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  1. unfortunately i see ozzie trading back to hoard more picks but it would be nice to see him stay put
  2. i like the idea of bringing doom back to push the younger guys. i think they will draft a big center and trade for a vet to cover us for a year or 2 while the rook adjusts
  3. would be nice to see him or wesley win the rt job and run with it.
  4. i like brown as well but he is out of our price range with what we have left in cap space. still have to pay the rookies and have emergency $$ for in season signings when injuries occur. imo if correia does not step up than ozzie and the scouts will have dropped the ball on an early round pick yet again. hoping he is the real deal.
  5. definitely need to add one with one of the first 2 picks imo. i see us drafting a wr or olb at #16 depending on which one is the bpa
  6. i have to agree that we probably have an in house replacement for rt. center we either trade for or draft but we need a vet for at least a season to teach the rook. mangold is not the answer imo
  7. You can never have too many quality DBs. Side note: He's never missed a game in his career. That's crazy. the kiss of death
  8. Yep we are getting stacked. Turning out to be a scary defense. Pees all to you bud to have a successful playcalling this year. No more prevent defense in the 4th. dean pees will be the key aside from health of players. hopefully the loss of frazier does not set the secondary back
  9. hopefully he pans out unlike so many they have brought in here lately. we need a center,rt, rb, wr. defense seems somewhat set aside from young olb, ilb, future safety for weddle and cb to take over for brittle jimmy when he gets hurt again as usual. seems like a lot of needs so i can see us trade back to hoard more picks.
  10. even 5 per year is too much for someone as brittle as him.
  11. hopefully it is packaged on draft day to move up in some round
  12. 1st rd.charles harris, derek barnett 2nd rd. cb, o-lineman or d'onta foreman. if sidney jones falls to late 2nd or 3rd rd i hope we trade up to snag him for 2018
  13. trade our next 10 7th rd picks to the browns for the rights to roll the dice on josh gordon.