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  1. Injured and playing out of position doesn't equal bad for the O-Line, it just means they need to get healthy. They had success when they ran the ball the last two weeks, but Trestman wouldn't do it, so he had to go.
  2. It isn't his contract that is the issue, it is his signing bonus. He has no guaranteed money left in the contract, just $6.6M in signing bonus that would all come due. You can't trade that away, so a trade doesn't help his cap hit over being cut. As the article said, the only reason to trade him over a straight cut is to get something in return, like a draft pick.
  3. It would be very much out of character if Ozzie's first move was trading up. Granted he moved up to get Flacco, but that was AFTER trading back from their original position. He has moved up in other instances over the last 20 years to grab a player that they want. Many have not been the players that he hoped they would be. He did it for Arthur Brown, Micheal Oher, Adam Terry. Others have been exactly what he wanted, like Marshal Yanda and Haloti Ngata. It needs to be the right player and the price has to be right. He isn't giving up a ton of value to choose one player.
  4. Yea, but if Ramsey does not fall to us, which most think he will not than we are left with Hargreaves who I would love to get, but I don't see him really outside the top 10 picks. So if the Ravens did trade back it could not be far. It wouldn't be out of character for Ozzie to try to jump up to Dallas' spot at 4 and draft Ramsey if San Diego chooses Tunsil. And the cost wouldn't be huge, they could probably do it for one of our 4ths and a mid round pick next year.
  5. Tunsil is a fit, but where do you start him? The obvious answer is LT, but Monroe is under contract and the chances of getting anything in a trade for him are seriously hurt by his recent injury history and contract. YOu can't cut Monroe because of his dead money and resulting cap hit. You could move Tunsil inside to LG, like they did with Ogden for a season, but there are no guarantees that works to solidify the OL. Most of the "studs" early in this draft are on the defensive side of the ball. The Ravens need to get one of them. Ramsey, Jack and Buckner are all better fits with the Ravens than Bosa, who would be moving from a 4-3 DE to a 3-4 OLB..
  6. Since it is before the new league year starts, they don't have to be under the cap yet, so a deal with KO could happen. If he agrees and the Flacco contract doesn't get extended or redone, they still would have time to make other cuts and adjustments before needing to be under the cap.
  7. The franchise tag for the Offensive Line is not broken down by position, so it is the same regardless of if you want him as a guard or tackle. The tag number for 2015 was $12.943 million, and will be likely be higher for 2016.
  8. Ramsey is the best athlete of the three, with the most flexibility in role. He can play slot or outside CB and safety. There has been a lot of talk that his best position in the NFL is actually at Free Safety. Between Hargreaves and Alexander, Hargreaves is the more experienced, but Alexander is slightly bigger, slightly faster (although the combine may change that) and has more upside to develop.
  9. Whether he is a starter or just a quality depth guy, he should be resigned. No one has any idea who the team will draft and what impact they will have in 2016, so you can't count on a rookie to fill the spot opposite Smith. Wright is a known quantity who improved and played well once he learned the defense.
  10. Not to blame the officials for this one, because the Ravens lost it on their own, but how did that hit on Aiken in the 3rd Quarter, where his bobbled ball led to the first INT, not draw a flag? The defender led with his helmet right into Aiken's helmet. It was a textbook defenseless player call and they didn't flag it. It wouldn't have changed the outcome of the play or the game, but the officiating has been so uneven this year that every missed call has become irritating.
  11. There is no chance that the Ravens deal SSS, especially back to Carolina. He has said when asked that he would retire immediately if traded.
  12. You are dead on accurate about the corners playing too far off the line, but the rest of your assessment of the defense is pretty far off. The d-line has looked pretty good, despite being inconsistent at times. The MLBs have been very inconsistent, especially in coverage. The OLBs have been awful since Suggs went down. No pressure on the opposing QBs and they haven't been setting the edge well. The only group that has been somewhat consistent is the safeties. As for the offense, the O-Line looks like they still aren't completely healthy from their various off-season injuries and surgeries and so they haven't put together a complete game yet. Overall, the offense has looked like the stronger side of the team, despite the lack of weapons, and Flacco has looked pretty good overall.
  13. Monroe could be released after 2015 and only the balance of his bonus would be due. It would save $2.1M against the 2016 cap. They can release Zuttah after 2015 also and save $1.4M against the 2016 cap. The question is, would $3.5M be enough to resign both K.O. and Yanda?
  14. @hen826957 - In Ngata's case, trading him did free cap space because he was in the final year of his contract. Trading Monroe would not free up any cap room, it would actually eat up additional cap in 2015. Monroe's cap hit for 2015 is $7.7M ($5.5M salary and $2.2M bonus). If he is traded his new team is only required to pay his salary, which would save the Ravens $5.5M. But his bonus, plus the remainder of his prorated bonus, are the Ravens responsibility in the current season, so they would have an additional $6.6M (3 years at $2.2M remaining after 2015). So they would be picking up an extra $1.1M this year.
  15. I think you have that confused with Clive Walford, out of Miami. All of the reports on him were that he was all about himself, not the team.