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  1. lol entertaining
  2. At this point, I don't want to hear anything Harbaugh has to say. Same lines over and over with no change. Just prove whatever it is you want to do with this team, and get us back to Ravens football.
  3. wouldn't be surprised if this is the main motive, but i'm hoping it's also because he's improved.
  4. soft just soft. everything about the drive on out part
  5. It seems like the coaching staff is trying to give them too much help instead of just letting everyone play to their strengths and just beat their man.
  6. I think Perriman will be fine given more time and confidence. He has all the tools, just learn how to dominate at the little aspects and play ball. I'm just to anxious to see him take a short pass and outrun everyone and showcase that speed.
  7. Suggs is a warrior. 8 sacks after missing 4 games.
  8. must've gotten some of that passion stuff ray was talking about lol
  9. it's odd you wrote this. you're the op and stated chemistry takes time and patience, yet you want to abandon all chemistry we've created until now, to see if ryan can come save the day ?
  10. Joe doesn't really lack passion for the game, you just don't see it until the playoffs.
  11. I really want Corn Elder to replace Webb next season.
  12. So who gets the start? i'm excited
  13. lol chill pill guys
  14. it's hard when you can't run the ball
  15. I'm ready to see Dixon. Seems like if Forsett doesn't have a wide open lane he doesn't do anything.