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  1. Hate this trade, to me there is no value here at all. We trade them one of our valuable D-line pieces and a pass rushing asset-(an area we are already lacking) and all we get is to move up 20 spots in the 3rd round??? Boooooooo
  2. Well it's nice to see we got something in exchange for Jeremy Zuttah along with the extra cap room, although it's not much. I'm concerned yet eager to see whats in store for our O-line this offseason, and id say after trading Zuttah O-line has to be our biggest concern/need, given that were working with essentially 2/5ths of a solid O-line. Stanley and Yanda are the only building blocks we have and both looked banged up at times last season. Sure we still have a few depth players in Lewis, Urschel, and Jensen but we need to add atleast 2 solid guys to fill the holes. We have made some moves to free up cap space so maybe we can scrape up a vet, and there's always the draft as well, but our O-line looks swiss cheesy right now.
  3. Member Lardarius Webb in his prime before his injuries when he was a boss.
  4. All about that stout run D
  5. Given how much a veteran WR presence has benefited this team in the past and the fact that Ozzie even recently mentioned we may be in the market for a vet, I could see this happening. Mike Glennon just got a massive contract and in his few starts on tape VJax was his go to receiver putting up 2 1000 yard receiving seasons. I like guys like Vjax, Anquan Boldin, Stevie Johnson etc
  6. Anyone know what our cap is looking like after the Jefferson, Woodhead, and tenders?
  7. I really hope we resign Brandon Williams, I also like the fact that were taking a look at Morris Claiborne too. He is injury prone as is Jimmy Smith. But he should come reasonably cheap given his injury history. Our D is looking up
  8. O-line has to be a sizeable need going into the new league year, with Wagner leaving Yanda aging, and the fact that we did not run block or pass block particularly well last season. I'd like to see us find our KO 2.0, he was such a valuable pick who did huge things for us and turned out to be a special player. So maybe we add a free agent or 2 and use the draft to find a young prospect. You cant have enough oline depth, hopefully we really push to solidify.
  9. Danny Woodhead signing makes me miss the Ray Rice days aka the days when we were every year playoff contenders where he was our workhorse back, got majority of the snaps and did everything at a high level. It's not easy finding those type of players but it seems like we have invested a couple draft picks in back to back drafts as well as free agent signings and are operating a highly inefficient split back running game. I'm very familiar with Danny Woodhead and like him, he is a Swiss army knife of a weapon, however I dont like the idea of having multiple RBs for multiple tasks, it takes away from your starter (who I guess will be Kenneth Dixon going into 2017) getting much needed time to get into a groove and find consistency.
  10. Everything was ugly, and it puts a dingleberry on top of yet another mediocre season in recent memory. Steve Smith was the talk of the town this past week and even around the entire league as he announced his retirement. Harbaugh gives his typical nonsense presser about how much he loves him, Flacco and everyone else praises him and yet we come out and get destroyed, get an L, and Smith records a whopping 3 catches on his way out the door. Booooooo. See you later Mornewhig or however the hell you pronounce your mediocre name, maybe if we would have promoted someone else to be OC we would have made the playoffs. We will miss your 1 yard passes Marty, see ya.
  11. Yea very upsetting, at least Mornewhig is surely about to get the axe, he can take his mediocre system with him...Maybe the browns will hire him.
  12. So with this L we just got, where will we be picking in the draft?
  13. Put the ball at the 1 yard line and everyone let Steve Smith enjoy a 99 yard TD for his last play of his career. COME ON
  14. What a sad end to our season, and a sad sendoff for Steve Smith. I was hoping to see him get an unlimited supply of targets but I guess a loss and 3 catches will be the last we see of good ol' Smitty
  15. Wow, you would think we would game plan toward Steve Smith in the final game of his career....But nah let's just keep playing the same conservative ball that got us eliminated from the playoffs in a meaningless game