe is not a Championship caliber QB. He just happened to be the QB on the Championship caliber team of 2012. Until many of the pieces of our team get much better (much, much better), he will never guide us to another Championship. Can't wait for Mallett to somehow get into the mix.
  7. Correct! Its one thing to take up a large chunk of the cap space- if you are worthy of it, however, in Joe's case he is not all that good.
  8. Too bad you just don't see the light. You could do a lot worse in the QB situation. You could be a Browns fan. They would give their eye teeth to have Flacco on their team and I could think of several others as well. Get over the cap issue please. It is what it is. They can have him.
  9. Unless he is hip on all of Joes checkdowns, why not. Otherwise, as long as we have Flacco- your wasting your time here.
  10. I beg to differ......or Dilfer :) Flacco needs too much around him and lacks the necessary skills to compensate for the lack there of. You all can sugar coat it all you want. You'll see- and you'll be paying for it- especially, if you want to pay for the fan increases. Good luck, there.
  11. Making 'sense' for the Ravens is becoming quite the oxymoron
  12. From a bust- to busted. It really is a shame that many just don't get it- even WITH a / so called college education. You cant teach common sense.
  13. AND, yes, i am very aware of the phrase "be careful what you wish for". A day does not go by when I do not think of it- and not related to the getting more greedier sport in football. Blah, blah....... Simply put- The Ravens can stick with Flacco and continue to accept sub par stats from a overpaid QB or they can (eventually) go in another direction. Point blank.....No risk equals no reward. Its that simple. We will go nowhere with Flacco
  14. As a SIP Ravens fan (souring in progress), I wouldnt be surprised if we do not resign him. We might as well blame Joes bad knee for that too.
  15. Maybe if aiken could actually get open and then actually catch the ball Joe would have been able to keep more drives alive and you would be dunkin to if you were playing with a bad knee and a line that was shaky at best I guess that we will see (the same DunkinJo-nuts) in time. Knee, line or not- I have seen more than enough of him. I cannot wait for when he is gone