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  1. That was actually The Cowboys. but I went with the trade value chart with my trade decision . Ravens 16 overall pick is worth 1, 000 and The Broncos pick is worth 800. The Broncos offering their third round comp pick, a fourth, and their sixth round pick is worth The Ravens pick unless calculated it wrong.
  2. I originally had The Ravens trading back with The Buccs but then I started thinking what team really needs a running back and tight end bad. The Broncos came to my mind and I started thinking how they could be interested in a guy like David Njoku especially since the tight end position for the hasn't been too productive since Julius Thomas. I thought I was being fair with the trade because I was using the trade value chart to figure out what would be reasonable offer for The Ravens to accept if The Broncos indeed decide to give them a call . I watch some footage of his pro day and he look fluid in what may have been a linebacker drill. His 3 cone drill time was also 7.17 which gives me a another idea that he could possibly be fluid enough to operate in space if asked. I'm not biggest fan of Charlton myself but when the guy turns it on he turns it on. He can be inconsistent at times but I think once he works on being more consistent then he could be a pretty good every down edge defender. As said before I wanted to pick a guy like Carl Lawson or even Tim Williams but I questioned if those guys can be more than just pass rush specialist for The Ravens so I didn't feel comfortable picking them.
  3. Thanks you because I did mean Eddie Jackson not Eddie Johnson lol. I wasn't sure myself if I wanted to pick a ullback in my mock but Stevenson seems like a Raven type pick to me . Maybe The Ravens think Lorenzo Taliferro can replace Juice but it would be the first time in John Harbaugh era for The Ravens to not have a fullback at all on their roster if it does happen.
  4. In this mock draft The Ravens get a call from The Denver Broncos because they are highly interested in Dalvin Cook and David Njoku who they think both The Redskins and Buccaneers may take before they pick. The Ravens agree to trade down in the first and acquire The Broncos third comp pick, fourth, and sixth round pick, First Round : Corey Davis WR Western Michigan : The Ravens were able to trade down in the first round and still get their guy in Corey Davis. I feel like since Davis wasn’t able to work out for teams it may drop his stock a bit but he overall fits everything The Ravens need in a possession receiver to compliment Mike Wallace and Breshad Perriman Second Round:Taco Charlton Michigan DE/OLB- Maybe I’m being too optimistic but I have Charlton falling out of the first round because I don’t think teams believe he showed enough on tape to be a first round worthy atleast not over other players that would be more appealing. I wanted to pick a edge rusher with more speed like Carl Lawson but I don’t think they can potentially be fluid in coverage along with rushing the passer and setting the edge like I believe Charlton can potentially do .. Third Round: Sidney Jones CB Washington I really like this guy and it’s unfortunate that he got hurt during his pro day and he may get drafted before the third round but he fits everything The Ravens need in a corner right now with his height, his versatily coverage wise, and his solid tackling. Third Round: Ethan Pocic C/T LSU Not often do you find a offensive linemen that’s 6’7” with the ability to play center and play it well. Pocic actually may be that guy but what I like about him is he not only can fit any blocking scheme The Ravens decide to move with but he also could play right tackle for The Ravens if needed. Oh yeah this would also make the first time The Ravens have ever drafted a player from The LSU J . Third Round Comp (pick acquired from trade with The Broncos) : Eddie Jackson DB, Alabama I’m not sure if it’s because of his injury but his name hasn’t been bought up much. I like the guys versatility because you can plug in at free safety, strong safety, and and nickel corner but he also has experience as a returner which is also a need The Ravens have and unlike Matt Elam and Terrence Brooks he wouldn’t be put out into the fire so soon due to The Raven current depth at the safety position. Fourth Fourth Round: Eddie Vanderoes DE/DT UCLA- I really like this guy on tape and he stood out to me against Stanford He’s a guy I think could come in and play the 3 technique for The Ravens and probably would have been drafted higher if not for injuries and more.He’s been considered to have first round talent but can be lazy at times but I think with The Ravens defensive line coach yelling at him all the time it’s not impossible to see Fourth Fourth Round(pick acquired from trade with The Broncos) Jordan Morgan G, Kuztown . This guy may not be a day one starter but he has so much upside and would be able to learn a lot from Marshal Yanda who won’t be around for ever. He’s another guy like Ethan Pocic who is scheme diverse and I seen online that some think he could play center as well. Fifth Round: Justin Senior OT Mississippi State He’s a developmental tackle that needs to work on his pass blocking technique but he moves quite well and could eventually be a starting right tackle in due time but for now could serve as a back up tackle that The Ravens can use as extra blocker when needed. Sixth Round: Freddie Stevenson FB Florida State He may not be Juice or should I say Kyle Hugecheck but he’s a pretty good run blocker, he can make plays in the pass game as check down options at times, can pass block, and be used as running back those tough extra yards when needed. Sixth Round: Keion Adams DE/OLB Western Michigan I think he may go higher than this but he’s a speedy pass rusher similar to that of Elvis Dumervil who you want to come in on obvious passing down situations to get after the quarterback. I also want to say even though it's sad that this board will be closing down soon it has been a honor to discuss with other Ravens fans on this site on many topics football related and I think this board has one of the most intelligent fans
  5. I like Corey Davis alot but he hasn't been able to show anything to the scouts. His tape is pretty good but he's so unknown. I wouldn't really trade up for him base off that alone honestly.
  6. It could be the napoleon complex(funny by the way) but keep in mind what type of wide receiver Steve Smith was for most of his career. If this was Anquan Boldin instead of Steve Smith Sr then he probably would speak highly of Mike Williams naturally because he was a pretty similar receiver. I can see Derrick Mason saying something similar to what Steve Smith Sr said because they both were receivers that emphasis on running precise routes and being smart about it. This what you see on tape with Corey Davis and John Ross but don't see that often with Mike Williams and the guy isn't a great route runner atleast not right now.
  7. I think if he was drafted it would be ideal for The Ravens to see if he can be a starting right tackle. I honestly think they would try to move Alex Lewis and Cam Robinson between left guard and right tackle throughout training camp to see what player is best suited at before actually naming who will be what before the regular season starts.
  8. I'm not the biggest fan of Cam Robinson but he definitely shows some good stuff on tape especially with how physical he is when run blocking and etc. He probably would would excel awhole lot at guard though
  9. I don't know alot about his off the field concerns but The Ravens never said they wouldn't draft a player that has off the field issues atleast not the type that weren't domestic violence related.
  10. I like McKinley but I'm not sure if he can be like Terrell Suggs.
  11. I think it's Corey Davis or either Derek Barnett. The Jaz has spoken and shall be done in The Dragon from Dragon Ball Z voice lol..
  12. There is a difference and a big difference but that doesn't mean a 20 or 21 year old Joe Mixon can't look at that situation and say man, I wish I could have handle that situations better by walking away . The same can be said about Amelia Molitor who may have been a teenager as well at the time but it seems like she already feels like that. If you haven't seen this by now then it may be best to read this click here link
  13. I definitely agree with this. The risk are there and I wouldn't be surprise to see foster fall out of the first round.
  14. Gronk loves to party too and he hasn't been a issue for The Patriots but a player that loves to party doesn't seem like a problem to me. I honestly wouldn't really like the pick that much if The Ravens drafted Foster in the first because what does that leave a guy like Correa to do and then it may mean re-signing Webb was pointless .
  15. There is a difference and a big difference but that doesn't mean a 20 or 21 year old Joe Mixon can't look at that situation and say man, I wish I could have handle that situations better by walking away . The same can be said about Amelia Molitor who may have been a teenager as well at the time but instead saying to her self that even though her bones in her facing being broken was a painful experience, embarrassing experience and more it wasn't the right thing to put hands on Joe Mixon.