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  1. I'd vie for seeing the coaching staff- especially with the way the O-coordinators are set up. It was comical last year.
  2. Correct!.....I'm not so sure why we got a new coordinator ASSISTANT that is pro-running the ball, when we still have the O-coordinator from last year. Something stinks here as well. One calls the shots- right. It appears that Harbaugh does not have the Hardbaughs to over ride any calls within the frame of a game. That's sad.
  3. Wow....its a shame that it does not coincide with his Quarterback rating- especially since the superbowl. It is great, however, given his overpaid, sexy contract. And yes, I DID sleep in a Holiday Inn express last night
  4. Purple Banter 101
  5. "The bigger we were, the harder we fell; I regret the fact that we were greedy"..... Look at our coliseum, now. -The Romans
  6. Could. My name for next year COULD also continue to be Edgar Alan Poo, however, it COULD go back to Edgar Alan Poe. Could.
  7. We'll see how far this goes, given: -whoever we draft at RB even gets the ball when they should be running the ball -whoever we draft at WR /TE, even gets the ball when it is either thrown directly, to the defense and, or, it is continually checked off via Dunkin' Joenuts. - maybe the 10 year rookie QB we have will progress. Yeah, right. We'll see ;)
  8. To enhance MY gameday experience, I may have to add a little extra con-carne with my taco dip and fluff up my couch cushions a bit more :)
  9. Great. Many of you can pay for the tickets / increase. I am no longer. At what point is there ever- its good enough (as in life). Case in point, the Falcons with their new stadium. The dome that they have just left was only 25 years old! Really. Just something (another thing) to consider.
  10. Great for Joe and THE Superbowl which were 4 years ago, and a lot of mediocrity at best thrown in, to date.
  11. To simplify: The Ravens need to get THIER butt in gear.
  12. This is one of those instances where stats doesn't tell the true story. His accuracy was inflated because of dumpoff passes - remember the New England game lol. Also most career passing yards. Last season the pass run ratio was something like 70:30. 70:30!!!! Imagine that. Garbage yards. Yeah- and they are going to re-invent the running game next year. Right. ANALOGY: you can have all the best ingredients in the world to cook with- but if your chef cant turn on the stove- someones going to be hungry.
  13. Please. Really. The knee will always be an excuse- now. Before, it was his lack of weapons and incompetence of all those offensive coordinators we went through. What excuse or issue are you going to write about next year. OOOH, wait- I have one. Why did we stick with the coordinator that refused to run the run the ball, while we hire ( a next in line, offensive-assistant) one that likes to run the ball. This is a cover up for when we / Flacco stink next year, in the making).
  14. Whatever........Its going to be the same ol' Dunkin' Joe-nuts, Its hard to change a 10 year rookie. I'm not worrying about it because I'm refusing to pay for any tickets to see the same ol' Joe-nuts