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  1. Yeah it's an awesome game. Luckily I was able to finish it in time for Persona 5, another great RPG.
  2. NFL network can be pretty bad. I remember they compared Perriman to Dwayne Bowe which was such a bizarre comp. Nothing even remotely similar between those two players other than maybe size.
  3. Why are you so hysterical?
  4. I'm currently leaning towards Reddick or Barnett "if" he's there. Part of me wants Cam Robinson just for the meltdown reactions on here even though he'd probably help us out more than people think. Not going to get my hopes up on one of the wide receivers. It'd be nice but I'm not even sure any of the two I like will be there when the ravens pick.
  5. Was this thread really necessary? There's already an Orioles thread
  6. Welp 2-3 ain't bad. Asher or Aquino will be mainstays in the rotation if this continues.
  7. The amount of IP we're getting from our starters is insane. The era is crazy good good too. Also just checking espn I see we're tied at 1st for fewest runs allowed in all of baseball.
  8. AL Cy Young award winner Dylan Bundy... jk
  9. If he betrays you, would you say you're fed up with this world?
  10. I think there are worse picks to make at 16 than Cam Robinson
  11. Gausman aside we've gotten some really good starts from our pitchers.
  12. The amount of times we've opened or closed with cinci is comical. Looks pretty manageable and a perfect placement for a bye.
  13. lol yeah we seriously needed that because weren't going to score many runs. Garrett is probably NL rookie of the year, that dude is ridiculous.
  14. That was for a different murder. He wasn't getting off the one that landed him in there.
  15. You said those were average catches most receivers in the league make? What happened?