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  1. Matthew Stafford still played great last year with out Megatron but his touchdowns and completion went down from his 2015 seasons.Every quarterback has a blanket and it's not like Stafford reached a new level of quarterback play after Calvin Johnson retired atleast according to stats . I doubt The Ravens aren't going to sign a veteran receiver and if they do or don't Joe Flacco will simply just have to find another blanket to throw to . The last time he didn't have a security blanket was in 2013 and it didn't work out well for him which motivated The Ravens to sign Steve Smith Sr in the first place.The only way Flacco get's better is if he actually does something similar to what Matt Ryan did during the offseason in 2016 which is probably hiring a good quarterback coach to work on his mechanics, working with his receivers, and working hard to get on the same page with Marty M so by the time training camp gets started he'll be comfortable within the offense.
  2. How often does any flat route turn into a 40 yard gain?. I don't think it was created to do so but it definitely can happen especially if the opposing defenders are caught surprise by it or the player breaks tackle and etc like Juice. Versatility wise yes I can understand the Hermandez comparison and it's good comparison it's just that Hermandez was never counted on to block at the fullback position. I have seen Juice being used in the slot, at running back,fullback and etc. Last year it seem like he was relied upon playing the running back position and contributing as a pass blocker on third down. The reason for that was probably main base off the fact that The Ravens running backs suck at pass blocking but I don't feel like Marty M isn't capable of using Juice in the fashion in which speak of. I'm sure Juice agent willl bring that up because I doubt Juice doesn't want to be involved in the passing game more and if The Ravens don't envision using him more then by all means he deserves to go to a team like The Patriots or Green Bay .
  3. I personally have no problem with the way Juice been used so far. I can't really remember alot of plays he was involved in that was useless but of course he could be use more creatively. The last time I remember Juice being used on a flat route last year at the fullback position was against The Patriot which he had a 40 yard gain after breaking some tackles
  4. Webb was ranked the 14th best safety last year and can play free safety, strong safety, nickel corner and probably outside corner as well . His versatility and his ability to multitask is what gave Eric Weddle the freedom to roam around the field and having two safeties that aren't limited helps with keeping the secondary versatile in my opinion. Marty M hasn't been a stranger at all with using fullbacks in the passing game so i'm not entirely sure about this .
  5. Rams TE Lance Kendrick is on the trading block.
  6. Rams K Greg Zuerlein 3.5 stars
  7. Rams K Greg Zuerlein 2.5 stars
  8. Rams K Greg Zuerlein 1.5 stars
  9. Rams K Greg Zuerlain 1.5 star
  10. Rams K Greg Zuerlein 0.5 stars
  11. I don't think Aiken was being utilized properly in the first half of the season. I believe Marc Trestman was using him more on deep routes that don't necessarily fit his strength consistently. Aiken is in a similar mold as Anquan Boldin (no I'm not saying he is as good as him) which is a receiver that doesn't have the speed to beat you deep but good enough to make plays on outside at times but has the physical strength and height to cause problems in the slot against nickel corners .
  12. I mention that Aiken may be cheaper because he had a down year but he of course could end up getting just as much as those receivers.Most of these free agent receivers are upside and what if to me with Alshon Jefferey and Terrell Pryor at the top of the list. Both of those guys have their question marks and both are guys I don't expect The Ravens to be able to sign. Legitimately improving the wide receiver position to me means getting a number one receiver which none of the available receivers are. I like Kenny Britt and he was ranked top 10 in making catching against tight coverage according to NFL gen stats and he caught 60 percent of his passes. Is some of the available free agent receivers more faster and explosive than Aiken? Yes they are but I feel like he's underappreciated and underrated . When come to wide receiver position The Ravens need Breshad Perriman to step up no matter who they decide to sign or even draft.
  13. I don't understand why Kamar Aiken is somewhat unappreciated . The guy had 900 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns in 2015 and caught 60 percent of his passes. He can play outside as well as inside and has shown to be dependable in the past. He had a down year last year and I'm not surprised by that after seeing him being pushed to play on special teams and not getting the chances on offense like he would have expected after his 2015 season..I have seen Ravens fans talk about Pierre Garcon and Robert Woods but I think Kamar Aiken is a similar player as them and may even be cheaper..
  14. Well, I personally feel bad right about now cause of this and i'm personally sorry