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  1. If Ray Rice can't play because of what he did then I don't think AP should have a job either, beating a helpless child is an even more heinous offense imo.
  2. Another Super Bowl win won't make Patriots fans any more obnoxious than they already are, but another one for the Steelers would make their fans intolerable. Go NFC!
  3. I think our offense's identity is 3 and out. (sorry, just venting my frustration)
  4. Congratulations Steve!
  5. I think the most insulting aspect of what Ray said is that he referred to Flacco as a teammate and not a friend. Ray who is constantly talking about the young guys he mentors and never played with as friends but a guy he played with for 5 seasons and won a SB together is only a teammate?
  6. It's funny, I can remember not too many years ago Flacco being complimented on his slide because of his baseball background.
  7. Did the Ravens just win that game without once getting into the red zone? How is this offense so bad?
  8. "Play Like A Raven", what does that even mean anymore?
  9. Kevin, I always enjoy reading your articles but I wish I hadn't read this one. You've dropped a few pegs in my opinion. While you were talking behind his back in those secret meetings did you list any of the attributes you did here in this article? I doubt it. Weasel!
  10. For a team that is trying to get better this is a step in the wrong direction. The team just got worse with the loss of coach Monachino.
  11. No need to drink the Kool-Aid my man, just watch him play.
  12. Somethings never change. Let's face it, we're not one of the darlings of the league, never have been and never will be. Just the way we like it! Go Ravens!
  13. How many times did Daniel Brown, another fan favorite, get put on the practice squad and then get released again? He was someone that showed a lot of promise in the preseason against 3rd and 4th stringers and is now having success against starters. It may be the same with Bryn Renner, and a lot of us would like to see him get that chance.
  14. I'm glad they brought back Bryn Renner, I think he showed a lot of potential in the preseason.