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  1. Thank you. I needed a receiver with size and he was one of the best left.
  2. With the 5th pick in the 4th round of the 2017 Forum Mock draft, The Los Angeles Ram Select Amara Darboh WR Michigan
  3. With The 2nd pick of The 4th round, The Los Angeles Rams Select Ash Ketchum (cough cough) .......excuse me must have been playing too much pokemon go but it's actually Elijah Qualls DT, Washington
  4. If someone looking to trade up for my pick in the 4th round I'm willing to listen . I am currently on the clock
  5. It probably still is but I think it always came on the Nickelodeon channel .
  6. lol good show . Haven't seen it in awhile though.
  7. He doesn't play fast on tape as his combine numbers would suggest but he definitely is a good player. I probably would have drafted him in the fourth round if he fell to my spot.
  8. Who was that ?
  9. No it doesn't really count especially since he didn't get alot of snaps on defense and wasn't major contributor to the team.
  10. With the 5th pick in the 3rd round of the 2017 Forum Mock The Los Angeles Rams select : Pat Elflein G/C Ohio State
  11. I think John Ross is more than a vertical threat. He's a guy that seems to have reliable hands, good route runner, can play outside and inside, and etc to go along with his speed. I don't view him as a one trick pony so I don't see him as a limited route runner or a receiver that only best suited for go routes.He's not a guy that you want to count on winning contested catches 90 percent of the time but I think The Ravens have too much talent at the tight end position to not consider them as the big possession receiver they need for Joe Flacco to make those contested or key catches on third down. Perriman may be fast but he's a 6'2 receiver that was drafted in the first round and I doubt The Ravens drafted a first round receiver with the expectation of him being just a deep threat. One thing I also like about John Ross is that he isn't just fast but he's quick as well which may be something we can't say about Perriman and Wallace which isn't a big knock not on them because most taller guys aren't really all that quick.