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  1. I would like him to retire! I dont believe this team will win another bowl with him at the helm.
  2. My only question is this.......... Why must we wait until we hear the coach and the owner admit that he needs to play better before it's considered credible information? You guys love Flacco to a fault. The man is seriously an average QB at best. He is the standard, if you're looking for mediocrity.
  3. Bad coaching= Going for it in tight games (Chasing points) when we had the lead. Not calling enough run plays when the running backs and O-line were doing a great job as a unit. Not stretching the field. Way to many check downs. Tight ends couldn't stay healthy or on the field. Nick Boyle, Crockett, Watson. Overall I would have to say we need explosive play makers. We have to many snails on the field at any given time. Im tired of running a dig and dunk offense. I want to see some guys running free in the secondary because they burned their man.
  4. Thank you Brandon Williams!!!! Nice to be able to keep the best player on the defense<<<<Correction--- he is the best player on the team,
  5. CMON Dixon are you kidding me? I still think he can be the best back in that draft class. You have to do better than this though bruh.
  6. Flacco is 3 or 4 good seasons in a nine year career. If he needs all those first rounders and talent to be successful at 120 million, then I wish we could trade him to Cleveland. I'm fully aware this is impossible, so the only hope we have is that he retires.
  7. I would pay a subscription fee if the moderating didn't have to be so biased. I think far too often certain players get looked out for on the forums. Lets us just get our points across without cursing or attacking other posters. Who cares how much we beat the "proverbial dead horse". That's why its called an opinion. Ravens over everything, Team before individuals.
  8. I highly doubt it!!!!!! lmao........ Are you even being serious?????? Flacco wrecking the league
  9. True beast!!!! Finally
  10. I hate Our QB situation,
  11. lMAO>>>>>We are officially the Cleveland Browns!!!! No more games for me!!!!

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      @pechillo Yeah, historic in 2000...

    3. Corvus


      Flacco is far from a world beater but who pretell do you see as a QB who we could get via free agency or the draft that is better than Flacco right now? Yeah, that's what I thought. Get outta here.

    4. Virginia 55

      Virginia 55

      Simple answer is we had a QB that was better than Flacco on our roster in Tyrod. But all you probably saw was a runner. 

  13. How is the fanbase ungrateful for Flacco? Should we be grateful for a guy that has played decent or better in only 4 seasons of his career here? He should be grateful for the players that made him shine during his SB run.
  14. The way free agency seems to be shaking out we will be saying by to Harbaugh after this season. Our team is terrible!! It seems to keep getting worse.
  15. Is he??? He is a beast and can tackle like a linebacker. Often injured because of his physical play style, however he plays through injuries. Tough guy!!!!