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  1. I think I might have wrote my prediction esoterically because I am predicting the final score to be 34 -14 and that the game will be over at halftime with a score some thing like 21-7. Count on it-the Steelers will put up at least 34 in this game based on the eye popping moves of Bell who ends up making us look like pee wee leaguers. We are up a creek on this one without a paddle. Things would be different if the game was at M&T Bank. Today we see Har-ball in all it's complete dysfunctionality and just maybe I will get my Christmas wish and we begin to close the book on John Harbaugh in Baltimore.
  2. Don't you know Wizards live forever? Especially a Wizard in Baltimore.
  3. This is a very easy game to predict. Since the Steelers actually have an offense and we continue to play Har-ball the outcome is obvious. Bell puts up big numbers against us and this game is over by half time. 34-14 Steelers and so the farce ends. Also no need to predict the Bengals game since it is totally irrelevant and nobody really cares anyway. In the off season I hope everyone takes the time to stand up and say it's time to replace the Harbaugh regime. Only then can the Ravens begin to heal and move forward. Since I am a die-hard Ravens fan I will be back next year and shall continue my rants against a dysfunctionally run John Harbaugh system of football and I will not rest until he is run out of town on the next thing smokin and takes Ozzie Newsome with him.
  4. This has turned out to be a ho-hum game and seems more like a Ba-Humbug reason to cheer for my Ravens. There is no wild card chance for us which means we have to beat the Steelers or it's over. However the question is can we beat the Eagles. Hard to believe it's going to be 60 today and that will give us the edge and enough for us to pull out a win. Without Sproles the Eagles can't fly and M&T Bank will be more like the Hotel California. 27-17 Ravens
  5. Man this is an unbelievable thread. There is absolutely no path to the playoffs. You guys really make me laugh. I'm talking gaffaws~=!!!
  6. Deal !! and you have to sweep up!
  7. Will you go away forever if I'm right? Or how about just disappear for 2 weeks?
  8. Its obvious you just don't read - besides Pittsburg I've correctly predicted the outcome of each game and with most games been very close with final scores. I predicted our 4 game losing streak and I will correctly predict we will lose the last 5. Its a shame so many Raven fans believe ( because we are in first place ) that we are a first place team. We are not and after today we will completely sink out of the playoff picture. And you can take that prediction to M&T Bank.
  9. Unfortunately the slide begins tomorrow. I have this game a toss-up but the problem is the Dolphins are just a tad bit better offensively and that makes all the difference. It will be close but not to close to call . Dolphins win 24-20.
  10. Had to get my prediction in last minute on this game. Good teams find ways to win big games-bad teams find ways to lose them. These are 2 bad football teams but as bad as the Ravens are I think they can beat a one-armed fighter in the Bengals. A typical close game 24-20 Ravens
  11. The entire football world is laughing at us today. #1 ranked defense looked like Swiss cheese. Offense was pathetic and was embarrassing . It's time to face the facts about our team. A team of under-achievers , rife with sub-par talent and over-paid half-wits. This is a team poorly coached and should be totally revamped from the top all the way down to the waterboy ( who by the way fell down running out during a break to bring water)
  12. I will take it a step further for you-- Elliott will run for 150 + and Prescott will add another 60 +
  13. Come on man I don't hate my team. I dislike what we have become playing Har-Ball. Despite Harbaugh's successes the quality of our teams look very similar to what we had during the Billick era. Good defenses and mediocre offenses. It's always the same. We have the personnel so it has to be the coaching. Everything starts at the top and seeps down from that.
  14. That's a deal as well!