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  1. i see ozzie trading back and picking up another pick or picks. we either go o-line or pass rusher in the 1st
  2. i would sleep on this group of receivers as well until proven otherwise
  3. we will definitely draft a few lineman. need a center and guard or tackle depending on where alex lewis ends up
  4. hope we draft bobby boucher. our defense would be unstoppable
  5. 10-6 or 11-5 as long key injuries do not come into play
  6. if we end up with a new coach than i hope we end up with a new gm as well. years of bad picks, bad luck, bad contracts and bad personnel moves have taken a toll but i hope things are turning around for the better. last years draft seems like it was solid and hopefully kc and kaufusi make that draft class solid by contributing this season
  7. my deepest sympathy and condolences to the heap family
  8. as much as we need a cb or pass rusher it would not hurt my feelings if we drafted williams or davis and if by some small miracle rb d'onta foreman falls to the 4th it would be great if we drafted him. he reminds me of jamal lewis with more speed
  9. i am hearing it is a 1 year deal. i like the move for depth. solid locker room vet and does so much for the community
  10. jernigans 2nd half play was well below what he did the first half of the season. sure he is young but he ran out of gas far too early. we will bring in a stop gap vet to help with the rotation and hopefully the younger guys fight hard for playing time. i think they are going to use that 1st 3rd rd pick on a center
  11. dumbest thing i have ever heard. sea sickness will affect a big part of the team. im sure this is an april fools joke.
  12. d'onta foreman please
  13. thank you for sharing but i just do not feel pees is creative enough to disguise blitzes like marvin, rex and chuck were pretty good at doing when the pass rush needed a boost and i feel his age keeps him from being too aggressive at times because he has the old school mentality. he is also slow when adjustments need to me made but he is definitely better than greg mattison but i will wait and see what he does with the roster he will have this season.
  14. i was being sarcastic but hopefully he actually does grab the bull by the horns