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  1. Considering all of the charity work and donations Ben Watson tells us about it may a blessing in disguise when the Ravens release him so that he can spend more time on his philanthropy.
  2. nothing wrong with four picks in the top 100. It'll also give us more opportunities to bring in that undrafted free agent that makes the team.
  3. I'm not saying we should keep Dumervil but taking Barwin over Dumervil would be ridiculous
  4. Not really...if those two are signed it will mean that Brown, Bell and Big Ben will account for more than a quarter of their salary cap
  5. We shouldn't be too upset that we don't make deals with people early. Even though Flacco cost us more by waiting one wonders if maybe he doesn't play so well in the Super Bowl stretch run if he already had a big deal sewn up. Also, think of all the bad deals we might've gotten into if we had la Canfora's philosophy
  6. I felt like McKinnie could've been so much better than he was but it's not fair to say he "held his own" helping the team win the Super Bowl. In fact he was downright dominant down the stretch and if Joe didn't have the confidence he had in Bryant he probably wouldn't have played as well as he did
  7. Glad to see Castillo leaving. Don't know how he didn't share in some of the blame the last two seasons for the poor performance of the running game. I'm looking forward to Roman getting us moving in the right direction again. Hate to see Frazier go but I think most of the credit for the improvement in the secondary should go to Eric Weddle. It's amazing how smart great players like like Weddle and Ed Reed make their coaches look. We get two quality DBs that can stay healthy paired with Eric Weddle and it won't matter how good the secondary coach is. Is it not plausible that Dennison wouldn't be brought back to be the QB coach? Can we please quit talking about Williams and Wagner? Unfortunately, they won't be back. We'll just keep using our supplementary picks to replace them. The 3rd rounder we'll get for KO this year should come in handy.
  8. I wouldn't say McPhee is a 'great player'. Also if we'd made the poor decision to match the Raiders offer and keep KO we wouldn't have drafted Stanley because we would've put KO at LT as they were doing late in the 2015 season.
  9. I wonder if this is one of those Skip Bayless type posts where he switches accounts to praise himself...Only kidding Jacket I know (pretty sure) this isn't you
  10. How about you give me 7 that have an elite cover guy and a sack specialist?
  11. ...and so says about 25 other teams!!
  12. First off, Suggs should not be on this list. It's disrespectful to imply that the Ravens would cut an all-time Ravens great who is still performing at a high level to save a paltry $1mil. (which really isn't $1mil since you have to spend money to replace the position) Jettison Arrington and Dumervil. Cut Webb with plans to resign him after he 'tests' the market and isn't offered half of what he's set to earn next year. Keep Lewis as insurance if Webb isn't back and then cut Lewis if Webb comes back. Have Watson and Pitta compete and then cut the loser of that competition after June 1. Keep Wallace. Keep Zuttah unless a C can be found and waive him after June 1 if the position is upgraded. I can't speak to Shareece Wright but my sense is he should be kept. He seems to play a lot better when Jimmy Smith is playing at the other corner, but what do I know.
  13. What do you mean 'can'? He already is from what I saw down the stretch.
  14. Flacco's contract is not the problem. All teams have essentially the same money committed to their QBs (around $20 milliion). Flacco's deal averages $22mil a year. Even if there wasn't s a dead money issue we'd still pay Flacco what he's receiving. Would you rather have someone like Fitzpatrick for $14mil or Romo for $18mil? I don't think so. Who are you proposing would replace Joe anyway?