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  1. Yes, Davis and Barnett are my ideal picks in the first. Barnett would practically complete the defense, besides ILB, making our defense extremely solid on paper. While adding Davis is exactly what the doctor ordered for our offense. Good routes, combined with excellent hands, and would complete giving Flacco viable weapons to build with in the future. Corey Davis, Perriman, Maxx Williams and Dixon are extremely talented and would be a solid foundation as long as we build a solid o-line. Besides those two picks I'm not much in love with anyone else at 16
  2. I never visit the news section, I only check the forums so I'll probably just find another forum to read I guess
  3. I personally dislike watching highlights, doesn't show the whole picture but hopefully we get creative! I'm a fan of the signing.
  4. It looks like a good idea.. But is Jefferson any good in one on one coverage? Especially against slot receivers?
  5. I wonder if they signed Jefferson to play that hybrid role? Think he'd fit the role? I've never seen him play to be honest
  6. Not the idea situation but with the cap rising every year and no big contacts expected in the next few years (only Mosley) it won't hurt that bad. That's the way I see it anyway... At least we can see a sense of urgency from the FO trying to improve the team. I like it as long as we start making moves for the offensive side. Anyone know how our cap situation looks?
  7. Wow.. Been a lurker for years.... Sign up to get involved and this happens? Definitely going to suck! I read these boards almost every day... Lots of good insight and opinions. Anyways rant over... Hope this is just a horrible April fools joke!!!
  8. I personally cannot look at Derrick Mason and Torrey Smith as similar in anyway... Although Mason also didn't always catch with his hands.. He actually caught the ball, he was a far better route runner, was physical, and clutch for the most part. I don't think any of those things could be said for a Smith and those are mostly basic traits for a receiver. Only way I'd be happy with Torrey coming back is if he took a small prove it type of contract and the FO still made atleast another move at the position.
  9. So, I am one of the us that is hoping we could sign Brandon Marshall at a decent price but this sounds like bad news for us. "Man, I'm from Pittsburgh, and I'm a Steelers fan," he said. "You guys know how it is being a Steelers fan. It's in our blood." Also from the same article: Despite Pittsburgh's immense depth at wide receiver, Steelers' GM Kevin Colbert has made it clear that the team wants a reliable No.2 receiver opposite Antonio Brown Expressing his feelings for the Steelers and then signing with their rivals? Idk!! http://pit.247sports.com/Bolt/Brandon-Marshall-pleads-allegiance-to-Steelers-51631921
  10. I may be out of the loop but has Lynch even had any coaching or front office experience? I do not recall hearing anything from Lynch since he retired.
  11. Haha well thanks for the hate guys. Anyways, I'm in no way shape or form asking for any of the foolishness mentioned to happen. However I would be interested in giving both of them a starting gig. They both were students of the game and I'm sure they have plenty of knowledge and know how to pass along.. Both could possibly become good coaches imo
  12. I seriously hope that Steve, Ozzie, and John have an offer on the table for Ray when he's ready. Maybe it'll be when his kids are done with college but at the very least it's a great way to sell some tickets. I know that I'm going to get slack from some members saying its time to move on, it's a new era, blah blah blah. I feel like bringing Ray and possibly Ed back as coaches would be the coolest thing ever. These guys are fan favorites that'll never die in the history of the Ravens, even the league. What could possibly hurt in bringing these legends in as assistant coach to their respective positions? Maybe their reps? Their egos? Even those two things seem indestructible. Sorry for the rant but Ray's interview got me on the train of thought. Thoughts? Opinions? Hate?
  13. Anyone hear of any potential coaches the Ravens are looking at for the vacancies at QB/OL? Any guesses on when we might pick someone up? After the Jupiter meeting?
  14. Call me crazy but i really hope we take a corner in the first. Sidney Jones is my favorite prospect in this class. With Jimmy, Jones and Tavon i feel like even if the 4 man pass rush is still only mediocre we'd have more coverage sacks and be more confident in sending some more blitzes. I'd feel confident that Suggs, Doom (if not cut), Judon, Jernigan, ZDS, Kaufusi (sp), or likely a rookie would be able to get there with another second or two from the coverage. All depends on how the board falls however.