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  1. dude, the corvette has had electronic throttle since 1997. The intake on the LS2, LS3, and LS7 all look about the same. Its definitely not an LS7...the oil dipstick is a dead giveaway. On the LS7 the dipstick is on the oil tank. My guess is its an LS2. They didnt come with the LS3 until 08 when they also changed the wheels. those are 05-07 wheels
  2. actually, you can get them cheaper than that... As was said though, the insurance is RIDICULOUS. Honestly, even corvette insurance is ridiculous. I know a guy(in his 50s) who traded in is 05vette for an 07sti and he insurance went from 2100/yr to 900/yr. I can only imagine what the insurance on the viper would have been.
  3. All you really need is the s/C, exhaust, and intake kit. You can keep all the decals and stitched interior, and the ugly hood.
  4. its AMAZING how much those trucks have devalued. Its pretty easy to find several low mileage examples under $25K on eBay
  5. Not a big fan of its shape actually.
  6. Some day I will own one of these... Supercharged 06 CTS-V
  7. only reason I mentioned it is because it won "Truck of the Year". Its not a "truck." The next year(1999) they started "SUV of the Year". They should've started it one year earlier and given it to the Mercedes...
  8. Motortrend "___ of the Year" is a joke. Especially for trucks. They just give it to whoever puts out their new model that year. Just look at the past 4 years, all new redesigns. 10 Ram, 09 F-150, 08 Tundra, 07 Silverado. Then you have the whole Ridgeline debacle and the atrocious ML320(the year before they started SUV of the year). That award doesnt mean antything. Seeing as the 2011 Super Duty is the only "new" thing this coming year, it will probably win.
  9. Yeah, the SS was a joke. Really it was just a Denali in chevy clothing. 6.0, AWD, 20" rims. Nothing special. I worked on one with a vortech S/C on it and it still didnt do much for me.
  10. which numbers? power, longevity, consumer ratings, units sold??? I'll agree with the last one hands down due to fleet sales.
  11. Maybe, but I know a lot of people(mostly old ppl) that really believe GMC is FAR superior to chevy, lol.
  12. GMAC will finance anything. Heck, my sister-in-law bought a Nissan and she has Subaru financing. Its all about whoever offers the best deal...
  13. The Chevy and GMC are the same mechanically. Just SLIGHTLY different on the exterior/interior.
  14. ugh, brings back memories of being able to spend money on a car. The last car I paid for a was a Mazdaspeed Protege back in 03. It was sweet, not much done to it but I loved it. Sold it to carmax in 05 when I got married and have been using "donated family cars" ever since. Current;y a rusted out, dented up 2000 Neon