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  1. I'm done... I can't wait anymore... Good game guys. It was fun.....
  2. You have to admit Cage was pretty great in that movie.... Shue was pretty good in that movie too. I love Nic Cage, and I've never seen a movie(except for Ghost rider2) that he was the one where he was bad. His Sanderson is one of my favorite performances ever for some reason. He's has been in horrible, horrible movies, but most of them aren't his fault.
  3. Leaving Las Vegas is a very good movie. I highly recommend the watch... It's one of the few romances I like.
  4. Actually I thought they were just guidelines....Also I'm done with the NFL
  5. Actually that'd be a cool name for a dump thread.... Nah I kid I kid.. Just let everyone in that game know that when they're done with their game, I'm done with mine...
  6. Did everyone not see my post saying delete it anyway? Really? I took it back almost immediantly lol. I'm done. If I'm going to gloat to anyone about the race it's to my friends haha
  7. You're in the clock
  8. Nah... I'll leave . No but seriously I should leave... Never make commitments you don't live up to
  9. Well they predicted it... But one post a week is still technically being gone right? Especially if it's in a thread not even about football?
  10. So mods... Say once a week I post but that posts "breaks the rules" and I'm suspended for six days afterwards. And at around the marathon, I commit "an act that's so bad that the integrity of the forums needs me to be banned permanently"? If that happens. Make it so.
  11. I might not leave actually until Marchish... Not for the NFL stuff but I might check in once a week to update with my marathon training. If I finish the race needless to say I'll have to brag about it somewhere haha. Anyway to limit my posts to one a week mods?
  12. Ray Lewis actually said it best "And at that moment, you could hear a rat piss on cotton" or something like that
  13. That was a moment of dead silence in my household.. We were all in awe
  14. Not even Bon Jovi! They're not even my favorite band. And that's not Bon Jovi's best song! Hell, that's not even the best song on that album
  15. Not even creepy Tommy Wiseau