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  1. He came out and said that his doc said he'll play in 2017.
  2. Is that a relative? His friend's name is Buster Chicken.
  3. I see a lot of mocks have Pocic until just after we pick in the third round. Did I miss something? Frome everything I've seen he had a good combine to back up everything we heard up to that point
  4. Cut: Mike Wallace, Elvis Dumervil, Kendrick Lewis, Benjamin Watson (Savings 16.5 million) Trade Round 7 for Conner Barwin (7.5 cap this year) Free Agents: Alshon Jeffrey (5 years - $65 Million; ala TY Hilton's contract 4-5 cap this year) Tony Jefferson (4 years - $24 Million; 3-4 cap this year) Sylvester Williams (4 years - $20 Million 2-3 cap this year) Resign: Lawrence Guy Kyle Juszczyk Still leaves the team around 7 Million to round out with some veteran backup Round 1: Corey Davis, WR: Western Michigan Round 2: Desmond King, CB: Iowa Round 3: Ethan Pocic, C: LSU Round 3 Comp: Zach Banner, OG: USC Round 4: Ryan Switzer, WR: UNC Round 5: Ejuan Price, OLB: Pitt Round 6: Xavier Woods, S: Louisiana Tech Davis gives us a player to work the intermediates, while Switzer gives us a guy to work the underneath with Perriman taking the top off. King is a natural ball hawk who fills in across from Jimmy pushing Wright into a lesser role where he can excel more. Pocic and Banner give us a massive (literally) boost to the left side of the line allowing Lewis to move to RT Price is a Dumervil clone, only much younger and cheaper. Woods is an under the radar guy that has the bark and leadership to take a late round flier on
  5. 16: R1P16 S MALIK HOOKER OHIO STATE 47: R2P15 EDGE T.J. WATT WISCONSIN 78: R3P14 WR ISAIAH FORD VIRGINIA TECH 102: R3P38 C ETHAN POCIC LSU 121: R4P16 G ZACH BANNER USC Of course the Pats grabbed Kupp with their 2nd rounder
  6. The Buffalo Bills are actively shopping the entire roster other than: Marcell Dareus Shaq Lawson Reggie Ragland Adolphus Washington Sammy Watkins
  7. Will try and get my SoF, depth chart, and trade block up today. Will be out of town the next two days without internet, but would love to come back to a full mail box of trade offers
  8. Was really hoping we could have finished tonight. Shame
  9. That may have just been counting his picks in rounds 2,3, and 4
  10. Looks like I won't have a lot of trouble making a decision this year
  11. I think part of the reason we had such great success was that the strategy Ozzie has used to evaluate prospects over the years hasn't changed. It had been far ahead of the rest of the NFL, however in the past ten years the league has changed how they look at college talent and it has put them on the same level, which means that we no longer get those guys that slip to us that have produced in the past
  12. I think the likelihood of us picking Cook is about the same as us trading the for Luck. Zero. Moreau was a guy I liked last year before his injury, haven't watched much of him this last year to see how he's recovered. Smithson is a guy I liked based on the work he does off field in the community, but after looking closer on the field he's nothing short of unimpressive, but there's worse ways to spend a 7th round pick
  13. This is the mindset that I think the team has taken. Which is why we have such a dearth of young talent. Ozzie has always been a value guy, which was great when he had the best strategy of evaluation of talent, however in recent years with the playing field being much more level the value strategy seems to hurt more than it helps. We're so afraid to "overdraft" a guy that we don't take the gamble on talent. Just like last year in round 2, we'll never know if KC was the actual target, but who's to say we didn't miss our guy by trying to get him at his value and getting the extra picks?
  14. Hopefully I'll be close when we do start. The pressure of picking early and not holding the forum up
  15. His name is actually Anthony Smithson, but Fish has been his nickname for as long as he can remember but refuses to tell the story. But all in all seems like a great kid off the field enough to warrant a look